Planning to whisk you away 🧳🗺

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I love to travel.

I absolutely love everything about it. @shadowspub, @alessansdrawhite and I were just talking about it yesterday and I get SO excited. If I could make a living at it - I would! In a second!!! Google photos sent me some images of recent travels and I found a library I had created about "People I've met" from the chain! It's been a LOT of people....but I'm about to add 2 more to that list, and that makes the travel even MORE exciting!!!

I've been telling you all that it's coming as the big prize for Season 1 of DreeMerge, and now I have the actual dates and I have purchased our temporary Dreem Home. We've had some Dreem Teem Retreets in the past, but they have been mini. This time we finally get to make it a bit bigger! (And Lord year, even bigger!)


December 8-15, 2024 (plus travel days on both sides)

🛂Passport needed?

Yes (it is needed to be confirmed in your possession no later than MARCH 26, 2024.)

🛃Visa needed?

Yes, but a much simpler one than getting into the US!! We chose a good country! (we think! we hope!)

🛫Flight needed?

Yes, I'm covering that for the winners! (Which is why we need you to confirm you have a passport BEFORE the drawing!)

🩱Bathing suit needed?

hehehe it's warm enough that's up to you!

❤️What else is needed:

Just your spending/souvenir money and your travel to and from the airport! Meals are on me, and will be cooked by my hubby, @biggerjoe hehe We've already got the car to pick you up from the airport! We've got your room in the house! We've got your flight! Bring your dreemer spirit and meet a bunch of our teem!

😱HOW DO I JOIN??! (details below)

🌍🌎🌏WHERE ARE WE GOING!!!! Let's see if you can guess lol [ EDIT: @brijwhiz HAS GUESSED CORRECTLY - WE ARE GOING TO MAURITIUS!]

In order to be in the drawing for the trip, you must:

  • have at least one Ultimate Quill card (It does NOT need to be minted) by MARCH 26, 2024!
  • rank at least Level 9 on your DreemPort profile by the time of the trip.
  • not have any current suspensions on DreemPort.
  • repeated suspensions (2 or more) disqualifies you completely from the trip.
  • have a passport by March 22, 2024
  • verbally commit to being able to attend by MARCH 26, 2024

🌍🌎Where are we going????🌎🌏


Well, let's have a little guessing game this week! I'll drop clues and IF you can guess the country we are going to.... you will win two (2) Level 5 cards of your choice. Hopefully that gets you closer to merging to an Ultimate Quill by the deadline!
no staff can participate in the guessing game ❤️🤗

Clues will be dropped

Can you share clues? Of course. You can find them all and post them, if you want. LOL Not sure if that's the best strategy, but you can do whatever you like hahaha.

ALL GUESSES AS TO WHICH COUNTRY THE TRIP WILL BE MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE COMMENT SECTION ON THIS POST. Guesses that land any other place will not count. The FIRST comment that answers correctly will win.

So here come the questions that I think are on your minds

Hey Dreem, if I have more than one Ultimate Quill card, does that mean I can have more than one entry into the drawing for the Dreem Teem Retreet?

Hey Dreem, what if I see an Ultimate Quill on the DreemPort Marketplace, can I buy it to have another entry?

Yes, you can use it as long as you meet the other requirements.

Is there a limit to how many Ultimate Quill cards I buy?

Nope. This is a win/win/win/win...I hope whoever sells it to you gets a great price and I hope you buy as many entries as you'd like! Remember, after the drawing - UQ cards still hold value in the features they hold.

Hey Dreem, can I just buy my own ticket to come?

Sorry, that option was only available for staff and that time has now closed. The house was chosen based on the exact amount of rooms we need.

Hey Dreem, I have an Ultimate Quill card but I won't be able to attend in December. What can I do?

You can put it on the market and try to sell it to someone else would can go, or you can hold onto it for the future. It still has some nice features on it that may be worthwhile to you!

Hey Dreem, I see there are staff Ultimate Quill cards and dreemer Ultimate Quill cards, are they interchangeable?

No. You can buy and sell whatever you like, but all features are ONLY REDEEMABLE according to category. Staff for staff cards, dreemers for dreemer cards.

Hey Dreem, how much can I sell the Ultimate Quill card for?

Totally up to you! It's an open market. But cards cost 1 HBD to mint. (That is about 400 DREEM according to the current market price as of the time of this post's publish date) It takes time to level up your cards as high as Ultimate Quill! And this card also means entry into a drawing for a trip that will most likely cost about $1750 USD. Weigh all those things out, make your price and test the market! You can update your price also, as long as no one grabs your card first!

Hey Dreem, can I buy other lower level cards to merge my existing cards up higher?


Hey Dreem, can I merge minted and unminted cards together?

Yep. But whatever card you create will be unminted.

Hey Dreem, what if I don't want to buy anything? Can I just keep earning cards by using DreemPort?

Yep. And cards are in our treasure hunts too, and sometimes given away at places where you can find me.... (hint hint... can probably find me LIVE someplace this week and next!)**

Hey Dreem, is the Marketplace open to public dreemers yet?

It is only open to staff at the time of this post's published date, but this week it will be opened for public dreemers. You're still reading, ok that's great because here is your first clue... even though we're going in December, it's going to be summer there. Why? Because this country is in the southern hemiphere. You just narrowed your options down by half. lol

Hey Dreem, when is the last day I can get DreeMerge cards?

DreeMerge: Season 1 will end midnight UTC March 22, 2024. There will be no more newly distributed cards. The only way you can merge up after that is buying cards that you need in the DreemPort Marketplace.

Hey Dreem, is that the end of DreeMerge cards?

Our second season will begin in April and it's going to be a little different hehehe. We have three people designing these and it's been hilariously fun to watch it unfold.

Hey Dreem, will my DreeMerge season 1 cards have value after the drawing on March 29?

Yes, we want Season 1 to hold value! We like to build things that last! But only level 5 cards and higher have features that can be activated on DreemPort. Merge up your lower level cards for as many level 5's as you would like. If you have excess level 3's and 4's, maybe suggest a trade with another dreemer so you both win! Level 1's and 2's are not able to be minted so they will be able to be "hidden" on your "My Cards" page.

Hey Dreem, what if I win, but then something happens and I can't go!

The tiles will be numbered. #1 is the winner, #2 will be the first alternate, #3 the second alternate, and so on. If the winner is unable to attend, #2 will be given the chance to make arrangements, and will continue down the list, as needed. In the event that no entrant can come, the #1 winner will be awarded a consolation prize.

I can't wait for this trip... hehehe

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft, @balikis95 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

image is my interpretation of dreeming about December, prompted with Midjourney, edited in photopea, and canva.


Ok final guess and then I will keep my piece. The beautiful emerald island of Mauritius.

just when he was going to stop.....

he won! hehehe

that's right!!! the beautiful island of Mauritius hehehehe

 2 months ago (edited) 

Why do I feel this country is either Australia or South Africa. Anyways, just a guess, two guesses . I'm ready for the trip, someone should carry me in his or her bag.

if it feel like traveling is your last wish. I can sell one of my quills card to you and maybe give you my passport if you win 😂

hehehe is that an official guess? if it is... one guess per comment LOL

and you can have 2 entries into the drawing - if you don't want to sell LOL

hehehehe wow our deel or no deel advisor already has his passport and is ready to go!!!!! LOL

Yes, the guess is official. So let me start with the last.

  • South Africa

And I had my passport long ago, 😂. I was once desperate to travel, until I realized I don't have money- Then the spirit died down 😆

did you see the third clue? hehe

I did ,but I don't know what I O means, but assumed means Island occupant. 😂

 2 months ago (edited) 

heheheh yes - a little bit of a mystery...

but think .... based on the other clue.... what surrounds those?

in order for a land to be qualified as clue 2... what must surround it completely hehehe (then you will know what the O stands for... and should be able to decipher what the I stands for after that) as there are only so many O's hahahahahahahaha

that should get you closer hehehe

Alright, this gets me itchy 😂😂. And now, staff can't guess even when I seem to be the first to comment on this. With my eyes glued on the clue??? Come on!!!.

This is sweet. Very, very sweet. One can enter with as many UQ as possible? I can't breathe😬😬. Now, I wish I could snatch as many as I can, lol. The prices of the UQ in Naira are way too sweet, only if I'd see a buyer. Over 1.5 million isn't little. Haha. You did well.

...and awarding a consolation prize to whoever wins but can't go is very nice of you. Congratulations 🎊 to the dreemers that will win the ticket.


one dreemer will win a ticket

and one teem (staff) will win a ticket .. lol

I'm proud of you for finding the clue though.. hahahhaha It means you're not a skimmer!!!😂

The winner will get the consolation prize only if ALL cannot attend. I think that would be a rare event...but just in case, it will be awarded hehehe

and yep .. grab as many UQ as you like.hahaha!!! each one is another entry!

but remember...staff cards work for staff.... dreemer cards work for dreemers.hehehe

and I don't know if any staff are giving theirs up! lololol. so you have to try to get your own!!😂

let's go Queen B!!! 😝

Yeah, 1 dreemer, and 1 staff member. Ready to go!

Lol, thanks 😊. I guess that's my consolation prize, hehe.

Yeah, it'd be a very rare one.

Well,I can find my way up to Pen's Dm and ask him to teach me ways to hack and "borrow" from staff that owns it🤣🤣🤣. Nkem will surely be my first target.


she has already declared it's her trip!!! 😂

😁😁😁. Hehe, I sure have.

And who told you that I won't read this 👁️👁️
Gentle trouble maker, stay away from my cards 😃😃😃

Why can't you just pass by ehn, small discussion you've joined in haba. All I want is to borrow your card. I promise to return it since it is borrowed 🤣🤣🤣

Haha 😆😆😂😂
Ms borrower...stay off or let's make a deal
I can sell it for you @ 1k USD, how about that? Lolz

Don't be mean to me, haha. I don't like borrowing, but with this, I can make an exception, so please, let me borrow in peace. 😅😅.

1 dollar? Really? You'll do that for me? Awwn that's so sweet because I didn't see the letter k attached to it nor acknowledge it🤣🤣.

Haaa over 1.5 million? Please consider us o

Lol... you can't tell me what to do 😜


hahahaha she is really wanting that card 😂

Wooot, nkem has never crossed the border oo 😂😂... What an opportunity to leave naija for good , but Dreemie, the problem is that if I win this game , I may not want to return back to Nigeria, I will just disappear in that country, haha 😂😂😂 🤦🤦🤦

Oh my , my imagination is killing me here, I don't even have a passport 🛂 yet...I have a long way to go..

Let me run to Ken's DM for some brainstorming 🚶🚶🚶

Balikis learning how to hack my Ultimate Quill cards, hmmmm, wonders , haha 😂

Always a #dreemerforlife

You've said it all, sistur. We will need to disappear ooo cos who wan come back? Lol🤣🤣.

I have not even started and you've already made a placard of my name.😂😂😂. Be calming down ooo. I thought you'd be happy and I know you are. You just have a strange way of showing it🤣🤣🤣

Haha 😆😂😂, this babe .so you too have the mind to disappear,lolz...see them😃

My eyes are on you 👁️👀
Be playing 😂😂

I have ooo. I'll bring all the robe I cam get from every magician to make this possible, lol .

That's good, because mine are on your UQ card. So, stare at this beauty all you want 🤣🤣

hahaha your family is there so of course you'll be drawn back hehehe!!

but how fun would it be for our dreemer of the year to join us??? heheheh we would be thrilled!!!

definitely winning that card for the contest gave you and edge! hehehe

but yes... definitely go talk to Kene!! he said the passport process is try to get it soon if you want to jump in!

I might have to push the date back for the passport a bit if more people need one 🤔

but it can't be too late because I'll have to buy the airline ticket by early summer I'm guessing!


we will see!

Haha, I think most Nigerians that get the privilege to fly out to any country wouldn't want to return again, haha but it's well...we hope you for a better future for all of us

The passport process is a hassle
Here in Lagos state Nigeria, it takes over 3 months to process but I know it's lesser in some states
Let's see how it goes 🤗

hehehe yes - Pen said the same thing... once he left SA - he said why come back? hahaha but he has traveled to and from twice now - and plans on it again! sometimes we can't change our location IMMEDIATELY but traveling does give us a better understanding of the world around us - and opportunities are born just by exploring! hehehe

well... if you do start the process - let me know what the timing looks like and maybe I'll have to adjust the timeframe a bit for our Nigerian dreemers!!! hehehe

I think the drawing would still happen on the same time, and the winners would be announced... but we could wait a bit longer on purchasing the airline tickets...

let me know if you start the process soon! :)

It's alright Dreemie 🤗🧡

My passport is already ready
I’m guessing it’s Dubai since it’s warm?

I better rush to someone’s dm for more explanation since I’m totally lost 😄

hehehe good guess but no! heheh

wow that would be a spectacular trip though! they have gold covered cars there hehehe

Oh My!!! 😍😍😍😍 This is so exciting, now I wish I have gotten my passport. All the same, I bet it will be so fun for everyone.

Now, places in the Southern Hemisphere.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔. I checked online and though I am not sure since Google is somehow confusing me 😃😃😃 but my guess is ;

PANAMA I hope I am right.

hehehhee Panama is in the northern hemisphere.... lol

and we want to try to do this trip every year.... so you can get your passport now maybe for next year! lolol

I wonder how long it takes! @kenechukwu97 and I were just talking about this last night... he said he got his in the north (Nigeria) in about a week. but that other places take about 4 months.

Here is about 4-6 weeks...

maybe faster now that Covid restrictions have passed...

I don't know! I just know I hope next year more people are able to join in the fun! hehehe

😃😃😃😃 google is just confusing me. Can I try to guess again?

I think I will start working towards getting my passport ready. I would also love to join in the fun.

hahaha you can make as many guesses as you want!!! lol

yeah...i think because we are an international group... no matter where we meet, someone needs a passport! heheh

and hopefully for the future...bigger and better dreem teem retreets hehee

or...maybe not bigger? maybe they stay smaller and cozier...but more of them! hehehe

i don't know! I just want to meet everyone at some point 😂

Singapore seems to be a good place to go, or Bangkok, or Kuala Lumpur, or Bali, or our very own India (though you said visa is easy to get so not sure) Or are you thinking of one of the islands Maldives for eg :)

hahahaha i should have said one guess per comment! LOLOL

you haven't guessed yet though - LOL

hahaha, I hope I have made it easier for others to guess now :D
Probably you might have decided Mexico for eg. Maybe Cancun ;)

heheheh i've been there many times before - but nope - not Mexico! hehehe

and you only have to guess the country - not the city hehehe

you can keep trying to guess hehehe you'll keep making it easier! but...
another hint is coming soon hehehe

I feel so stupid missing the one answer which had the clue :D And i kept rattling so many places in the northern hemisphere. Don't tell me you are planning for Australia?

HAHAHAHAHA its ok - but ANOTHER clue is coming... in about an hour hehehe but maybe you'll be asleep then hehe
but 3 more come tomorrow hehehe

and nope - not Australia! hehehe

ya therein lies the rub, things happen when I am sleeping :D
I so want to say Argentina or Chile or Brazil, but don't want to take away from the fun of solving the clues. So I will desist, pause and reset till tomorrow :D

Lol... Dreemie. You have everyone wrapped around your page waiting to catch any clue they can lay hands on 😂😂😂.

This is exciting.

Dreemers are digging around for hints. They just don't know that we are bringing this to Nigeria 😂😂😂.

HAHAHAHA i cannot confirm nor deny this location...

if someone makes a proper guess - then I can respond! hahaha

someone NOT staff LOL

Dreemie. Haha. I just told someone that we are bringing it to Nigeria and she's like; "Nah! We are not doing this in Nigeria, Please" 😂😂😂

Nigeria ke? Be confusing yourself not me. 🙄

Lol... All airport leads to Nigeria 😎😂

hahahahaha i cannot say unless i have an official guess LOL

but just think - then no Nigerian would need a passport! hehehe


This is amazing, 😂
My passport expires in May. I think I need to renew it.

This would be a great opportunity for me to experience life in the other side.

I need to put on my guessing cap.

hehehehe always a good idea to have a valid passport! never know when you get the chance to roam! :)

That's true... I am gonna renew it.

This is an open invitation to have fun with Dreemie and biggerjoe (our chef) 😉🙂
I don't have a passport yet, just running the process now but don't know when it would be ready. I wish to travel 😕 😪
Nkem and I just spoke few minutes ago about getting my passport to take up this chance. I just wish..I wish 🙂🙂
March 22? Let's see how things go.
Consolation prize? That's awesome for the one who wins and couldn't make it.
Still hoping on God 😎

consolation prize ONLY if EVERYONE can't come LOL

but i really hope that isn't the case! hahaha

and yes -let me know how the passport process is for you and nkem! because we were just talking about that yesterday too

I want to give everyone an opportunity to come - but I also can't wait too long to get the airline tickets. (prices fluctuate so much)

I want to get everything in order right away! hehehe I'm even looking at getting our plane tickets in the next 2 weeks -eeeeeeeee!

and yes - biggerjoe and I would love to finally meet our princess - hehehe you'll have to tell Ola!!! If you win - you'll be sending him photos of your breakfast with us - like he sent to you! hahahahaha remember??? LOL

tell me as soon as you can about the passport process! :)

Hahaha. I'd loved to come over too. Will update you about my passport too. There is an issue with me uploading online and I would need to visit their office to get things done and that can't be possible until the school I am working at goes on holiday which is next week.

Yes, I would surely let Ola know too which he would be excited to see Princess out of the country. Hehehe 😀

hehe love it!!! You are going to make two people very very happy. Nothing quite like a Dreemie hug 🥰 Enjoy the planning, Ms. Dreems !LUV !LADY !PIMP

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hehehe I feel like i have a year to plan - but i really don't! hahaha know what i mean?

some things need to be purchased so quickly!

we were just informed by Hopper that our tickets should be at the best price within 2 weeks! eeeek!

Woah, this is a big-time opportunity.. I wish everyone the best haha.

Let me get my clues right and I'll be guessing ASAP.

Thank you dreemie for all the beautiful opportunities you bring to Dreemport.

Always a #dreemerforlife.

hehehhee waiting for your guess!!! 🤗

I am still trying to understand how the whole dreem card sale thing work but this trip is exciting.. I'm guessing Maldives?? Hopefully I get to win and meet the dreem team that would be super exciting...


hehehe good guess - i would LOVE to go there someday!!! that is on my bucket list.. hehehe

but nope - not Maldives!

Oh shoot! 😩… Well I hope to win and tag along when the time comes 😌😊

you can keep guessing as you keep getting clues hehehe...I think 4 are out now hehe

Mauritius never crossed my mind 😂

hehehe the clues were
in the southern hemisphere
surrounded by the I.O (Indian Ocean)
only 2 airports
is an island country

I think those clues narrowed it down to 4 countries - then the other clues that were coming would have made it even easier to guess LOL

I was very bad at Geography and I still struggle with directions even in my neighborhood lol I am that bad with locations. But I am going to do better next time ☺️

Haven't gotten any idea yet, will still come back with my guess.


hehehe looking forward to it

and where is your profile pic! hahaha you should update it heheh

Sao tome and Principe?

hehehe no...and another clue has been released! now there are 4😀

Great plans in place, Dreemie @dreemsteem! I believe my guess is right about the chosen country for the retreat: HAWAII

Would love to be there!

hshdhehe I have never been to Hawaii before...

but nope! not that country!

Well I'm guessing that the place will be Nigeria because of the sun.

#dreemport #dreemerforlife

hehhee good guess but...nope!

that would have been nice so that no one would need a passport from Nigeria! hahahaa

That would have been nice.. hehe.

Well, lemme review the hints and try again

Indonesia was it?

nope...not Indonesia hehe

Fun idea! I've narrowed it down to 1 of 4 places. Looking forward to the next clue.

hehehe but no guess???

Okay, I was waiting for the next clue to narrow it down, but I am thinking it is either Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, or Seychelles, as they are the 4 island nations in the Southern Hemisphere of the Indian Ocean.


Hehe, I found my answer after digging through the archive of dreemport even from last year and merging all my clues from X and on I am confident to say Panama is,🤣 well I could be wrong 😪 @dreemsteem

hehehehe we went to Panama last year but nope . someplace different this year! 🥰

Awwww!! Another guess.. United Kingdom?

hehehe good guess - but that's not the Southern Hemisphere! hehehe

and... be sure to check it out - the new post came out! it was guessed heheeh

I saw it, hehe😄, he was very persistent and it paid off after all.

Wait a minute - I know you said southern hemisphere but by any chance are you coming to Sri Lanka?

not Sri Lanka hehehe

Did you not say where it was last year ...

nope hehehe

Wow, this is awesome.

Joining the retreat will give the privilege of meeting and seeing the amazing crew that has been doing the dreem proud.


it will be our privilege to meet the winners!!🥰

Interesting, it seems all preparation is in place, I'm always amazed by your level of commitment to these events and how it eventually turn out to be great.

It seems all that is left is to win a ticket and some other things required to win. Now everyone will definitely be super careful not to perform any action that might jeopardise their chances of not qualifying 😂

Thanks for the addition of questions and answers you added to the post, it cleared some piled up questions I had about the cards and how it relates to the trip.


hehehe my commitment is always to bringing more dreemers together!

even those who don't even know they are dreemers yet...
we are here for them to find! (or... we send out secret birds to find the babies. hahahahahaha)

Now everyone will definitely be super careful not to perform any action that might jeopardise their chances of not qualifying

and yes - I hope that we invite people to do their very BEST in all that they do... not because we want to punish. but because we offer REWARDS to those who work with integrity and excellence! hehehe That makes a huge difference, don't you think also?

and i'm glad that you have gotten to understand more about the dreemerge cards and features! hehehe

Secret birds? I love the sound of that.🤗

One of the most amazing thing about the structure of dreemport is how the users are treated fairly and rewarded based on the level of each user commitment.

The funny thing is, I knew that someday those cards will be valuable because it was mentioned in one of the videos I watched in the "Getting started" when I first joined dreemport.

from that day I knew how to merge my cards and also try as much possible to collect more. Among many other things one of the things that motivates me to curate every day is collection of cards. I love the way it looks in my card wallet 😅. It is like a game to me, the more cards I collect the more fun it is.

Finally, my collection of cards is finally worth more than I can imagine.

This is a great and mouthwatering opportunity, my passport is ready and I guess the country should be Mauritius island, this country is good for vacation and it has a lot of tourist centers. #dreemerforlife

hehehe I'm glad to hear that there are more dreemers that have passports! hehehe

the more the merrier! LOL

I know this will be a wonderful trip for all the selected dreamers, it is a nice idea that I know they will enjoy. I will sign up for next trips as I am just getting to know this amazing community of dreamers. Best wishes to all of you dreamers .

hehehe yes- we really are praying that we can do this every year - and make them more often!!! :)

for this trip - we have 7 of the dreem teem going - and then DreemPort will pay for 1 teem member and 1 dreemer to come along!!!

maybe next year 2 each?? hehehe

and no need to sign up! Just use DreemPort and continue to have fun supporting other dreemers and getting to know others!! (and enjoy sharing your work with us!!)

have a sweet day @elisaday! :)

God hear your prayers, this is an excellent program to reward the dreamers who have supported this wonderful project, I love it. happy day!

I think so too!!! hehehehe

and what better way to celebrate - than together :

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@elisaday7 you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


thank you very much for this present @amberkashif, a hug my dear dreamers


It's really fun, seeing all the guesses! And seeing who is reading the clues, and NOT!

My guess with only two airports is NOT Canada. #ammiright?

hahaha yeah - brijwhiz did great - he really kept up on it until he found the right answer!!! LOL

too bad he is such a new dreemer - i dont know if it would get him close enough by the time of the drawing! but there is always next year hehe

I have no idea despite the clue. Haven't left my country ever since.

hahaha the next post already revealed that it is Mauritius! :) We had a winner who was tenacious in digging out all the clues and figured it out!!! hehehe

@dwixer @balikis95 @nkemakonam89 @princessbusayo @amiegeoffrey @bipolar95 @luchyl @ngwinndave @nwothini335 @ericahargreave @holler @emrysjobber @eunice9200 @idlemind

10 Dreem tokens are awarded to each of you for taking part in Dreemport Bounty. Keep Dreeming ❤️

#dreemerforlife!!!!!! ❤️... Thank you 🥰

Thank you.

Thank you so much!


Thank you 😊

Awesome. Thank you.

Wow! This will be a fun trip. I wish we could all gather in Mauritius in December. It would be an awesome vacation. I'm already excited about this.

Merging the cards is fun. I love to see them revealed.

I think it would be safe to merge minted cards alone and not merge minted and unminted cards.

I'm looking forward to the second season of the DreeMerge cards.

It's always fun at Dreemport with dreemers.

Thanks so much, Dreemie, for all that you do for us.