Mobile - switch account, recommended and editor improvements

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Ecency mobile app received another set of improvements and update with better switching accounts, improved user side menu, recommended users and communities for new users and editor improved with new approach and scheduling fixes. Read on to learn more details about this update below.


What's new

  • Switching account, we made switching account much simpler and easier. Twitter style approach gives more easier grasp of possibilities of Ecency mobile app. This coupled with few more improvements on Side menu, we think makes app even more appealing to average internet users.
SidemenuAccount switch
  • Recommended users and communities - It is crucial for us to guide new users. After they signup with mobile application, they are usually faced with empty feed and don't know what to do, so we added recommended section, so new user can right away start following few people or join communities to fill their feed.
  • Editor page - Improved scrolling so that there are more space for writing content. In last update we added easy selection of community during posting and now with title and tags fields scrolling, we think it will take your mobile contents into next level.
Mobile editorPost into communities
  • Scheduling posts - This feature was one of the best feature we had but for some reason datetime selection was broken, we have fixed and improved scheduling posts feature. You can now enjoy scheduling your posts and they all work in sync with, where you can draft/schedule from mobile and check from desktop, vice versa.
Editor optionsScheduling post
  • Account management - We use local storage on device to handle account data and now, we made some improvements so when you change account from one to another, switch should be much faster because data management flow is handled in separate thread, async manner.

  • Communities fetching - there was few bugs causing selection of nodes with old hivemind data, making user experience bad, so we unified rpc calls and handle node selection better.

  • Various bug fixes on profile page and performance improvements on search pages.

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

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29 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

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I found my name there! 😆 That's funny! 😂 Thanks a lot for informing me! 😀

Looks amazing @ecency!

Thank you, give it a try and let us know how it works on your device. 😉

I have been using your app for ages ;)
Testing it every single day! :D

This is Wonderful, I just updated my App Now, it sounds very fast and improved alot, Appreciate you Works, have an awesome day

Happy to hear that 🥳

Very good improvements and updates, keep going @ecency! 👏 👏 😎

Will do 🙇‍♂️

Updated and seems no issues so far.

Great 👍

Hey @ecency team.
I have found 2 problems with the new update.
And I can make it show up my keyboard after many clicks.



1 can’t click on any of my followers profile


Thank you, we will check it out and include fix in next release...


I don’t know if I’m the only one showing problem with trying to Reply or clicking the username of his followers lists, but especially for the Reply it makes it very difficult at the moment to use.

Posted using Dapplr

I could reproduce issue, reply field looks like you need click at very beginning of reply editor to make it active. We will be fixing it as soon as possible and pushing update to app stores this week.

Ok thanks!


Other way everything looks great!
And some of my friends trying to sign up via Ecency reported some delays on account creation do you have any reports like this?

Account creation is almost instant, unless they are not receiving confirmation email, they should check spam folder just in case emails are going there.

I am having trouble with scrolling up on the list of switching accounts, maybe I need to do the update. Thanks for everything @ecency!

One more person reported this, we are looking into it and will roll out update by end of this week. Thank you!

Yes I checked and I am updated to the latest version, I am looking forward to the next update! Thank you @ecency

thanks for the continuous updates

Not sure why but I seem unable to loke posts

Anyone else having the same issue?

Please check Settings page and change Server to and see if it helps...

@good-karma @ecency
Since yesterday my vote value weight has a bug.
Tried to switch the server not working again.
And also many of my @friends with Android phone complaint that the @ecency app is not loading and they have to reset the phone to make it run.



That's weird. Have you tried server from Settings page? We will check what might be caused by this, usually some servers are not stable and causing this issue. Later today or tomorrow we are pushing update 3.0.13, we hope that will fix some of the issues you experienced. Thank you!

@ecency thank 🙇
And maybe something to keep in mind
Make access to gallery earlier.
For example via @ecency I don't have access to my favorite photos.
With @dapplr and @peakd I can view those.





Thanks, great find and suggestion. We will check this, added issue on github for tracking.

@ecency thank you.
Also I fixed vote value bug after reinstall of the app.

Good call, it might be caching issue. We will take a look.

Great job as always!
I know the team is working hard on this app.

Can you check if these issues are fixed in 3.0.14? Thank you!


Not available yet on the App Store I tried with the direct link from your last post but still not redirecting me to 3.0.14


Oh right, AppStore still in review... How about 3.0.13 version, does issue still exist?

Now I can see at Lest the names of the folders but there is still now access to favorites.


ok, thanks... it is good now but can be better, we will see if we can get favorites show up also in future updates.

And yes I've been connected to him since I switch from


Nice work done

Why is the first photo loaded at the top of my post not my key photo???? It’s so annoying. I made sure to load that pic first now I have a random map as my key photo. Is there a way to correct my key photo after the fact?

I also made a couple grammar edits that didn’t pull through when I clicked to update my post on the ecency app.

I’ve now fixed it all by using directly. And choosing my key photo and edited the spelling mistakes. Not the most ideal situation.

So sorry for your experience, we have found the bug, going to fix it with upcoming release!

Thank you very much!