What's Rome like to visit during Corona?

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Walking the empty streets of Rome with almost no people is a odd feeling. Considering it's the most visited city in the world you would think the summer time would be packed with people.

While Corona is a international tragedy, it did mean a possibility to really take in the history that you will see everywhere in the city. Without having to swim yourself through crowds or long queues.

I would like to show you some comparisons of Rome. But first of I would like to state I would not have traveled to Italy under any circumstances if it wasn't for family matters. While that is said, now when I was here anyways I might as well enjoy it.

One of the most popular places in Rome, Saint Peter Basilica.

Do you see any people? I think you can count them in your hands. The additional space and quietness really made it possible to take in this magnificent building. You really did feel like walking on history. Here's two pictures before the Corona times for a funny comparison how it's usually like:


I've heard the queue into Saint Peter Basilica could easily take a lot of your time out of the day. For us it was a straight walk with a little queue, only fast to check our temperature and security check. Took at max a few minutes before we stood inside.

This was the case for pretty much anywhere in Rome. But we ain't don't yet, the differences would still be endless.

The sistine chapel for example, was a online booking only and with it you once again walked straight into this huge museum.



I'm probably gonna write about sistine chapel in a post for itself. So let's move on to the final comparison.

the (empty) colosseum.


Before the outbreak:


Whats your travel experience in these odd times?

I know most of us don't travel during these times and for good reasons. I would probably not have traveled if it wasn't for family matters. But if you have against all odds braved outside of your own nations borders. How has the experience been for you?

Italy, one of the hardest hitted countries in Europe actually ended up being a good experience. Except for facemasks indoors and constant cleaning hands it came with quite some benefits of not having to share your space to see the great wonders of Rome.

Stay safe!



Very odd times (not just) to travel indeed. I will always remember the crazy 3-day journey to get back home from the Azores where the pandemic imprisoned us for long months... I am currently exploring Krakow but just because it´s pretty close to my Czech hometown and it doesn´t require any extra measures.

Enjoy crowd-free Italy my friend. I cannot even imagine what it feels like there right now. Here is a shot I took at the Trevi Fountain a few years ago :D


Oh my God. That spot was completely free as well more or less. Probably only 20% of the people I see on that picture haha.

Wow... I think experiencing this sights with few people will make it even more magical.
Visiting Rome will definitely be added to my bucket list... Someday

It was a nice feeling indeed! Quite a rare thing

My sister just recently told our family that she is pregnant, and she wanted to visit us, but sadly because of the corona, it is too dangerous right now...

Yeah I get you! My visit there was a bit out of personal reasons as well. I did take all the care I could while being in Italy. Having facemask in crowdy places, not touching anything with my hands in public and so on. So far it seems like I didn't catch any sickness :)!

That is as much as you can do really, I wish you the best

Wow la verdad la tranquilidad que se gana uno cuando hay poca gente en un lugar no tiene precio, saludos.

Looks awesome to me.

The place looks really gorgeous

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oh god... those empty streets!!!
Go away you fooking corona!

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