Mobile - API migration, stability, performance improvements

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New update for both Playstore and Appstore is underway. In this update, majority of the work is done non-user facing areas but some minor changes you will be noticing.


What's new

  • API migration, we have migrated all our internal api into new one
  • Feeds and Post pages font size increased
  • Internal app linking improved (iOS and Android) more harmony with
  • Signup page bug fixed
  • Voting slider bug fixed
  • Scheduling post and thumbnail detection improved
  • Leaderboard crash fixed
  • Resource credit popup improved
  • Beneficiaries screen redesigned
  • Payout info bug fixes
  • Profile image update fixed on some devices
  • Notifications opening crash fixed
  • Voting crash on some Android fixed
  • Access token refresh improved
  • Many other bug fixed and improvements

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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Loving ecency as a front end to hive keep up all the improvements it's paying off big time. One of the easiest entry points now.

Thank you, stay tuned for more... we have a lot of awesome stuff planned for this year, hope to deliver all 😉

I love the updates! The new font rocks!

Just updated. I have problems few days to login into the mobile version and now works smoothly and fast. Congrats! 👏 😎

Good work as always!

excelente trabajo el que hacen tienen la mejor aplicación para utilizar Hive en teléfonos sigan así!!!

What do you do when you have used 3 HIVE to create a community and it fails during user data preparation ? This tells me state error 504.
In any case, I have no return from my tokens and the server persists with a server error. Although I keep trying again.
Who do I contact for reimbursement ?

I did it on the Ecency platform and the history tells me that I received my HBD change to HIVE, but the community creation deduction is not indicated. Out. I lost 3 HIVEs and the community is not created by this repeated bug of server problem.


Did you try to login with community account and see if you could finalize community creation?

I have just succeeded in all this, yes I was finally able to connect with the owner account and I was able to download the PDF file with the private keys for the profile as well. (I did not know that there was also the added profile).
And, after that I was able to go to role and add my main account, this one. I was able to do it with because with Ecency I couldn't get this famous community master key opening. I don't know why, but now I can manage with this account on Ecency.

That's interesting, so your password for community account didn't work on ? Could you help us identify/steps to reproduce this bug? Glad that everything working now.

And, I did not understand that I had to connect under profile: hive-111110

Now I can log in with the community master key (master key), but I don't have the proposal to download the PDF for profile keys like, private, active, publication keys of this profile. While normally by logging in with the master master key of the community, I should have the PDF keys available as in

The famous proposal to download the PDF containing the keys.

We don't have download PDF feature on Ecency yet, that's correct. But you can go to settings page and View keys. ->

I noticed that the profile image is not showing, only the image on the rectangle presentation.
So what if I go to the given link of the profile picture and put it on the internet address, it shows up fine. So there is the picture link, but not showing on the profile. Must wait ?

In the community area -> upload profile picture setting.

It is likely caching issue, did you check in incognito window? I did see community avatar exist

I will make a screenshot for you, we can see the link of the image, we can also see it if we paste it on the Internet address part. But, on the profile it does not indicate, nor even from other platform like peakd.

Cache problem, on my computer?

Do you see it ?


I'm facing the bug's I can't see notifications and my gallery anymore

Could you please check PlayStore for update?

Ok let me check if the issue is not resolved i will contact you again 😔

Good to know, there will always be something better than other for different people, that’s beauty of human race, diversity and diverse opinions

I'm🙂 glad to have this application on my phone but i have a small problem👨‍🌾 with notifications⚡ - the application sends me notifications about activities but the problem is that it doesn't show me what's happening on the notifications page (the page is completely blank). Cheers🙋‍♂️

Could you please check PlayStore and update Ecency application?




@ecency, you've been given LUV from @valentin86.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. Daily limits change soon, check @LUVshares for info. (3/3)



@ecency! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @valentin86.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (3/10)

That's great news👍

Me parece muy bien, voy a descargarla. Gracias amigos @ecency

Hi @ecency thanks for updating I am new on hive and on ecency too, I am having a problem to set up my profile picture. Actually it's updated but not showing in icon tab please tell me the way to fix it.


We don't show avatar into tab icon, as far as I am aware. Also there might be browser caching issue, sometimes closing and reopening browser helps.

Thanks for your answer Now I comprehend why it was happening with me.. @ecency

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Greetings I dare to write to you because I am really desperate, and discouraged by what is happening in the makeup community, I am more than grateful for your support with me but it hurts to see how this person is taking away our rewards and no one absolutely no one does anything, that We can do because it is not only me, there are many of the girls who are taking their rewards, we are desperate, what can we do, thank you.

Could you please elaborate who is taking away rewards and did they give any reason?

Greetings, it was the user @newflash and it was not only me, it went to many users of the makeup community, almost all of my posts received negative votes, taking away the rewards, each post that I upload gives negative votes and we ask him why and he does not give an explanation, is the situation really desperate that we can do ????

Pending reward is always changing and it is final only after 7 days, as many people agree with your content some disagree on amount of reward or content itself. That's normal, we would suggest focusing on those followers who like your content and engage with your community and grow it.

Greetings excuse me to write this way but I wanted to know why they stopped healing me, what I did wrong, to improve, thank you.

@good-karma @ecency I have seen a bug on the points, might be a frontend only bug though, but I think it is important to report privately to you. I am afraid people might exploit it.

My discord is igormuba#6942

Any preferred way to contact you? Sorry for coming here to ask about it. Thank you.

hey @ecency I am facing a problem with the ecency app I have to set dark theme every time when I open the app it didn't happened before so tell me what I can do to fix it or is it app error

Thank you, we are fixing it with new update soon

Great app, use it all the time. Do you have a bug bounty?

We don’t normally have bounty for bug reports as people who use app find it valuable and reports for free, app is free to use and we appreciate any reports that help us improve it. We do give occasional tips to reporters though

That's fair

There's a couple of little ones I've found. Choosing dark mode on Android app doesn't 'stick' with the latest update. I pick dark mode, switch to another app, then when I go back to ecency it's back on light mode again

Oh yes that bug was reported and we are doing minor release today with a fix. Stay tuned for that. 🙏

Sweet! The other little one I've only seen on the Ecency website. Upvotes double the pending payout. If you refresh the page afterwards the issue goes away
My upvote is only worth a couple of cents right now

Really?! 😮 are you logged in with hivesigner or keychain or standard keys?

Keys. Just did a little more investigating, seems to only happen for posts older than 7 days


How do I take advantage of the points from this ecency?