Vision - Tailwind, better design and codebase.

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Ecencials, we are so excited to announce the release of our latest major update. The website has undergone a significant update, removing the large Bootstrap library and replacing it with the more efficient and compact Tailwind library. This change will improve the website's loading speed and enable the creation of smaller, more manageable components for long-term maintenance.

We have also made improvements to the font of our posts, making it more visually appealing and easier to read.
We have developed our own customized micro components to meet our specific requirements better, eliminating the need for a large and outdated design library. This release primarily focuses on cleaning up the code and making significant changes to prepare for future enhancements.
Every page just got a better, fresher look. We believe that a brighter Ecency will witness the creation of great posts.
A few days ago, we introduced our latest proposal, and your support will enable us to continue implementing further changes.

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What's Changed

Full Changelog: | Desktop app | iOS app | Android app | Download Android APK and iOS IPA file


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Hi @ecency I just had a chance to see this post. The work continues in a beautiful and effective way. I would also like to thank the editor separately. He prepares extremely successful and professional works. 😇😇

Great job. Thanks for the improvements!

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!GIF Congratulations on the update

I think the current design looks more practical and functional, so it's a good step forward.


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The update is amazing, well done to the team behind it.
Would love to ask if the theme feature would be made to function again, I can't seem to switch between light or dark mode anymore, I love my themes dark 🥲

You cannot switch themes? Are you using top switch or using Settings page for changing theme, also please mention what browser are you using?

I can't switch, I'm using Chrome browser and I did try switching the theme using settings page and top switch but none worked.



Great design. Looks better and better. And faster! 👍

This update was very good, but if possible I have 2 feedbacks for you, which I believe can make it even better, for now it was just these 2 changes that in my opinion were worse than the old version:

  1. The screen where the votes appear, previously appeared entirely within the form / div and there were no these 2 scroll bars, so, to make it better than it already is, keep this new design and be able to keep the 12 information bubbles inside as it was before, in my opinion it is perfect. This avoids some confusion with the scroll bar and mouse wheel.

  1. I believe that your update (at least I think) removed the shortcut of pressing the ESC key to close open forms, according to some examples that I leave below. It may seem like little, but this makes navigation much faster, as it prevents us from having to click outside the form or click on the X to close. This already existed before and disappeared with this new update.

For now, what I felt "got worse" were these 2 points, so if they manage to maintain this incredible new design and improve these points, it will be more sensational. Thank you for everything you do to improve. A hug.

I could not find the Mac OS option. The zip file doesn't seem to have any installer. please help

We have deprecated native desktop apps in favour of web app with offline usage, which we are going to release in coming months. Above changes also somewhat related to that, preparing our codebase to create effective installable web app.

I can't see a way to post now. I use chrome. It might be me though as I'm not very techy. If I use the ecency app, I can still post.

You click on Pen icon on top navbar, is it not visible for you? Oh we found the issue, we will fix that asap.

Hi that's right there is no pen icon. I've downloaded the ecency app now so I can see the pen icon.

On mobile browser apparently we forgot to add Create a post option in menu. We have added that, please reload the page and you should be able to see and create post now.

Yes, it is there now. Thanks! Everything looks very small as though it's on desktop view, but it's not.

Nice view guys

Ecency es una experiencia nueva para mi que se esta inpregnando en mis venas. Es algo diferente e interesante. Se lo recomiendo a todos

Happy New Year 2024 may God bless you with my heart