When I was addicted to PC games

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening friends of Hive at @reflections, I hope you are very well.

Today I want to tell you about a stage in my life that I consider to be over, which was that stage in which I spent hours and hours of my life playing games on my PC when I was between 21 and 30 years old.

I was fortunate to have parents who allowed me to get close to the consoles, in fact we had at home an Atari 5200, an Atari 2600 and a Nintendo Famicom but despite that in my childhood I did not consider myself addicted to video games, in fact I think I was something like a social gamer if you can use that term because I only played with my brother or my cousin. The latter was the one who introduced me to computer games like the popular Mortal Kombat and Age Of Empires, although he played many other games that never caught my attention, these two games and DOTA were the ones that took many hours of my life.

I remember playing many hours in front of my PC, I remember going to bed at dawn to play at home alone, I remember playing until the wee hours of the morning in meetings with friends where we played several of these games until dawn and obviously I enjoyed those moments but now that I reflect on those times I do not remember having achieved an important or transcendental goal in my life through the practice of these games. What did leave all that play time was my palm marks on my computer for the entire time they were in position to play.

Perhaps in comparison to other vices such as gambling, alcohol or drugs, playing video games is not as harmful or destructive but it is a very long waste of time. Maybe if I had followed that path I would have reached a better level in some of those games but the truth is that I don't see how a gamer contributes something to humanity, I don't see his positive contribution to society by playing something in a fantasy world, on the contrary maybe that encourages people to leave aside the decisions they have to make in their lives. I know that many of the gamers are dedicated to streaming and that allows them to earn money but apart from showing how good they are I don't see anything more productive in that. I searched the internet for any news or publication that would shed light on the subject but I did not find anything related.

On the other hand, I want to say that being distracted or enjoying a moment of gaming is bad, you can always enjoy a good experience if it is moderate and does not leave aside more important things like family, friendships, studies, healthy life among other things. As my mom always says "All extremes are bad" and obviously you have to have balance in life.

For my part I will dedicate myself to play Scrabble, Pictionary or something else that helps me to improve some cognitive skill or to strengthen my culture, such as reading Hive publications 🤘👊.

Thank you very much for reading and if you want to leave a comment I will be glad to read it. If you ever had a vice or addiction and overcame it please write a post that I will gladly read. See you soon and take care of yourselves.

All photos were taken with my Xiaomy RedMi 11 cell phone.
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Esas marcas en la computadora si que se pueden ver 🦉 es increible cuando miramos atras y nos damos cuenta de que estabamos perdiendo el tiempo haciendo algo que, si bien nos hacia felices, no era productivo y no llego a nada mas (aplica para todo, no solo los videojuegos jaja)

Yo me pasaba horas y horas viendo anime en mi juventud y bueno, llega el momento en el que uno reflexiona y deja atras ese exceso y encuentra un equilibrio 😇

Tienes mucha razón, cuando uno es joven no es muy consciente de todo el tiempo que se pierde, supongo que es porque pensamos que nos sobra el tiempo pero luego eso cambia y la vida nos hace cambiar de perspectiva y conseguimos ese equilibrio tan importante.

Supongo que esa fue una etapa de juventud! Jiji!🤭🥰

Sin embargo, me alegra que hayas reflexionado y te hayas dado cuenta que perdiste gran parte de tu valioso tiempo pasando tantas horas jugando en la pc, pues ahora tu tiempo vale money money.

Ah, me encanta cuando jugamos Scrabble y te gano! Jajajajaja!


Jajajajaja bueno lo importante es aprender y la verdad siempre supe que mi tiempo era muy valioso lo que no sabía era de mi potencial para hacerlo muy productivo 💪🙏👏

Perhaps in comparison to other vices such as gambling, alcohol or drugs, playing video games is not as harmful or destructive but it is a very long waste of time.

I agree with you one that. You can do more smarter things during the time you waste with video games. Maybe learn something to be better, to earn more and so on.

At that time I was able to practice a little in the kitchen but I lacked motivation, fortunately now I have a lot of motivation 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪