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I love DEXs or decentralized exchanges because of privacy. It is really easy to trade on a DEX from the personal wallet while I hold my keys. But a DEX is has a lot of limitations. An Ethereum DEX doesn’t allow me to trade XLM or XRP. This is the reason, I trade on CEXs (centralized exchanges) frequently. A CEX gives me various trading options with different kind of pairs. But frankly speaking, a CEX is a good place for trading only. It is not the ideal place for instant exchanging. Suppose, I want to exchange my XLM to ADA on Binance. I need to sell my XLM in BTC/USDT market first and then convert my BTC/USDT to ADA. The whole process takes a lot of time and it is not suitable if you have instant exchange need. If you are operating from your private wallet, then the pain is more. You’ll have to deposit XLM to the exchange first and withdraw ADA to your private wallet. This is the reason; I prefer many instant exchangers instead of exchanges to fulfil my instant exchange need. I have used ChangeNOW, Changelly and ShapeShift many times to exchange my cryptocurrency. Every platform comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The exchange rate also varies from platform to platform. It’s quite difficult to do research every time you want to perform an instant swap. How to get the best swap deal? I came to know about Swapzone very recently.

Swap aggregation

Swapzone is an aggregator for instant swap deals. They basically display you all available offers from different exchangers and show you the best rates in a single interface. They fetch data from various exchangers through APIs. Once they receive an enquiry from a user regarding a particular swap, the information is sent to all their partner exchangers and the offers get fetched instantly. This way, the platform gathers all the information in a single page and presents to the enquirer. They also provide different options for easy selection of the offer. For example – you can select the offer depending on the best rate, fastest transaction or best rating. While you enquire about the swap, you can select different rates like fixed-rate, floating-rate and Floating rate with excluded tx fees. The best thing is that you’ve no need to leave Swapzone website to complete the swap. Everything happens from a single interface.

Doing an instant swap

I land on the Swapzone site. The website loads pretty fast and has a simple black interface. I need to do an instant swap from XRP to ETH. I don’t trust floating rates, so I select the fixed rate in the filters section. The platform instantly displays the best available rates. 'FixedFloat' is offering the best rate. I could see that FixedFloat had a 4/5 trust rating. I opt for that. The next screen displays the final details of the swap and it requires my personal ETH wallet address. I proceed to exchange. Now I need to send XRP to the wallet address given to me. It also shows me the time remaining to send the fund. I send XRP to the address from my personal wallet. My job is done. Bingo! ETH arrives after 3 minutes to my personal wallet. Yes, it’s hassle-free.

Swapzone performs the aggregation job beautifully. It seems to be a transparent and handy swap aggregation tool for common users. Here you can swap 300+ crypto assets after getting detailed information about the service provider. The site doesn’t even have a registration button as no registration is needed to avail the services of it. The website has details of their exchange time calculation method and service rating calculation method too. It increases the trust of the users. Swapzone is cool, vibrant and fast. If you desire to do a custody free instant swap and want to get the most profitable deal, definitely check it.

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