Our DEAD LAMB (Full Story)

in Inner Blockslast month

We thought it'd be best to share some things about this situation...

In our last video, our ewe Raspberry had triplets, with the third one being stillborn. In this video, Pinkie-Pepper and I discuss the labor and delivery, and share something you may have not known about our dead lamb.

Our DEAD LAMB (Full Story) - VIDEO

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Awww so sad the mother must be very sad when it died. I am just like you I am an animal lover, also just like my grandpa first they broke up and then he died and I only got to see him once in my whole life! Which was when I was a baby and I remember nothing from my babyhood. 😞

Poor lamb. full of struggles to look after livestock

I've had numerous dead lambs. From still born to to weak to live to rejected and my inability to keep some going. I think I am about 60/40 live to not over the years. It IS a part of farming though and a part of life in general.