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RE: What is your opinion on using AI on Hive?

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We already use AI for spelling and grammar checking. But we generally mean content generation, i.e. creating music, art, video, and text. If AI is involved, a creator must still exercise creative judgement in directing the AI and selecting the final output. However, claiming AI-generated content as one's own is terrible - at best, it's co-creation. Using AI is comparable to using stock content; too much can negatively affect quality. Nonetheless, AI allows for creating more content that might not otherwise be produced if it had to be made from scratch. The most important factors are that the content has some value, and the creator is open about what they worked on and did not.

I wrote a jumbled and rambling answer. I spent some time with ChatGPT to shorten the text and then with Grammarly to correct meanings, grammar and punctuation. I don't think anyone has a problem with this workflow.
Where there might be a problem is if I gave your question to ChatGPT and had it write the answer. In that case, how many changes and edits do I need to make before it's okay?