72 hours…

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Time inevitably passes in the rhythm of life, which is marked by cycles and every new year is a reason to celebrate for the emotional value it represents for everyone, which despite being repetitive, is always exciting.

The new Year represents the symbol of what is to come, we dispose of it with the illusion of being able to make important wishes, personal dreams and happiness goals come true.

My biggest goal this year is to Take Care of myself, that's where it all starts, with Self-care, the basis to take advantage of everything that comes into my life in a positive and enriching way.

I repeat this to myself every year that I survive my own story…

A few years ago, scared, with fever, vomiting, hypotension, with a contaminated gallbladder, without having any control over my body, trying to order my thoughts, I decided to face life forecasts with attitude.

They gave me 72 hours...

Sepsis is a critical illness that occurs when the body, in response to an infection (which can be very common), injures its own tissues (inflammations) and that in its most severe cases causes an acute failure of other organs that were not necessarily related to the original infection, causing a shock or multi-organ failure that, in a significant number of cases, causes death... this was my diagnosis.

Every difficult situation in life can be an excuse for hopelessness or an opportunity for growth. And in the midst of particularly difficult days when I feel like I can't take it, I try to remind myself that my track record of overcoming difficult days is 100% so far.

The teaching... the power of FAITH keeps us, the gratitude to the wisdom of science.

My reflection is that the healthier we are, the more optimistic thoughts, the faster we recover, it is somehow to turn on that beacon of light that projects out who we are emotionally.

After an emotional, personal and work congestion, life has taken care of giving me the opportunity to enjoy it with the “All Inclusive” that it brings. I continue practicing resilience, and thanking the blessing of having my beloved husband by my side, my children even in the distance and the privilege of starting anew every day when I open my eyes and breathe life into my thought and heart.

Not all plans come true, but it's always good to have a plan. LIFE always surprises you and gives you just what you need. You have to keep the faith, and 100% a positive attitude for the not so good days.

I bring this to my post, because in the past few days I met with some friends that when they saw me after a long time, the first expression after the greeting was“ "Are you a little thin” are you sick???

And so is the dissatisfaction of the human being, if you are chubby, because you are chubby... and if you are skinny, why are you skinny? Or you look sick.

Many times, “Nonconformity" is a dissatisfaction of seeing things and not valuing what we own. Everything in this life is transitory, and what we have to live today is part of the process so that tomorrow we will be better in a better world.

One of the greatest freedoms a human being has is simply not caring what others think of him... I keep going


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All-inclusive, that's indeed how we have to face life and its challenges. I believe the "72 hours" experience gave a great teaching.

God and everything that comes to your mind during that span of hours, thinking about the time lost in banalities that are not worth it, after this experience I am grateful for everything that comes into my life in joy and glory.

Thank you for your look and walking beside me.

That is a good attitude, to be grateful for what we have :)) You are welcome, and may you have a happy week 😇

I wish for you the best possible week ahead🔆🫂

It just happened to me. I went shopping today and someone said: "Hey, you look thinner".
I think that amid the difficulty, your spirit grew. Not everyone can overcome adversity, and you are among those who can. So I'm so glad you did and are here today to tell the tale because you bring wisdom.

Hi nanix is that nonconformity is always present, some have the prudence not to comment but the vast majority cry for their internal wounds and bring their darkness to those who cross their path.

Thank you for your words and really getting up from adversity is not easy but with love you can.

Although those spirits that always carry light are strongly protected against the shadows. 😉

Always My dear friend ❤️