Happy New Year - Project Activity Update

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The HiveBuzz team wishes you all a happy and pleasant New Year. May joy and love flood your life and that of your loved ones.

And to close the year which has just passed, we invite you to read our latest activity report.

What did we do since our last report?

Preparing and participating in HiveFest⁵

Most of our time has been taken up by the must-see event of the year: HiveFest⁵.

As usual, we planned to organize activities during this event in order to promote the meeting between the participants. But surprisingly, we had to realize that this is much more difficult to organize in a virtual world than in real life.

Despite the excellent collaboration with @roelandp, his extreme availability and his good will, the many ideas that we wanted to implement have regularly met with a no-go, mainly because of the technical constraints of the AltspaceVR environment. And it is not for lack of trying together to implement them. It probably doesn't sound like it, but it was extremely time-consuming.

A great first too, we were able to have Hivebuzz participate in "person" during the event, which pleasantly surprised many.

For this occasion, we have made multiple adaptations to our website and had also created several goodies that nostalgic people can still afford via our shop.

New badges

No less than 4 new badges have been generated lately:

Saint-Nicolas badge
Beginning of December is a time eagerly awaited in some European countries by all young (and old) children. It's time for Saint Nicholas to bring gifts and ... a badge!

HiveFest⁵ attendee badge
Another moment eagerly awaited by many Hivers: HiveFest. Despite the technical challenges, we were pleased to offer this badge to 194 participants.

HiveFest⁵ Meetings Contest badge
Yet another badge that could be obtained during HiveFest and that 45 people now display on their board.

Christmas badge
And to end the year on a high note, a badge that you could give to several of your friends. A beautiful illustration of the concepts of community and sharing on the occasion of Christmas.

Power up Day - January 1st edition

To extend this idea of sharing and start the year with a bang, we have added an ingredient to the now famous Power Up Day: Hive Power delegations to the most regular and generous participants.

The power Up day which takes place the first of each month is now an event eagerly awaited by a growing number of Hivers.

While many of us will no doubt be quite tired of the family celebrations the night before, January 1st will be no exception. Therefore, you have a few hours left to perform your Power-Up and perhaps obtain a Hive Power delegation from HiveBuzz!

All the information about it can be found in this post.

Support our proposal for 2021

The proposal that allowed us to finance our project expired early this morning at the same time as we left 2020. Many of you have supported us for the last months and we are extremely grateful to you.

If you have not yet done so and if you want us to continue our work of gamification of the Hive platform, please support our new proposal for the year 2021!

Thank you all and have a Happy New Year!

The Hivebuzz Team


Hivey new year friends


Voted for the proposal already have to see if the badges arrived in my account

Well, Thank you for your support @brittandjosie, it warms our hearts! 😊😊😊

I think all hivers need to do the same and the hivesfere will even be a great and better place

Keep up the great work folks, if I've missed voting on a proposal of yours, let me know - can easily be missed with the plethora of things going on here!

Thank you for your unfailing support @nickyhavey, much appreciated!
Have a Happy New Year ✨🥂✨


I love the gamification aspect of Hive. Maybe it's because I'm a gamer, but it gives small goals, realistic goals, to achieve and look forward to, encourages engagement, and reassures that our content will be viewed, shared and enjoyed.

And getting that little notification comment for the Hive Buzz always has me go Yay!

Wow, Thanks for your feedback and your support!
It is really appreciable to read some comments like this, it encourages us and really makes us want to continue, to improve ourselves and to offer quality content 😊

Have a nice day, and Happy 2021 🐝🐝🐝

Happy New Year, I have already did my power up early morning today, and excitedly waiting for my Gift, I am going to vote for the 2021 proposal now,as I want to give you my 100% support what you are doing is extremely successful and Is what I wished for,
looking forward to hear more from you,
have a fantastic new year,
love you


Thank you @shujja and congratulations on your power-up.
Have a Happy New Year ✨🥂✨

Happy new year and good luck and work passionately to provide insight to all of us.

Thank you for this beautiful comment!

Happy New year 🎉🎉🎉 @tipu curate 👍🏾

Have checked the list and yes did support, moving cobwebs around remembering easier to look 😂

Thanks for all the work and commitment put into making Hive a great place @hivebuzz Team.

Happy New Year ! it would be nice if you could manage to give an upvote at least with the more important milestones, for example one year on the blockchain or something like that. Anyway I hope you have an awesome 2021.

Hivey new year friends


Hivey new year friends


Congratulations @hivebuzz! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 100 HP on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 3 badge
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

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Happy New Year - Project Activity Update
First Hive Power Up Day of 2021 - Get a Hive Power delegation

Thank you for the work that you do! Your commitment level is very encouraging!
Btw, I checked it and I think I squared away... I've voted already!
Keep up the good work!

Happy New Year!

grateful. This shows confidence in Hive. Thanks for the delegation.

I hope to see more months like this throughout the year. 2021 @belloskr

I did not vote as I wasn't aware of this proposal. However, I'll keep a watch on this and will certainly do if I am eligible to do so.

Everybody on Hive is eligible to participate in its governance, proportionate to its HIVE stake. So you can.