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RE: Mobile - switch account, recommended and editor improvements

in Ecency2 months ago

Hey @ecency team.
I have found 2 problems with the new update.
And I can make it show up my keyboard after many clicks.



1 can’t click on any of my followers profile



Thank you, we will check it out and include fix in next release...


I don’t know if I’m the only one showing problem with trying to Reply or clicking the username of his followers lists, but especially for the Reply it makes it very difficult at the moment to use.

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I could reproduce issue, reply field looks like you need click at very beginning of reply editor to make it active. We will be fixing it as soon as possible and pushing update to app stores this week.

Ok thanks!


Other way everything looks great!
And some of my friends trying to sign up via Ecency reported some delays on account creation do you have any reports like this?

Account creation is almost instant, unless they are not receiving confirmation email, they should check spam folder just in case emails are going there.