Ecency Monthly Guest Curation Program #2

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The 1st edition of the Monthly Guest Curation Program here on Hive was an astounding success, and it was a really tough job to pick curators from all the great applications that we received. In the end, an awesome set of Guest Curators joined our team and did a fantastic job during their term. It is now time to commence the 2nd edition of the Guest Curation Program, giving a chance for ecency users to learn the ropes of curation and in the process also grow their own profiles on the blockchain.

Our encouragement program has been encouraging and rewarding users of the Ecency Web, Ecency Desktop and Ecency Mobile apps over the past several months, and many users have been curious about the curation program and the job our curators do.

Curators have to navigate spam, abusive accounts and those trying to game our encouragement system, to find genuine users and deserving content to reward, encourage and appreciate.

Since curation is an integral part of the hive ecosystem, the Guest Curation Program is an initiative to allow dedicated Ecency users to learn more about curation, and in the process help support several other ecency users as well as grow their own profile on the hive blockchain.

How To Apply

We have a growing and thriving discord community, so join us on the Ecency Discord if you haven't already, and fill up the form pinned in the #curator-internship discord channel.

About Guest Curator Program

  • 2 Guest curators will be appointed every month for a period of 30 days.

  • Selection will be based upon responses received in the questionnaire. It would be desired for the user to be a dedicated ecency user and the decision of the selectors is final.

  • The rules to be followed and perks for being appointed as a Guest Curator will be shared upon selection.

  • As a curator, it is expected that you have a desire to help the community, spread some love, cheer and goodwill among users of Ecency. And also, have the ability to identify and report abuse.

  • If the guest curator is found to be abusing the granted role and powers, it will lead to immediate removal from the program.

  • If you are not selected as a Guest Curator, you may reapply again in the next cycle. But a selected Guest Curator can apply to the program again only after the end of 60 days (i.e. 2 cycles after their selection).

We are looking forward to hear from you! Join Discord and show your curation skills to be part of the Ecency curator team.

Delegate Hive Power now and mine Ecency Points + curation reward daily + help us onboard more people:

50 HP | 100 HP | 500 HP | 1000 HP | 5000 HP | 10K HP | 20K HP | [50K HP](


Hi @ecency, I really appreciate and admire your guys.i have been on these page for months.but I noticed I have not been getting increase in my hive, even when my ecency is still increasing.i believe you are doing lets us keep helping us in the increase of our hive and eccensy wallets too

I noticed that you haven't made any post yet, and only 2 out of your 38 comments got upvotes.

I recommend that you post on the D.Buzz community, so that can easily write posts and get upvotes.


You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Nice one

This is such an incredible learning opportunity!

Yes, but i feel you the better among the all 😚

😘That is very kind. I have been curating for a long time and continue to learn as we go along.

Your work is appreciated. You are working hard for the betterment of the platform. Keep it up. I have nothing for you but 😍😍😙

Thanks! Ecency is the best and inspires all of us to do better here!

Yes you are right.
Best wishes to ecency

Good work 👍. Keep it up and keep doing good to the Ecency community. I am a new user and exploring the all new features of the Ecency platform on the Hive blockchain. Thanks to learn that you people are helping new comers out with all your great projects.

I'm happy you are enjoying Ecency. Stop by the Discord if you have questions or to connect with more Ecency friends!

Sure I will

I noticed that your resource credits were low and sent you a 90 day delegation to help you get started here!

Oh thank you so much. You really are a true help for me.

I know how hard it is when you are full of enthusiasm and wanting to get started here and are unable to post and comment as frequently as you would like. This should be enough to give you a good start.

It sure is. Thank you dear!

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Hello @ecency… I have chosen your post about “-Ecency Monthly Guest Curation Program #2-” for my daily initiative to re-blog - vote and comment…
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow at Hive!...

Thank you @ecency and @good-karma
Do your support, boosting me up, and for guidance.
Thank you for building the technology here and making it what it is today

Also, I have only just joined and am new to HIVE and PeakD but I am already sharing my content from here off the site too.
As you can see I have been promoting HIVE and convincing people to join up as well.
Thanks Again!!!

Good day friends...... I new on hive please how do i get started.

[email protected], I boost my post today, but my post does not get upvoted and I don't get any refund.
Could you kindly check for me?? thanks

Refund happens after 24 hours from boosting time if our curators won't be able to review until 24h you get refund

Terrific job guys keep at it