in Picture A Day29 days ago (edited)

I'm planing to spend the whole day around woods and meadows, searching for mushrooms and other fungi formations, because there is a great autumnal explosion of fantastic shapes & colors going on ... and I don't want to miss it ... but ... I also don't want to skip a day and break my posting pattern ... so ...


... here comes this old photograph ... found an hour ago while aimlessly digging through a pile of folders from the year 2009.
This is a juvenile wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi) on his intricate and very artsy - looking construction.

It's early morning here where I live ... very early and very humid Thursday morning ... my muddy outdoor shoes are waiting for the appropriate feet to take them on a trip ... the camera is in the bag ... time to go - bye - bye.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the enlargeable photograph is my work.


I've never seen seen a stabilimentum like that. Proof of the theory that it's camouflage against birds. I had a huge, beautiful Argiope in my lemon tree but one morning I woke up to broken web and no spider

Wow! This is a master work! He’s very clever!! People could never do this with two hands!!