Mobile - Cached tabs, snippets, new posts popup and more

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New update for both Playstore and Appstore went live few hours ago. We are super thrilled to introduce you few of new features packed in on this release.


What's new

  • Snippets - easy to create and add snippets that you can quickly paste into editor when you writing post. Now your snippets are synced and works across the device, if you created snippet from website it will show up on mobile app and vice versa. Making your snippets available everywhere and easy to use.
  • Cached tabs - feeds are not cached for better user experience. In previous versions, app would fetch new posts every time you change the tab and although great to always have fresh content, it did come with performance drawbacks, so we now solved that with caching tabs. Now changing tabs are very quick and it won't block UI from performing actions which is super important for us.
  • New posts popup - this feature, we took/inspired from Twitter, if you open app or change to tab in given interval or open app after some pause, local cached posts will show up but it notifies you about new posts with avatars popup. Once clicked cache updates and application fetches new posts.
  • Performance bottleneck issues are fixed on feed scrolling and better data flow.
  • iOS photo selection - improved image uploads to allow selection from favorites album
  • Hivesigner access token renew fixed
  • Communities page fetching bug fixed
  • Translation updates
  • Many other improvements

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.


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It is beyond wonderful! You continue to give me tools that I didn't even know I was missing and they rapidly become essential in my everyday use!
Thanks for always knowing what I want before I do! ♥️

it is very nice to see that this application has continuous development.

I am constantly amazed by how much work goes into this project.

You are all doing good work seriously. I've been defaulting to use your platform now for some of my stuff. Mostly keeping track on notifications which has been EXTREAMLY helpful when following up with people here on Hive and all the tribes within it.

Is there a roadmap I can check out for what you have in the works moving forward?

I've been defaulting to use your platform now for some of my stuff.

Me too. Nowadays Ecency is one of my favorite dApps.

Is there a roadmap I can check out for what you have in the works moving forward?

Probably many people would be interested in that. I am also interested in what they are planning to do with Ecency both in short term and in long term.

We usually talk about upcoming things in our posts, we will consider writing some short/long term items that is in our roadmap. Thanks for support and suggestion.

This is a great update. A lot of new features added to the Android and iOS apps. I mostly use ecency on a browser on a PC. But I also use it on mobile. I will update it soon.

Semua pasti bisa

mobile is always good. We need something in app store from google. BEcause average look there for " hive".

Ecency available on AppStore as well

Wow, that's nice.

Every day on Hive, and each day I see new things. I think the mobile app should be promoted on the frontends too, so more people know about and can tell this there smartphone friends :D

@lordbutterfly would be something we should add to the marketing proposal. An app is the easiest way to promote Hive for new users.

Attracting Mobile users is fastest way to grow!

Checking it out now. I've had interest in the app, however, when I would use it the app would freeze on me. That is the only thing that would stop me from using the app often. If this update can resolve that then I'll probably use this app more than anything else on my phone.

Let us know how it works this time, we are reworking some aspects of app to improve user experience.

A couple hours in and the experience is a lot smoother than it was previously. I haven't had a problem so far.

Always good update👍

Congrats! Better and better. Your development is really impressive!

Awesome !! I have no words to describe how grateful I am for this project ! Hive on !!

Good job I can feel the speed in new update. And it's not crashing like old one. Could be improved more though.

Yes, exactly and we are working on that, with each iteration we plan to improve stability and speed.

It's taking some time when I am trying to comment with ecency android app. Loading time could be reduced more. Other than that this app improved a lot. Thanks for the regular updates.

Appreciate that 😅🧁

Great job. Keep in that way!

this application is very important to me, it allows me to blogging on the iPhone directly from my mobile. Thanks for upgrading

Thank you, we will continue to improve it. Stay tuned for more awesome additions this year. 😉

Thanks for reply


Ничего не понимаю

Que bueno. La descargaré y pondré en uso. Espero que sea buena y práctica. Cada ves llegan cosas nuevas. Me gusta. Siempre todo va girando entorno a mejorar el sistema. Lo felicito. Está muy bueno el post.

I can see in the app that I can earn 10points for delegation. But not how much I need to . Is it 10points per day? Per 100 HP??

Yes, it is 100 Points per day for 1000 HP delegation + curation rewards which we introduced today

Tx! Will try it out.

I like the application and its updates. I only speak Spanish and I can get by with the translators. On the computer I can translate from Ecency but from the Iphone I don't know how to do it and I really need it. What can I do?

You can change application language from Settings page within Ecency mobile app. As for translating post content, we don't have that feature yet. You can use in your browser and use google translate as alternative, all things are synced from mobile app to website and vice versa.

Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your guidance.
I will try to do it this way.

Good ecency