Mariposa: Junonia genoveva | Butterfly: Junonia genoveva

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Saludos amantes de la fotografía y la naturaleza
Greetings photography and nature lovers

Las mariposas son uno de los insectos más comunes que podemos observar en la naturaleza, lo que las convierte en uno de los insectos más estudiados y apreciados.

Butterflies are one of the most common insects that we can observe in nature, making them one of the most studied and appreciated insects.


Esta vez, tuve la oportunidad de fotografiar esta belleza alada y multicolor, que pasó la mayor parte de la mañana volando de flor en flor en mi jardín, y que pertenece al orden lepidópteros y a la familia, Nymphalidae.

This time, I had the opportunity to photograph this winged, multi-colored beauty, which spent most of the morning flying from flower to flower in my garden, and which belongs to the order Lepidoptera and the family, Nymphalidae.


Su nombre científico es Junonia genoveva, cuya principal característica es que son fácilmente reconocibles por sus grandes manchas oculares en la parte dorsal de las alas, y que además son diurnas.

Its scientific name is Junonia genoveva, whose main characteristic is that they are easily recognized by their large eyespots on the dorsal part of their wings, and that they are also diurnal.



En general, las características de la hembra es que suele medir 55 milímetros. En la parte dorsal es de color marrón y en la ventral es de color naranja con manchas de color crema y marrón, también tiene círculos negros en las alas delanteras y traseras en forma de falsos ojos. El macho mide 46 milímetros, es más pequeño que la hembra, y visualmente es muy parecido pero los colores son más oscuros.

In general, the characteristics of the female is that it usually measures 55 millimeters. On the dorsal side it is brown and on the ventral side it is orange with cream and brown spots, it also has black circles on the front and hind wings in the form of false eyes. While the male measures 46 millimeters, it is smaller than the female, and visually it is very similar but the colors are darker.


Una anécdota graciosa que me ocurrió mientras captaba las fotos fue que al arrodillarme se me rompieron los pantalones porque me quedaban un poco apretados, pero no me cabe duda de que disfruté persiguiendo a esta mariposa y fotografiándola.

A funny anecdote that happened to me while capturing the photos was that when I knelt down my pants were torn because they were a little tight, but I have no doubt that I enjoyed chasing this butterfly and photographing it.



Mariposa Pavo Real y Mariposa Común de Cuatro Ojos, son los nombres comunes por los que se les conoce dependiendo de la región donde se encuentren, ya que se encuentran en Centroamérica, Sudamérica, Bahamas y las Antillas Mayores y Menores.

Peacock butterfly and common four-eyed butterfly are the common names by which they are known depending on the region where they are found, as they are found in Central America, South America, Bahamas and the Greater and Lesser Antilles.


Esta especie cumple un completo estado de metamorfosis, que comienza como huevo, continúa con su etapa de larva, hasta llegar a pupa y luego eclosiona, la mariposa que es su etapa adulta y final, donde la mayor parte de su alimentación la obtiene del néctar de las flores, como se puede apreciar en la mayoría de las fotografías de esta hermosa mariposa Junonia.

This species fulfills a complete state of metamorphosis, which begins as an egg, continues with its larva stage, until it reaches pupa and then hatches, the butterfly that is its adult and final stage, where most of its food is obtained from the nectar of the flowers, as can be seen in most of the photographs of this beautiful butterfly Junonia.





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Las fotografías son de mi propiedad, capturadas con la cámara del celular Xiaomi Redmi 8.

The photos are my property, captured with the camera of the Xiaomi Redmi 8 cell phone.

Traducción realiza en la página web DeepL

Translated using the website DeepL


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Lovely species ^^ .. these large eyes pots are really catchy for the eye .. you did a great presentation and description there @abis28 and I will include your little butterfly in the DNA Identified and Described Species library 😀 .. I believe that many nature enthusiasts will love your educational post 😉

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I really loved to read your post .. and the addition to the library is well earned 😉 .. you shoved this butterfly from many angles and one can clearly see its patterns, which are beautiful by the way.. the characterisation was nice and there were great descriptive details in it 👌 .. this is actually what I am searching for to enrich the library ... please go on with these quality posts .. whenever ons sees something or reads something and is educated or gained some knowledge no matter in which perspective, it was definitely a post worth the time 😁 .. maybe I am a bit special in this regard, but I really like this kind of blogging style the most, hehe 🤣 ... I wish you a great weekend ahead !

I spent almost an hour photographing this butterfly, chasing it to capture it from different angles, but the effort was worth it, I'm glad to know that you liked my work, it's really motivating and I agree with you, this kind of blogging is very entertaining. Hope you are having a great weekend. 🙌🙌💪

Greetings and blessings😄

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