Decks coming soon on Ecency

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Excited to share initial overview of Decks on Ecency. Cant wait to release it…. Check it out, personally this will be my go to page for surfing everything on Hive.

Now, imagine combining this with Project Blank, not the same blank but similar 😳🚀

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this is AMAZING!

I missed this post... but @melinda010100 just shared it with me - THANK YOU MELINDA.. i cannot wait for this to be launched.

this is SERIOUSLY a game changer. I currently have over 1000 notifications on my blog - and every time I come here - I get overwhelmed to see it rising more and more. and I feel so bad that I'm going to be missing things but I can't take the time to click on EVERY single notification and scroll through and all that... so it just gets worse


this is going to allow me to compartmentalize even better and see quickly and at least sift a lot better to the things that I MUST get to

@good-karma - this is everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cannot wait til this is launched hahahaah

DECKS will be huge! And short content and an organized Ecency version of 'threads' ! I could not be any more excited!

Wow, that's really an amazing feature. I really like it.

!GIF keep up the good work

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I love this new feature! It will keep everything organized in a way that we have never had available to us before.
I am so excited about this! ♥️

This is a great development

It will definitely be great
I am waiting patiently for this project

Looks great and cant wait to try this ❤️

This is going to be massive, I'm patiently waiting for it.

This would be a wonderful addition to ecency. Hope it would be mobile friendly from get go?

Yes, we didn’t forget mobile browser access and usability ❤️ it will be simple to use from mobile as well

This looks great, waiting to see this

Looks like a great feature. :)

Maybe a better name for it would be "feeds"?

It is from Tweetdeck and like deck of cards, deck of columns.

i like decks... cuz its like you're stacking them! hahahaha its perfect!!!

Great. We hope to release it with support for short-form content 🔜

What an excellent addition! This will definitely help make the experience of using Hive more organized. Thanks for all your hard work. 😊

Aha this will be handy in many ways Thanks for the cool updates 😀🥳🥳

Great job ❤️💪😎💯👌

This will be a great update! Looking forward to the release :)

The #hive ecosystem gets better and better.
#Decks will move things up a notch, with organising the material from different parts of Hive, such as #peakd #actifit ##leofinance that I personally use, plus others.

Love these incremental upgrades that keep coming....


tolong bebaskan kami dalam menggunakan Ecency point untuk postingan kami seperti sebelumnya. kalau tidak rugi kami miliki point yang banyak itu.

What a great addition the decks of ecency, congrats @good-karma you did it again with your team and i saw my favo two ladies tested it already aswell, i read it in the discord.
I will share it in another discord aswell.
Will this be able in the mobile app aswell?

Only website for now but works great on mobile browsers

I've been testing on Mobile and I find myself constantly going back to my Decks. I love it and can't wait to hear what you think about it when it is released.

I will let you know made an announcement and put it in the Ecency room aswell
Let’s do this

I think it will be a game changer for busy Ecencians!

Wow, this is amazing! 🤩 I can’t wait to try this new feature!
Thanks for the hard work, Ecency team. You rock!!! 😁🙌🤗

Dear @good-karma, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @palomap3.

I hope Dex 2.0 will not only be on desktop. mini blogging is just a lot better on mobile device. Got to be able to interact on with the community on the go.

You will be able to use it on mobile by going to

Okay that’s great too but I cannot wait to have it in the mobile app

Wow! It will be great. Eagerly awaiting it.
Congrats team ecency!!

Cool idea! By the way, I have tried to boost my posts now several times, but it does now work. Any idea why?

Boost with low Points. 150-200? Curators try to spread boosts around to as many people as possible, and big boost requests drain VP too quickly! ❤️

This will be excellent for community managers and such

Super cool!!

What is Decks

Watch the video 😉

This will help us so much!!!!!! How much columns can we have in a deck?? Can´t wait to use it 🔥🔥

In one of the decks I have created while testing I have added 10 of my favorite users, and it appears I can add as many as I want. I have seperate Decks for my communities. It appears to me that it is limitless. I can't wait for you to see this!

Super fantastic development

The feature looks fantastic, I cant wait to try it.

This is a fantastic new feature. Trello and TweetDeck like capabilities embedded into Ecency are definitely a major upgrade.

That's cool. I'd really like to see this combined with Threads!

Yes, that’s the plan. We don’t use threads wording seem confusing and technical, we call ours differently.

Thanks a lot and respect to the devs @good-karma best+!

Great steady development! Love it 🙂

A good way to manage most used stuff on Hive. Thanks Ecency

That's awesome! I can't wait to enjoy this project!

Nice feature, will love testing this out...

Wow when will this be available? Seems interesting! Can't wait to use it on the website or the apps. 😃

Happy to be an ecency user. It's already improved a lot from before. Always been very accommodating too when it comes to some app glitches/problems I encounter and report. 👍 👍 👍 Thank you and keep it up!

I'll be checking this out. It looks pretty neat.