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RE: Mobile - API migration, stability, performance improvements

in Ecency2 months ago

Greetings I dare to write to you because I am really desperate, and discouraged by what is happening in the makeup community, I am more than grateful for your support with me but it hurts to see how this person is taking away our rewards and no one absolutely no one does anything, that We can do because it is not only me, there are many of the girls who are taking their rewards, we are desperate, what can we do, thank you.


Could you please elaborate who is taking away rewards and did they give any reason?

Greetings, it was the user @newflash and it was not only me, it went to many users of the makeup community, almost all of my posts received negative votes, taking away the rewards, each post that I upload gives negative votes and we ask him why and he does not give an explanation, is the situation really desperate that we can do ????

Pending reward is always changing and it is final only after 7 days, as many people agree with your content some disagree on amount of reward or content itself. That's normal, we would suggest focusing on those followers who like your content and engage with your community and grow it.