Bitkenstan_66 - Fixes everything.

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A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.

Bitkenstan has a running story line.
Earlier episodes can be viewed on the Hive blockchain at


Hilda: (waiting for Stanley to join online meeting) Fix the video, Stanley. We're waiting.
Stanley: (mashing on the keyboard) I'm trying!
Hilda: I'd come over there and do it for distancing.
Stanley: I got this! Let me just grab the master tool...fixes everything. (pulls a hammer from his desk, angrily smashes the laptop)
Stanley: (appears in The Man's online meeting) Um, hello.

Creator: Who has a 10 pound sledge hammer in their desk drawer?

Originally posted April 22, 2020 at

Official NFTs have arrived to Bitkenstan! It's possible to actually own each episode. View the NFTs at

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Bitkenstan is the webcomic that became the world's first NFTcomic on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and life.

It began with @bitkenstan on Twitter and is now upgrading over to the Hive blockchain. (join Hive)
Visit @bitkenstan on Twitter, @bitkenstan on Hive at, or learn more and see the playlist at



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