The Peppers : #2

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Peppers: Pimenta, Piperra, Pip, Bżar

All of the fruits and vegetables gathered around in the center of the garden, pulling up rocks to sit on for their monthly meeting. Most nights were for fun, but occasionally the groups would update each other on how they were doing production-wise. The Peppers went first, as always.

“Obviously, we’re doing the best,” the oldest sister announced. “You guys could take some notes, but it wouldn’t do you any good!” The audience stared in silence, unamused. “Ahem because we’re the best…you know, you guys are allowed to laugh.” More silence ensued.

The young Blueberry boys chimed, “You know, for us to laugh, you’d have to actually be funny!” The Blueberries all died laughing while a few of the others in the audience cracked a smile. The Peppers exited the stage, heads held high in contempt.

The Peppers always thought of themselves as the leaders, though no one else really felt that way. They were some of the first vegetables Amani planted, only preceded by Mint. The Mint family was always kind to them; however, at a certain age, the Peppers realized they could take advantage of the Mint's quiet humility. So that’s exactly what they did. More and more, they grew prideful, especially with each compliment Amani passed their way. With each new family that was born, their competition grew and their self-proclaimed leadership went further to their heads. They weren’t all bad though, having some very artistic abilities, which they often used to decorate certain locations of the garden.

The Peppers included four sisters: Pimenta, Piperra, Pip and then Bżar, who believe it or not, behaved worse than the other three combined. Sure, the first three sisters had a lot of pride, but Bżar was downright malicious. She was dedicated to chaos and felt herself above them all. If there was any peace at any place in their home garden, she would make sure she was there to manipulate and cause distress. The easiest to manipulate were of course, the Blueberries, who were the youngest and most vulnerable. She did keep her distance from the Blackberry gang, since ending up on their bad side might put her in a less than preferable situation.

Because of their pride, the other sisters were never willing to admit their frustration with her. They tried to make her understand that family was important - but she refused to even consider the word. Was family all about their common genetics? Or did family actually mean something more? As far as B’zar was concerned (and several other members of the Garden), the word “family” only fit where it made sense.

“Bżar, we need to talk,” Pim - the eldest, told her sister one evening after B’zar had caused a feud to break out among the Carrots and the Blueberries.

“Ohhhhh, look, mommy's gonna lecture me! Pay attention, girls,” she snarkily said as Pip and Piperra observed from a little further back. Her lips pursed in amusement.

“You’re making us look bad, Bżar! How are we supposed to hold leadership when we can’t even keep one of our sisters under control?” Pim challenged her sister. Frustrated, she yanked her hair back away from her face, making a few peppers shake loose from her curls and fall to the ground.

“Mind your own business," B'zar fired back.

“Gah! What’s the point?” Pim threw her hands up in the air.

Bżar continued, “Listen Pimmy, I live for the thrill! I don’t follow the world's guidelines, it follows mine. You can’t control me and you never will. I know that just eats at you, doesn’t it? That lack of control? So - later, fools! I have a few snails to go gamble with!”

As Bżar left through a patch of grass, Pim just stood in silence, shocked.

“You gonna be ok, Sis?” Pip, the youngest, asked.

Pim refused to shed any tears, thinking it would only express weakness. She turned and shoved past her sisters, head shakily held high.

Since then, the three tried to keep their distance from Bżar, though it was not easy when they were all part of the same vine. They already weren’t performing at their best for Amani as it was, and this interaction only continued to knock their confidence down. Frankly, it was celebrated by everyone else, as they thrilled at anything that threatened the Peppers' sense of superiority. The Mint family, however, noticed this intriguing turn of events after the meeting ended, and decided to confront the girls.

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For B'zar to be this rebellious something must have made her to be like this and I feel the sisters have turned a blind eye on whatever the reason might be.

To an extent, I kind of feel for her, but maybe I might be wrong but fingers crossed😃

Always a #dreemerforlife

you know... most villains have a back story! you're right! will we get to see more of hers??? we will have to see!

but i know what you mean. Sometimes, "hurt people... HURT people." right?

and that can make the sensitive among us just want to dig deeper and heal them!

Aside from this story - i love that I see your heart in that @ibbtammy! Because you are a sensitive soul to even see beyond the story and FEEL compassion for someone who seems broken.

that has nothing to do with Season 2. just has to do with you as a human being - and i love that :)

and i love you!

I presume B'zar is this reddish peppery type called dangarawa that even adding one of it in your food will turn send you into water drinking spree, hehehe.


we have that kind of pepper here...

my son thought he could handle it.. it's called Carolina Reaper and is THE hottest pepper in the world. at the same time he also had a mixture of others... including Bhut Jolokia... which is the SECOND hottest pepper in the world 🤣🤣🤣

He couldnt even sleep..he was in so much pain!

he the story the next day and I felt so bad for him...but he told it so funny....I was LAUGHING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Those pepper are the most stubborn of all,

I just wonder why too, knowing that it has no nutritional value, per se.

my son thinks it makes him more of a man to withstand the fire LOLOLOL

That's a funny way to think of being a man, hehehe


youth! hahahahah

I had a taste of this some time recently and I marked the face of that pepper never to buy it again I'm the market, hehe

hahahahaha really - i have no desire for that much pain! lololol

people are really hating on their tongue and mouth and throat and... more LOL

Haha, neither do I actually like it
That's why I have decided never to get it again, hehe

CORRECT hahahaha

but my son?
he still searches for these peppers to eat. gahhhhhhhh he is crazy hahaha

Omo u sef don chop that pepper, dat pepper finish me one time like dat, hehe

The use of these imageries to convey the message is just interesting
I love the fact that the sisters of Bźar acknowledge that their disunity will jeopardise their superiority over others and of course being that the stubborn Bźar is not even listening, I am expecting something terrible to happen, hehe because surely the Mints are definitely going to come up with their plan, hehe
This feels good! Let the drum keep playing, hehe


hahahaha and this is just the beginning - we have so many more characters to meet! hhahahaha

who will hold more clues???? lets see hahah

Haha another sweet storyline, why does Bzar seem to enjoy chaos more than peace?😂

This is getting interesting.

why indeed??? hahaha there are always some people like this, right???

I guess there are plant people like this too 🤣🤣

I'm so invested in this story, I forget that I should be paying attention. What a shrew Bzar is. I hope she doesn't make the whole family crumble. I can't wait to hear what the kind Mint family has to tell them. Absolutely engrossing tale!😊


but I think I like your style of reading... hehee

better to get so wrapped up in the story that you become a part of it and SEE what should be

then I can think you will have the best chance of finding the solution to the mystery! hehee

Hahaha, now this is another interesting one.

Bzar doesn't want to be a teem player nor follow rules. Now I can't wait to see what the Mint family has to say about the turn of events.

Always a #dreemerforlife

hahahaha. B'zar is really a fiery one! lolol. She is desperate for crisis and drama...sheesh hahaha

There's always that one stubborn and prideful child in a family. I'm loving the story. Bzar wants to rule haha


you know this!!!! hahahaha

they are ALWAYS causing some tension! hahahah

glad you're enjoying the story!!!

B'zar must be a Nigerian. Peace is not an option on Vawulence she stands 🤣😂🤣. I think I know where this is headed already 😃.



we must get her some Babaloooooo rum to calm her down hahahah

We should, her pepper body is too much 😂🤣😂

hahahhahaa she needs to be doused

Ahhh!! I like this B’zar
What’s life without a little bit of drama😂😂

Go girl😂


hahahaha abenad! hahahaa are YOU the one in your family that brings the heat???. hahahaha

Life can be boring without some entertainment hahahahhaha. I see you! lolol

I definitely am!🤣

It’s my responsibility as the last born to be stubborn so I relate well with Bżar😂

HAHAHAHHAHAHA the baby of the family!!!

Yesss Dreemie😂

What a fascinating story :) I'm guessing we need to find out why the garden isn't producing properly?

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we have lots more to reveal. The fun has only just begun! hahaha

I went back to read part 1! Such a intriguing story!! Look forward to seeing what happens next!

hehehehe I'm so glad we drew you in! It should be a really fun story with a great mystery to solve!!!

and rewarding! hahaha

if you find yourself wanting to play... definitely start collecting cards. they're free! hehehe

you just curate on DreemPort and we reward your efforts with DreeMerge cards! Last week the season began but TOMORROW is when you can start collecting cards for curation hehehe

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(or get a teem! work together and split the reward with them!)

or...collect a few cards for fun...and then just sell them on the marketplace for people who might need them! hahaha

lots of ways to dreem with us! 🤗🥰

you're invited to even just enjoy the story!!! whatever you like...your "new dreemer" presence here in the comment section was noted!!!❤️ hahaha


How fun that garden is.

What will that betting game with the snails be like? I identify with Bżar because her compass is emotions. Although I must confess that I am a little lost with the story, what I know is that in every family there is a black sheep... well a black pepper in this case.

¿Qué debo hacer aquí? @dreemsteem... psssss... voy al discord. #dreemerforlife

hahahaha i wondered about that too!!!

is she betting WITH the snails?
is she betting ON the snails?

or are the snails the "money" that she is using to bet?!?! hahahahaha

so many options here LOL

ok - I have more to tell you and help you with!!!

but - today is my last day of work for a few days - and my life will be hectic all day!!!

hahahaha TONIGHT i might be able to come into discord to help! but until then - I am going to have @mcyusuf and @kenechukwu97 and maybe even Queen @balikis95 come into the room and see if they can help you with questions hahahahaha

let's see!!

if not - I should be here tomorrow and can help to guide you what this game is!!! it is one of the fun things we do on DreemPort - and season 1 was fun - but this season (season 2) is already MUCH more fun! hahahaha

help is coming! :)

This is so interesting! To think that among peppers the biggest are usually the cool and sweet ones while those small ones are usually and bizarrely the hottest as in the case of Bźar(bizarre 🤣).

I'm following this development with keen interest... and it is becoming more and more interesting.

hehehe wait until you start getting the cards this week... then you'll start to match the story with the cards hopefully and have more fun!!!

Family is more than genetics; Bzar is about to learn this lesson! If this garden does not come together and find a solution, there will be no room for them to grow. #dreemerforlife

you got that right!!! and genetics doesn't exactly determine family!!! Hoping they put their heads together to fight for their survival!!!!

Congratulations 🥳🥳

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OMG - I will put these to good use for Season 2! 👏

This is getting interesting, what a lovely storyline with much drama

lots more to come - hopefully that helps you make more sense of the cards and choose carefully hehehehe

B'zar is full of drama😂
He got me when he told pimmy he doesn't follow the worlds guidelines instead, the follow this point I knew B'zar must be a peace hater😂

This is so interesting, it got me glued

hahahaha isn't she just the drama queen LOLOLOL

oh - you are calling her a "he" but nope - it is another sister... 4 sisters in that Pepper family hahahaha

i'm so glad you're glued to the screen! the next post comes out on Wednesday for the story - but watch my blog for more clues hehehe

He is a she🤦

SHE is a SHE hahahaha

4 sisters... all from the same vine hahahahahahahaha

good afternoon to you QueenKong!!!! i hope your day was lovely in the nestegg room! heheheh

Definitely it was, nestegg room got me reading all through 😃

hahahaha there was a lot in there!! LOL you guys are learning lots hehehe

Oh Bzar!!! You should go easy on your sisters! Well, like you said, family can mean something bigger, hopefully the mint has something good to tell the other sisters!

I'm loving this ☺️.

#dreemerforlife 💃❣️

Hi Hope!!!! hehehehe

and yes - why does B'zar want nothing but trouble??? hahahah the easy life is better hahahahaha

lets see what Mint will share!!

next part of the story drops on Wednesday! but watch my blog for any other clues hehehe

I guess she feeds on trouble and that's why she's the most pepperish of them all, lol. Of course, the easy life is better and less contending.

I'd be looking out for your posts then 🥰

hahahahaha pepperish!!! LOLOLOL

when you see her... you will be like OHHHHHHHHHHH she is definitely B'Zar with all her fire!!! hehehehe

She is quite beautiful - BUT DANGEROUS! HAHAHA

Just like a rose, hehe.

She's a hot girl 🤣

HAHAHAHAHA YES - watch out for those thorns! LOLOL

If not anything, I'm watching out for those thorns 😬😂. Thank you 🥰

The search for clues gets interesting, this story fascinates me how many emotions there are in each character. Clearly there is chaos, the struggle of the peppers to gain leadership diverted them from their true essence, family fracture and lack of empathy is part of society, these three brothers do not realize that they need each other. When pride touches the heart, the beautiful essence of each person is lost, it seems that the peppers have lost their way, that usually happens to us when we think we are self-sufficient, in a crop each plant is special, it is noticeable that when making the salad each one gives a particular touch. i hope these brothers put a stop to their haughtiness and find the treasure of humility. good luck with the dreamer tracks.


the Peppers are all sisters hehehe

all four of them :)

I love your concept of the salad! This really touched my heart!!!!!

and i hope that you are joining in the fun and trying to solve the mystery too! hehehehe

You can find a teem to join - or... you can just try to do it on your own! :)

but I see that Spanish is your native language.. hehehe maybe @nanixxx (who is from Cuba) can join with you too hehehehehe

I don't know if @fragozar01 is also playing - but he is also a native Spanish speaker hehehe

or - you can just read the story and have fun!!! ❤️🤗

🤔 ¿pistas? no sé de qué hablan... @fragozar01, ayuda, por fa.

@dreemsteem I've been causing havoc on the web. I want to buy some cards and upgrade the level 5 ones, but I don't know how. If you don't help me, I won't be able to sleep. Hahaha...

hahahaha sorry... I didnt see this until now - i have guests here for the next 2 days - so my computer time is a bit limited! hehehe

There are posts that show how you can do what you are asking - and actually @brijwhiz was one of the people who wrote the posts to show how you can do this!!!

@brijwhiz - if you have time today - can you help @nanixxx to get a level 5 card if its available? only if you have time! maybe you two can talk in the discord - or comments - hehehehe

Sure. I will be online a bit later in the night. I will ping you @nanixxx

Thank you for making the connection. This dreemer is a gem!

So, I am back!
The magic is already happening hehehe! I know that Mint will rise to cool the heat from those spicy peppers. I am following the development closely and I am certain that Amani will have a breakthrough soon🤔.

She's back!!!!

I'm glad to see you with your magnifying glass - scanning every word and looking for every clue hehehe

We still have a LOT of the story to come!!! so much! We haven't even met everyone yet - hehehehe be sure to have your notebook at the ready!!! collect clues and dive deep into the tale!

It seems pepper gang is in trouble and the mint seems like the only ones capable of coming up with a strategy to tend to the destruction of the pepper gang. The mint symbolises as the element of unionism since they are the only plants in the garden that doesn't seem to jubilate about the crumbling of the pepper gang.

With b'zar going rogue,for now she seems to be the only one with the perspective "family is not about bloodline" just like the game play suggested for character formation, b'zar standing out as a branch of the pepper clan that would not mind merging with other plant families in the garden.

Judging from the behavioural pattern of each plant, it is kind of a little bit of obvious which clan b'zar would love to merge with, in doing so creates an experimental plant just like Amani thought of but what if...........

I think I'm loving this story, I will keep the rest to myself 😂. Nice work @dreemsteem you have put my imaginary mind to work and you have no idea how curious I can get when my interest is pinned.



hm hm hm.

but you are also Dreem Teem.

so. hahahahahahahahahahaha I think I will just be cautious with your comment! LOLOLOL

also - i cannot take the full credit for this story! hehehe This was a collaboration of minds that created it! And you will meet two of the minds that helped when you come to Mauritius! hahahaha


I'm more interested in mystery of the storyline, which might sound funny.

Dreemers are too occupied with cards forgetting the storyline bridges the knowledge gap in the challenge.

I believe I have found a more peculiar angle that suits my interest, like a niche. Instead of stating game strategies based on cards, my challenge post will probably be clue expenditure based on the storyline 😂

Too bad I'm a dreem teem but that won't stop me from having fun with the challenge 😅

Mauritius!!!! The of this has a way of calming my nerves🤗

hahahahahaha yessssssssss something about that word "Mauritius" makes everything so much calmer.

You have already received a large prize waiting to be experienced - so... hahahaha you can have comfort in relaxing now. hahahahahahaha

and i totally LOVE that dreem teem is finding ways to jump in and have a BLAST with the dreemers - AND this season! hahahaha

and I know that I am like you - i can't win. obviously LOL but i TOO love this storyline

You have no idea how hard it is for me to ONLY release 2 per week! I want to just keep sneaking out more and more and more of the story! hahahahahahaha

there is SO much more to come also!!! so so so much!!! hahaha

You and I both know dreem teem are not the type to watch events like this unfold and just stay in the sidelines. We will always find ways no matter how tricky it is 😂😂

Yay! Thank you.

Amazing! Thanks, Amber! Much appreciated 🙏

Thank you

Thank you so much Amber ❤️

Thank you so much

Thank you 😊

gracias por este regalo😘

Thanks 🤗

Wooooooo! Thank you so much Amber 😊

hmmm this is interesting,


Nice story.

Irrespective of how hard the and boastful the sisters are, I see Pim as being different. she is soft and calm in terms of family


The family has different shades of heat in that Pepper family - huh! hahahahaha

Obviously that, B'zar lady pepper will definitely cause a lot of squash in the garden,🤣 we are moving, let's see what the comes forth next

hahahahaha don't you like Squash??? LOLOLOLOL

LoL, I got one today, I almost cried 🤣🤣🤣


and every time someone gets a squash - i cannot stop laughing ROFLLLLLLLLL


Laughing? Mama... That's not fair 🤣🤣🤣

Why do I like Bzar being full of drama? I don't know why I like her but I feel without her, everything going on in the garden will be uninteresting. I can't wait to see what the mint family has in store for them already.

hehehehe oh don't worry - lots of interesting things are afoot in that garden! hehehehe

we have lots to fill your belly -just come with your fork and spoon and knife! hahahahahaha

Been so busy but I am sure enjoying the plot and lot more.


Oh my goodness, this story is definitely going to need to be mindmapped... That is the best way I can see to start putting a possible solution together... and of course earning lots of cards and trying different merges based on deduction. As Dreemteem, I shall enjoy reading, and then watching the gameplay, and listening and seeing what I can work out from the storyline, and from peeking into people's profiles hehe... I shall get onto that this weekend and start theorising !LOLZ


Why do they call it euthanasia?
It’s not like you’re getting any younger

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@dreemsteem, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of samsmith1971

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i THOUGHT you could look into each their profiles.. LOL
because I did.

but apparently that is only what the Captain can do??? LOL

Pen set it so that no one can see... they can only reveal what they want to show hahahahahahahaha

so you will have to guess if those images that they share look real - or photoshopped hahahahahahahah

but yes - enjoy the storyline as it unfolds! hahahaha