When did you stop learning?

Does education stop somewhere between your teens and late twenties?

The question on how to educate kids is a recurrent one. With people who have kids themselves, with others working with kids, remembering how it was to be young or considering how they’ll deal with it once they will have children of their own.

And then I asked myself, How come we so often talk about how to educate the kids? But we do not discuss how we educate ourselves?

Does learning take an end somewhere between your teens and late twenties?

It surely doesn’t have to.

Then why don’t we spend a little more thought and effort on the question: “How do I want to educate myself?” And let the kids mind their own business for a while.

I had many discussions with different people, discussions that can often turn highly emotional. Some will defend the idea that every kid has to absolutely go to school. Other won’t bare the thought of theirs ever setting foot in one. Some feel like the frame of education we know works perfectly well, others hold on to alternative systems. Meanwhile I have my share of ideas or believes on the subject, I mainly remember my own experiences and know that my parents could have never known what I specifically could or wouldn’t have needed. Which leaves me with the feeling that we can’t possibly get it all right or all wrong by intention.

The only thing we can get right or wrong by intention is ourselves. Now that we are consent adults, we can create the life around us, that we aspire. Now that there aren’t any teachers or parents telling us whats right and whats wrong we can decide for our own, what we want to learn. Or we can choose the teachers that inspire us and walk away from the ones that don’t.

Because isn’t our intend to want to make it right for our kids, just a reflection of the regrets we have about our own childhood-education?

Why don’t we make it right for ourselves now, that we can?

Instead of guessing what “the kids” might need or want. Can we ask each other for a moment: “How do you educate yourself?” “How do you learn?”

What are you excited about learning recently? Why? How? Tell me about it!

Thank you for passing by, enjoy your week!

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I love you. Seriously. How do you always say things that are so on my mind?
I'm constantly learning new things. I'm learning how to exist in a foreign city now. Just earlier, I was proud of learning a few basic trajectories without the aid of my phone :D But no, I don't think most people our age concern themselves with that anymore.

I have a friend who recently got her first "real" job after a long formal education. And already, I'm beginning to see in her this know-it-all air take hold. It's clear she now speaks like an "adult" who knows things and is done learning. It's sad to be done learning at 25. Tragic, really.

I think educating yourself and kids go hand in hand. I'm at a place where I'm paying more attention to education possibilities (laws, restrictions, costs, etc) in the hope that wherever I end up, I'll have to consider educating my future children there (hopefully).
One thing I'm not too concerned about is my own attitude in teaching them. I figure as long as you stay curious and are always learning as a "grown-up", you're doing something right and that will pass to the little ones.

I figure as long as you stay curious

If I had to choose only one thing, I think that would be it. Curiosity!
Which again is, what most of us still have in abundance in our childhood years, ideally. And then it fades with every adult job and responsibility with most. Yes I know these people, makes me sad too, seeing them losing the spark...

It is wonderful to have you around and showing up!!

Because isn’t our intend to want to make it right for our kids, just a reflection of the regrets we have about our own childhood-education?

or their regrets about their adult education ;<)

I often felt I struggled through the last years of University because my mom married early ( aged 22 ) and didn't finish her studies while my dad finished his. I did it more for my mom than myself and man did I feel depressed during the last couple of years. Eventually I ended up with a worthless piece of paper and a title that hasn't served me much at all, in life. That plus a tendency to overthink everything.

I'm sure could things have come out of it too but, these days, I sometimes try to talk young people out of going to University ;<)

I also lost the love for learning, for a while ( even more after having burnt out as a teacher in higher education, my last 'job' ). The crypto world brought back the passion for learning, once again.

Hmm yes I guess that comes up as well, feeling from your or their side like making up for your parents "mistakes". Well I am glad you somehow left University alive and claimed back your passion and inspiration.

...a part of that passion I had to dig back out again myself after a few too many years of school. I can relate to that!

Meanwhile for some it might be the way to learn? I don't know. Surely I would say that any intrinsic motivation to learn is of tremendous value compared to anything else...

I am packing to move to a new house and the boxes of books show how much I love learning. I also try out many of the things I read about, so I learn by doing. This year I learned to make ginger beer, repair a sewing machine, and knit argyles. I also read a lot of history and started learning more languages. I will never stop learning.

The books are such a marvellous way to learn! And sometimes I can't get around how amazing it is, that we have basically any skill or knowledge there available to learn in a few pages...
Sounds like you didn't miss out this year:)

I learned from observing others and analyze their actions too.😊

Indeed, and it is something so intriguing to watch people doing what they know best! Thanks for stopping by:)

Yeah.. I agree with you. 😊 You're welcome. 😊😊

This is a very good question to asked ourselves, for me, I learned all the times, through my interactions with people's and mostly through the actions of people toward me, in most cases, some people don't like saying it out, but with their action's towards us, it will be clear for us to understand what we are to do next.

Surely, people around us play a huge roll in learning, from them, with them or even learning through teaching them something... Thank you for passing by:)

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