Vision - advanced editor, 7 new languages and more

in Ecency2 months ago (edited) just go whole a lot better with advanced editor options, translated into 7 new languages, mobile navigation improvements, performance improvements on feeds and more. Read on to learn more about new changes that went live to our website.


What's new

  • Advanced editor section, includes setting beneficiaries, scheduling post, auto reblogging community posts, selecting post payout types.
  • Schedules page, now you can see your scheduled posts and move them to draft for edit, delete and schedule more posts easily.
  • 7 new languages, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Serbian, Finnish and Ukrainian, thanks to these awesome people
  • Witness page now shows votes of proxy, if you have proxied your voting rights.
  • Added Voting power indicators on User menu.
  • Contributors page giving credit for everyone who contributing to our ecosystem. We will be improving this more and adding more people, if you are missed, please contact us, this is first iteration and we want to add everyone who made Ecency what it is today. 😍
  • Navbar improved for mobile devices as well as simplified for desktop users.
  • Fixes on Proposals page.
  • Performance improvements on community and global feed to reduce number of RPC requests. Even more fast navigation and loading pages 🚀
  • Various other optimizations and corrections which you can monitor from our official Github page

We are expecting to release desktop app with these new changes in couple days after thorough checks as usual.

Are you developer or translator or just want to contribute to Ecency? Feel free to check our opensource projects and join our discord to get in touch.


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That's great news! Superfast development, @ecency! Congrats!👏 👏 😎

As a constant Ecency user, we thank you for feedbacks and support... Continue making waves 🌊 😎

@ecency, Good to know that Ecency Ecosystem is becoming more Multilingual. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed team.

Website is just catching up thanks to awesome contributors. Our mobile app has always been offering more than 20 languages 😮 With website, it is more accessible and visible, try it in your own language if we added that today 😉

Good to know that team. 🙂

Wow sir the GUI looks more amazing with such an amazing updates 😄🙏🍻🎉🍾🚀

Thank you, screenshot in Hindi translation looks awesome. We are sure it will help bring/retain more Indian creators on platform. Please check your work in live action and if needed, suggest changes to translation platform. 🙌🙏

My pleasure sir, I will do that sir for sure 🙏

I think I missed few section in FAQ they are still not translated, I will do that in morning.

Yes, we added few last minute strings... But once translated, new language updates will be pushed with next update.

Ok, sir thanks for the update I will do that 🙏

Awesome additions!

Yes it is indeed 😀🤞

Awesome job by the @ecency team. Can we expect to get a chat feature with fellow ecency users in near future?

Yes, that's in our todo list. We have most of the things ready for it, just need to deliver other improvements before that.

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Wow that's pretty cool & I like the UI too!


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Thank you! 😉

@ecency - Would be great that Ecency can have Thai language. Please hit me up for any help for translation of Thai language that you may need.

Would be great, please feel free to join website or mobile app translation program.
Once it is done, we will enable it and reward contributors with 1000 Points as well.

@ecency - This is great so I will register accordingly for the translation program. Have a great day. 😊

In the previous version the notifications were delayed ( compared to peakd for example) I'll keep an eye out how this version performs.

We have our own notification service which enable us to do push notification to user, so you get notification even if you are surfing on other tabs but have one tab open on your desktop, you should get push notification about activities on your account. Delay might be bug, let us know if you notice that again.

We are also waiting for the Russian language

great feature

Really good news , actually many update at once. Thanks for your good work.

Great work @ecency. The #Hive Community should be happy to learn about the latest US OCC news allowing banks and financial institutions use public blockchains and stablecoins to process payments. #Hive is well placed to serves banks and uses in this area. It's better, faster, cheaper and has a socially accepted stablecoin #HBD

Big News:

Thanks for link, interesting, let's see how things will turn out.

Now I know thanks @ecency this a wonderful ecosystem!