Getting some STEEM out, for the first time

in Team Malaysia4 years ago



Hey! I got some different coin!

Most of the time I am a very passive person.

I was here the very reason is to support how @gtpjfoodbank has been working hard to share awareness of the poverty in Malaysia.

All along, I have been supporting without using any exchange because @dses will handle all the peer-to-peer transactions and I just bank in the money; with no fuss at all; and even it was just 7 USD a month support (and sometimes more), it was still good to help the food bank to at least bless one family a month.

Apparently, things seemed to have changed in this crypto world; and I feel it is not very safe to keep my STEEM in a place when I might one day not able to use the funds to help people when needed.

I have been quietly watching the saga unveil its best and worse marketing scheme. I personally find it entertaining how politics runs deep in the veins of humans.

I have been in big corporations from UK to Shanghai; and whenever there are humans there, particularly humans with money; a lot of money; politics is never far.

But according to @littlenewthings, this is a blessing in disguise?


According to her, the chain split now entitles me two almost identical value, give and take. I took 10 Steem for a test drive for @littlenewthing to run a test drive.

She told me that there is another good value rise on Bitcoin soon, so we can do that and buy more HIVE later(?)

Anyways, 10 STEEM cannot do anything. She gave me a screen capture that it requires almost 20 STEEM as withdrawal fee later, which can be ridiculously high when you have very little asset in your hand.

I am still very new to all these "digital assets" but it is more fun for me because my 7 USD was meant to help people and even if I get nothing in return, I am still doing a good thing.

Right now it is so little maybe I should keep some there; but @littlenewthings told me:

Never keep your crypto in exchanges; you must make sure you get them out as soon as you find you should. Not your keys (long password), not your money

I might just keep some Steem power to keep supporting the communtity there, and when the time is right; I can help help here too.

Right now it has been quite fun seeing what I have donated, I have something back in return.

But I still feel this is a lot of hassle if I am not familiar with all these. I'll just do the old way supporting the community and let @dses handle the work.



Thank you for supporting us all the way for the entire year. We are truly blessed because of your contribution

Best regards
Daily Bread Food Bank

Yes you are right on that; it is dangerous to keep too much funds in the exchanges

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