I am so glad you put this presentation together for more people to see and that this time you were able to finish it! Nicely done. I'm looking forward to seeing the the AMAs that you have agreed to do. I am so pleased with the way Ecency has grown over the years and am looking forward to a bright future. Thank you for showing all of us what a kind, considerate, and decent internet experience should look like!

I am so pleased with the way Ecency has grown over the years and am looking forward to a bright future.

Me too. Nowadays this is my favorite Hive blockchain application. I started using it, when it was eSteem on the Steem blockchain, and that was also my favorite Steem blockchain application. Other than posting my Actifit reports, nowadays I do not use the Steem blockchain.

@melinda010100, I agree with our idea to put this presentation together for more people to see


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Good to see ecency update new features and I am back to work.

I love ecency registration experience. The simplest and really reliable. Recently I have onboarded 2 of my friends without any issues. I'd love to see some short tutorial redirecting to Hive Keychain and some basics of blockchain use. You are doing great! Also the best searching experience on the Hive blockchain.

Each time I try to publish an article in Portuguese, I receive an "internal error".
So, I cannot use Ecency! 😔

Thank you for this presentation 🙏. I really love the new slogan and the part you explain it - If you love something/one set it free... I really like Ecency and I was telling someone today how much I love communicating and sharing on this platform.

I want to see Myanmar Language in localization also Kyats(Myanmar Currency).
I also want to promote eccency in Myanmar. As Internet usage in Myanmar is also increasing It is a good chance to promote Ecency in Myanmar.

I also want to make an exchange website that we can use kyats to purchase cryptocurrency. A lots of myanmar people are using Ecency but It still need to grow to some extent.

Promoting Ecency in Myanmar would be difficult but I think it is not impossible.

Currenty usage of points are extremely high and I can not able to boost my posts. I think you need probably more curators or more HP.

I will give you a slice of !PIZZA.

I like to use Ecency. I think it adds alot value to HIVE blockchain.

I don't look at the presentation, but IMO Ecency is an amazing project on Hive and the best alternative to condenser.

Also, the IOS/Android app is amazing. I think Ecency will be the core product for the community in the future with own tokens. I would love to see to "install" it like an Wordpress blog at some point + plug and play add ons like keychain.

Would allow with community tokens a super-fast expansion :) Really love the open-source spirit!


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You are an amazing organizer and have done a lot for Hive eSteem, now here is Ecency. Congratulations on your successful and productive work.
2 days ago I saw a message from Ecency that my account was sort of found to be fake, this is a mistake. Please check again. Maybe I was too active that day and didn't like it for you ...
And where can you read the rules of conduct at Ecency for participants, so as not to make mistakes! Thanks.

Embedded Video looking good!

Happy to see this video .... Thank you!!
NOw I try go look all this 3 times so I know what all good comes and have been out :)

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Gracias por el apoyo los felicito son un grupo increible.

Hello @good-karma.
Probably Ecency app needs to be updated.

was a great watch. Thanks for all the work.

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Great for ecensy.

Great! I watch it on HiveFest6 but it's good to have it here too. Btw: I suggest uploading the presentation to, too.

Thank you, @good-karma and all the team behind @ecency, for this presentation which gives a synoptic vision of ecency.

  • For me, this is one of the most user-friendly entry points to the Hive ecosystem.
  • However it would also have been very interesting if you had more insisted on the possible evolution of your tools and interfaces.
  • I encourage you and congratulate you again in order to continue in your very positive progress.

Thank you @good-karma for the presentation. I recently wasn't able to use ecency points for boosting my friend who is new comer on Hive platform. The points go away, but the boosting isn’t happening. Did the rules change or points don’t work anymore? Or where can I ask about it? Thank you in advance!🙏

I need to allow myself go through ecency. I would try it soon.

I love to use Ecency. Everything there looks so smooth and good. :)

You are strong, thank you for the share link. Congratulations.

Thank you for the time and effort you sparred to make this informative video.... People like you are the reason things move smoothly once again thank you

I only started using ecency yesterday and I'm loving every bit of the mobile app.

You guys are great and amazing with everything you put up here.

I just discovered and I felt that I can contribute more on this blockchain ❤️

Thank you for the presentation

Keep on the good work @ecency team & @good-karma
Coming back with fresh ideas on my side as well :)
Namaste :)

Why not have Arabic language at application