My Daily Moment of Reflection

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Today I got up as usual, to start my day with my daily routine that begins as everyone else does: to the bathroom, daily grooming and to get ready to take my child to his school. To go to his school, we have to walk through several places that lead me to contemplation and therefore to reflection, depending on what I have in mind, some concern, something I have to plan, it is my best time to be with my thoughts clearer, before the stress of the day begins and this landscape between natural and urban takes me to calm and pushes me to relax.

So, on this day, simply by looking, breathing, walking, seeing my neighbors, being able to greet them; I started to thank God, simply for existing, being able to enjoy all these simple things, that are there just around the corner. Many cannot enjoy these simple things, like having a good cup of coffee in the morning, going for a walk, breathing freely, being able to look around, feeling the cool morning breeze, having it caress your face; just feeling that you are alive and really being consciously aware of your humanity and it is wonderful.

We do not know how long we will be in this world; we do not have the time bought, nor are we eternal; that is why we must enjoy even to perform your daily routines, everything has its beauty, enjoy the small details, those tasks that sometimes seem unimportant, that we take for granted, like being able to get up, go to the bathroom, enjoy a delicious ice cream, go outside and be you in all your fullness. It is one of the best sensations in life.

That is why it is not worth it, to waste your life, arguing, working until you die, everything must have its measure; you must have your moment of the day in which you connect with nature even if it is contemplating your plant in your apartment, connect with the world and all its chaos, because it is part of the whole, just give yourself your time, to breathe and feel your own skin sometimes we forget to do it and that is important, to preserve our center, our identity. We must learn to communicate with ourselves, to feel ourselves and be happy with that.

Many of us forget with the hustle and bustle of the days, to stop to simply breathe consciously, we forget to feel ourselves and that is so important because you discover yourself, your sensations are amplified, because you see the everyday with different eyes, with the greatness of being grateful for everything that surrounds you and feel blessed by it, because friends life is beautiful, give yourself the opportunity to be with yourself and "hear yourself" is your time, your moment. I already shared with you one of my favorite moments of the day, I hope you liked my journey of reflection. Greetings!

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I like how you used your walking time to reflect on things. That's what I usually do and it helps a lot. I wish you all the best and have a nice day.

It's already customary, when I get home, I know how to continue my day. Thank you for your kind comment, happy day🌷