Daily 100% curation rewards

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In our last post, we requested help from community with our onboarding efforts. We now bring you update that distributes 100% daily curation rewards to delegators according to their delegation ratio.


By end of each day UTC time (starting from today 04.01.2021), we calculate curation rewards received by @ecency and calculate delegations and send each delegator their portion of curation reward. Note: this works only if you are delegated to @ecency account, if you are delegating to @esteemapp, please consider moving them to @ecency.

Beside curation rewards, you will be earning extra Ecency points. In return, we promise to keep onboarding more users and make sure our signup service won't get abused.

We hope in upcoming hardfork, RC delegations will be included so more people could delegate un-utilized RC to us for onboarding people. RC delegation doesn't give curation rewards to delegatee, so for those who wants to keep their voting power can do so by delegating RC. But until this feature is enabled on-chain, regular delegation would help us a lot to continue onboarding more people.

Curations are done manually by our curation team, in future iterations we will add extra reward for curators but for initial release, curators will only earn curation reward for their contribution.

Edit: Apparently you can earn potentially ~33% APY

Delegate Hive Power now and mine Ecency Points + curation reward daily + help onboard people:

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This is good news! I'm glad to be a delegator and totally enjoying the use of your app... We need more people on board! Keep up the good work @ecency!

Yes indeed, with recent market condition we are onboarding hundreds of new people everyday.

I will gladly give almost all of my RC as soon as the opportunity arises. For now, I'll give you what little I have. 😊 In my opinion, Ecency is the best frontend on Hive. Very fast app. I really like. 👍

Thank you for your support! 👍


You guys are just amazing! I'm using Ecency since I've came back to Hive 1 month ago, and I have to say you're constantly developing and improving the platform. I've done my first Power Up ever and I'm going to delegate to you. It's the way to show you that your work and effort pays off!

I put more soon HP in there .... ;)
Happy to use Ecency .

Appreciate your continuous support as always 🤗

Thanks for joining! 🕺

😊 Happy for this new update, 🎊 congrats to your team.

Thank you for your support @hdmed! 👍

Do we know the expected APR? or APY?

Not yet, as we curate manually and haven't focused on maximum return, we will probably see some stats improving in coming week. But return will certainly be satisfying especially there is Ecency points as extra reward independent of curation effort going out daily to delegators already and there is onboarding new users for entire ecosystem. This curation 100% reward is on top of all that, so any curation reward we receive, delegators get liquid HIVE right away... This is initial implementation, so we will see how it can be improved with stat reports, etc.
Our primary goal is to be able to continue onboarding more people as we were doing for past year and reward delegators as well.

Okay Cool Cool!
I have like 100hp delegated to you, so not much xD

Just go to know if I feel like changing things around ^^ :D

WOW! Supporting Ecency is a nobrainer! Good for the growth of HIVE and good for each of us, too!

Thank you for your tireless support! 🙌

Simply trying to pay a little back for all you have given me over the past years. 😘

awesome. i'll change my delegation to @ecency

🙌 Thank you for your support so far 🙇

That's great news 😀👍
Can you please tell me if I can check on Ecency mobile app, if I have delegated to @esteemapp or to @ecency . It was some time ago and I am not sure 😕🤔.

In mobile app, I don't think we have added that yet. But you can check from your profile on website: https://ecency.com/@cezary-io/wallet Looks like you are delegated to @esteemapp consider changing to @ecency account. Note: There will be few days before your undelegated HP is returned.

Thank you for your help and advice.

The best app ever


@ecency I'm glad I'm a part of you too :)

The best app!👊

I like your app. Here's some delegation to help out in your onboarding effort.

Appreciate the support! Thank you!

Waiting for one delegation to end but thinking about moving it over to here after as I like seeing all of the work you guys are doing. To me you're doing it right. Clear notifications in posts letting us know plans and what you have worked on etc. Lets me know why you should have my vote and continue to support. I wish others would start using your example witnesses etc.

Thank you for kind words of encouragement. We haven't forgotten about your request, next week we will release some updates and include some of the items from our list to give idea/roadmap of things to expect at least letting everyone know about our direction.

Very cool! Thank you

Done! I love Ecency!💜

100 HP comes here.
Will be exciting to follow this project

Yaaaaah! Let's support Ecency!

I am not receiving any notification in my ecency mobile app since last few days.


Could you please also remove the delegation from the scam account "ctime"?

Ok I will and any other accounts so plz tell me. Is @hive.curation safe to delegate to?

Could you try disabling and enabling again notifications from Settings page inside Ecency app?

Thanks, I'm gonna delegate some HP to Ecency.

We now bring you update that distributes 100% daily curation rewards to delegators according to their delegation ratio.

Why not give curation rewards (or something else, which is encouraging) according to their commenting ratio?

Nowadays the average number of comments per post is 1-3, and most of those comments are bot comments.

There should be something to motivate people to be social on the Hive blockchain.

Some people are not fully active but they have stake they would like to delegate and earn passive income. So this is good opportunity to collect daily curation reward while you keep your stake and help that stake is used for onboarding new people.

A very good decision. Hope it will make a good impact on the market.

I forgot how to change delegates 🤔

You can try https://ecency.com, in wallet page you can check options on HP balance dropdown.

Perfectly! Delegated to @ecency 300 HP

Wow.. Its amazing. I'm newbie in this platform

Best app ever.
I'm happy to be a user

Hi @ecency if i were to Delegate like 2000 HP or 3000 HP how do i do that ?

Go to your wallet and click on drop down on Hive Power balance and select delegate, type ecency and amount/slider and delegate.

Thank you @ecency , i will take a look at this today 👍

delegated 25 HP to @ecency account.

Recently something went wrong with the mobile (Android 10) version of Ecency.
The cover photos of the posts are not visible.
Is this a bug?

Image source: Screenshot.
Screenshot was taken on 2021.04.04, 20:00 CEST.

It is a feature. You clicked on view change button, this will disable images so you can save on bandwidth. Return back thumbnails and avatars, you should click again on view change button, top right corner below search icon.

Thank you. I did not knew that. I accidentally clicked on it at first. Now both the thumbnails and the avatars are visible again.

I just delegated 1500 HP and will delegate more sooner.

Thank you for your support! 👍

Yesterday first I delegated 1000 HP and then 16 HP more, but now only 16 HP is delegated to ecency but can't see my 1k HP. Where is that HP gone?

Delegation usually updates/overwrites the value. So if you did 1000 and then 16, which means last 16 is effective delegation. Remaining 984 will be returned to you in 7 days. That's how chain works, we will see if we can improve messaging in delegation screens to make sure people see before updating delegation.

Oops then I have to wait for 7 days. Really long time.

Has just delegated 100HP 🙂

Thank you!

This is really good! Love to see where the team is taking Ecency. The app has been invaluable to keeping me in touch with Hive on my phone. I find that new users are also finding it very useful. You get my vote!

Nice! I've just removed my delegation from @esteemapp and delegated a bit more to @ecency. Rock on! 😈

Hi guys, but so if I delegate some HP you will give me a daily vote or some ecency points if not placed?

You will get Points + HIVE from curation rewards daily.

So if I delegate 50HP how am I rewarded? Sorry for the contine questions but I don't understand much since I have to translate and you know that google translator is not very good and translates a bit at random

Check our delegators and check our wallet, delegator's wallet, daily HIVE is sent to them and also Ecency Points are sent daily.

I'm newbie here on Ecency, can I have more info?
If I delegate 25HP, I will recieve Ecency Point daily? How much Ecency Point?

Check your points page and see all the ways to earn point, one of the is delegation. 1000 HP would give daily 100 Points and some HIVE, curation reward based on what total curation reward will be every day.

En mi opinión, Ecency es la mejor interfaz de Hive. Aplicación muy rápida. De verdad me gusta. 👍 Suerte!

this is indeed a great help, I am still figuring out how this works but I know it's an amazing app. Count me in.

good news

Ive been wanting to use my hive to delegate and or vote but nist never took the time to learn. This is a perfect post for me. Im so glad yall auto replied to me for using points to boost.

i'm down for 500hp

Excelent notice

thank you very much for comments. muchas gracias por el comentario.

Hi @ecency I have delegated 100 HP today