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Decks, Waves, and now Videos! You are giving us an awesome Ecencial year 💕


A really needed feature !! Good work

This is an awesome feature. I just published my first video using ecency. Appreciate it

Congrats good corma and team ecency!

Previously, people were travelling around here and there to upload videos specially who use ecency. There is a good feeling in heart now.

Great work devs!

That's really a nice feature as sometimes I've to change my video into giff to upload on ecency 😹 but now the problem is solved 💫
Thank you 😊

Is this coming to the community fork ?

If community forks adopt our code changes then yes why not…

Amazing! Finally one of our front-ends has implemented this feature. I have wanted a simple way to upload videos for many years now. Great work!

Is the storage decentralized or do you use an ecency server or the cloud?
Thank you.

It is uploaded to 3speak servers and they are in process of completely decentralizing everything

I never knew of this feature. Now its way easier to have a blog and video in one post.

You should limit the file size 4 the Videos.

Wow this is incredible! Finally this new function has arrived for ecency! Congratulations to all the team involved!


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Saw this on the web version. Will video uploading be available on the mobile app too?

Yes, we will add it to mobile app as well. Imagine easy video recording and uploading from mobile app 🚀

Is the upload video feature for mobile now available

not yet, in future update

Really its a nice updation by ecency!
People were finding it difficult to use speak

If you upload a video to Ecency, what is the file limit, who is the video host who is housing the videos, is it Dtubes, is it 3speak, is it Dlive, is it something else?

3speak is hosting videos and some parts of these process is already decentralized

I have a problem. On Ecency, I went to make a post. I went to upload a video, I think it was under 100 MB, mp4 file format, on Firefox. I waited about 5 minutes. I think it was saying the video was rendering. I think the problem was I did not actually have an account with 3speak. I thought maybe Dtubes was different. I could be wrong about that. So, I went to try to make an account with 3speaks. I think I tried connecting my Hive account with my 3speaks account. I was not able to upload a video on 3speaks. But I may try again soon.

You don't need account on 3speak for upload to work. Because Ecency and 3speak uses Hive usernames. Perhaps during upload process something went wrong, we need to check. Did upload finished 100% and you went to Gallery to see? Please check your video gallery from Ecency editor and see if your uploaded video is visible there and what's the status of that video. Feel free to share screenshot.

Thank you so much for your help ☺️

this is a great tutorial from you .

Very interesting 😎😎

This is amazing I will definitely give it a trial

Music to my ears! I’ve plans for this feature!!!

Wow this feature is going to make it so much easier to upload videos online and edit the text.
I always had problem when editing text on here because it would always display in the center when I wanted it to be to the left.

Good to the Ecency team!

Thanks for this new update. Very easy. I'll try this.

Thank you @good-karma on your video on how to upload a video to Ecency. Have a great week!
Barb !BBH !CTP

Bravooooo! 👏👏👏

Thanks for the explainer 😊

Is the video hosted on 3Speak ?

Pls clarify

Thanks for this update

Can the video be on any topic or are there any specific topics only which can be uploaded?

Yes, you can publish video in any community or topic.

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Thank you so much @good-karma you follow me😍😍
And so good step for us to upload videos on #ecency✌🏼

Yeah.... Ecency is really rocking, everything is beautiful here, thank you

Hi @good-karma,I tried to find that application on my mobile phone; however, there was no option for video uploads. How large is the video that I can upload? Kindly guide. Thanks

Mobile application will have video upload feature in next update, you can use for now for video uploads.

happy new year 2024 sir may God bless you with my heart

Amazing work!! Thank you to all the Ecency team!! ❤️

wow, this is gonna be amazing thanks for the great update. 🔥

!giphy wow


wow! thanks for sharing this content with us, I find it very useful to learn more about how to upload video here. Thou have been thinking how will be able to do when I want to upload a video, I think hives has been a platform to learn new technique with skills in every day activities on here.

great job dear good karma ,, superb


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This is a great feature to have on Ecency! Thanks for the explanation, will check it out and give it a try :)

Great add-on. Super important feature. Thank you for all the great work you do to make Ecency an amazing frontend!

I just love how we keep getting better. Kudos to the team.

Great feature. Ecency is really leading the charge.

Wonderful. This confirms my belief that @ecency is the best interface for being the most complete. Excellent work.

@good-karma I am very glad to hear that my favorite front-end implements great video features. Soon I upload my first video on ecency.

Oh… this is awesome. Will definitely make a trial on this

This is really great to see the latest developments

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