Save on end of year sales

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Save on end of year sales


Hello, how are you, on this occasion I want to tell you several ways in which you can save money on Black Friday, since those dates are approaching when they put everything on discount in many stores and many people take advantage of these dates to buy, but we tend We buy things we don't need and spend more than we should.

These are some important guidelines that you can put into practice so that you do not spend more money, and the first thing we can do is have a budget, since it is very different to go to the stores just to see what we buy on sale instead of having a clear amount of what we can spend and only spend that, because it is very easy while we are shopping for us to buy more, it is like when you buy a car, for example, a very funny phenomenon happens, you buy a car and it starts to offer you plugins or additional to your car, what if the fender, carpets, and more.

The next point is to make a list of what you really need. It is also very different to go to the stores just to buy what we want to buy, instead of being very very clear about what things we need.

Make your list before this date arrives and know exactly what you need and when you go to the stores only buy that, don't fall into the trap of if you bought tennis shoes, then I need socks, too, and I need new shoelaces.

Another thing they can do is check their cart once they have bought everything, it also happens that we get excited when we are shopping and we take one thing and another and another and another and when we go to pay we buy things that when we get home and we see them we say, we wonder why I bought this! I really didn't need that much and we ended up with a debt on our credit card, so before paying please check your cart and take out those things that are not on the list that they did before going to the store so they will avoid spending more.

The next point is to take the time necessary to compare prices before going out to buy, we all have the internet and it is very easy to research how much what we are about to buy costs.

My glasses were stolen when I was on vacation and I swear that the difference in prices from store to store was abysmal. If you take the time to investigate, you will be able to identify even more ways to save money. Don't go for it. They pretend that because it's on sale in a store it means it's the cheapest they can find it.

And finally, avoid at all costs making impulsive purchases when we are shopping and especially with friends, it is very easy for us to get excited and end up buying things that we do not need, just because something is on discount does not mean that we are saving money, on the contrary, we are spending money and the best purchase we can make is the one we don't make.

So, if you really don't need something, don't buy it, don't just go to these stores that are on discount to see what you buy, so please forget about buying for the sake of buying, anyway, I hope these tips help you to Don't spend so much money at this time and continue leading a simpler lifestyle.

Thank you for sharing my blog, I hope that it contains you so much. Whether you have any questions, doubts or suggestions, fatemelo will know in the sections of comments.

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Stay very good!


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