Photos from our whitewater rafting trip through a rainstorm (video dropping tomorrow)

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Yesterday was the day. @flowerbaby and I finally went whitewater rafting together for the first time. This was my 3rd rafting trip and her first. Despite being very nervous at first, I'm happy to confirm that Hannah loved doing this so much. Of course, so did I, but I already knew how incredible a whitewater rush could be.

We left around 9 am after we ate some breakfast from Tudor's Biscuit World. The drive to Fayetteville was just over an hour away from us. It rained the entire drive up there, sometimes extremely hard too. In fact, the entire day's forecast called for rain. We thought this may hinder our experience, but luckily that was not the case. More on that later.

Upon our arrival, we along with several other groups and guides gathered in this beautiful semi-outdoor lodge with a bar and all sorts of games. The facilities with are the best in Fayetteville. I feel the same about their employees too. All of them seem to really be happy to get to do what they do for a living.

After a period of waiting around, everyone was brought down to another area to get our gear. We each got a helmet, a life jacket, and a paddle. Then it was time to load everyone up on the school bus and meet the other trucks down by one of the many put-ins on the New River where they had prepared our rafts.

There was a safety talk during the bus ride and a brief explanation of how to use the equipment once we were off the bus. None of it was complex and most things we needed to know were stuff we couldn't really be taught until we were out on the water. I was so excited to get out there and on the water.

There was a total of 4 groups (maybe there were 5, I can't remember). Each one had 6-8 guests and one rafting guide to keep them safe. Out of all of the rafts, we got in the smallest group. All the rafts were the same size, but we had fewer people in total. Our group of 5 plus our guide. This meant our raft would be lighter and easier to maneuver, but that also meant we would be easier to flip over since we had less weight. Luckily, none of our people were thrown out of the raft. I can't say the same for the other groups. It was pretty comical to watch people soar from their raft, mostly because none of them actually got injured from it.

We went through at least a dozen rapids ranging from Classes 1-5. Class 6 is the most dangerous level of rapid, but we didn't have to deal with any that bad. That doesn't mean these rapids were not powerful, not at all. We were in danger through each of them, but our guide was competent and gave our group the confidence to stay safe together.

Speaking of our group, the three additional people all knew each other. They were each from Bangladesh but now live in the USA in Maryland and Texas. The two guys were new to whitewater rafting but quickly fell in love much like @flowerbaby. The girl that was with them had been twice before (once in Nepal) but was still terrified since she doesn't know how to swim. Lucky for her, the flotation device she was wearing would keep her form from having to swim much at all. One more thing about that girl, she was totally hilarious and kept the bought giggling from her weird sounds and reactions to each part of the trip down the river. These awesome people paired with our guide Matt gave us what I believe to be the best group out of the bunch.

It seemed as though our guide knew how to have the most fun. We were the ones that got to do all of the most dangerous things, such as this thing he called surfing. We were put nose-first into the rapids and were basically waterboarded, it was fucking awesome! He also let us jump out and swim (or should I say float hopelessly) through some of the rapids. I didn't say no to any of my chances to jump out of the raft and enjoy the warm water. I loved it so much, doesn't get much better than swimming in one of the oldest rivers in the world.

Towards the end of the adventure, we got some epic photographs of the famous New River Gorge Bridge. Even though it was raining hard, the photos still turned out great. The rain added a different ambiance that wasn't present during my previous two rafting trips with clear skies.

After we finished rafting, it was time to load up the big fire truck with all of the rafts. It was a team effort and only took 10-15 minutes. Then we all loaded up on the bus and the guides started handing out alcohol to everyone. Yes, there was a bunch of us on a school bus drinking beer. I couldn't say no to the free beer and we each got a couple. That was a wild bus drive back to the lodge. Our guide kept shaking everyone's beers up before he gave them out, this meant most people were forced to chug their beer.

When we got back, we got to make use of their nice facilities. I took a nice warm shower and changed into my Celtics jersey. We meandered back up to the bar area where food had been prepared for us. It wasn't an extravagant meal by any means, but the food was very tasty, especially since we had all worked up quite the appetite from paddling for 4+ hours.

By the end of it all, I decided to purchase the photo package for $60 and the video package for $50. It was a bit more than I had hoped to spend, but I just couldn't leave without having all of the footage. It was worth it in my opinion.

Speaking of the video, be sure to check my blog around this time tomorrow, as I will be posting a new one with all of our rafting footage. There is a ton of exciting moments and I have even more details to talk about. For those of you that prefer written content with photography, this blog will probably be the one you'll prefer. However, if you enjoy watching my videos, the one tomorrow is going to be one of my best in quite some time.

Thanks for reading today and be sure to leave any comments or questions down in the comments. I'm always down to have a conversation.

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That looks incredible man! I could tell that other lady was terrified hahaha the look on her face in a bunch of those photos was hilarious!

Glad you and Hannah had fun! That is definitely on my bucket list of things to do! You both look like you were having a blast which is awesome. The rain was coming down pretty damn hard at times! Did you leave your phones back at the camp or did they give you a waterproof box to put them in?

That Bangladeshi girl was so nervous and it made her extremely hyper. Funny how everyone deals with fear in a different way. She was a character and I loved the playful energy she brought to our group. Constantly cracking jokes in both English and Bengali.

Out of all the cool things I've been able to do in life, whitewater rafting is right up there at the top of my list. I'd say make it a mission to experience something like this when you can.

Great question about the phones. We left ours locked in our car. They locked everyone's car keys up before we left. Somehow a few people still decided to bring their phones with them out on the river. I was shocked. I mean I guess they didn't want to pay extra for the professional photos/videos, which I understand. I just can't fathom trying to bring a thousand-dollar device out on a raging river just for some selfies. Legit, one girl had her phone out THE ENTIRE TIME and every time we saw their raft, she was filming with her front-facing camera. It made me cringe so hard watching her take away from her experience and she was never helping paddle. This probably won't surprise you, but she was totally one of the people that was rocketed out of the raft. While in the rapids, she was struggling to swim back because she only had one hand available. You guessed it, she had her phone in her other hand and didn't want to submerge it in the water. I know her guide had to be pissed, but it's his fault for not telling her to put the damn thing away. Lucky for her, the water calmed down and the were able to get her back in.

Okay, I'm done venting about her addiction to her smartphone. You got me started though bro.

Oh man, that looks sooo exhilarating hahahaaa.....what fun and the pics are fantastic! You two are making, so awesome! lol forced chugging..what could be a better finish to that ride!

It was nothing short of a pure adrenaline rush. With each section of rapids that we approached, you could tell how tense everyone got, and then by the time we were out of it, we were all yelling about how awesome it was.

I got lucky that I grabbed my own beer and didn't have to chug. Not for me anymore, not since college 10 years ago at least.

Hahaa I can understand that! I'm an old lady and way past chugging beers and ridin' the rapids lol...that's why I am now living vicariously through you young'uns !LOLZ

I’ll keep doing this kind of stuff for many more years… so plenty for you to see here 😉

I haven't tried white-water rafting but there are few spots outside of my Province (need to cross the ocean tho to reach them). I can imagine myself in the water but I'd probably just keep on shouting our loud both due to excitement and fear from start to finish. I might not even contribute to paddling or whatever that's called haha 😂

It may look intimidating, but as long as you're with a solid guide you will be safe and have an absolute blast! It's a team effort to paddle, so if one person gives up then the rest of the raft is in big trouble.

Oh no! I have to prepare for this kind of activity as I tend to lose control of my body when I'm in fear or when I'm excited haha I f not I might be the reason of the boat turning upside down. I'm thrilled!

I think you’ll find that your are able to remain more focused with your life on the line.

The photos are great man, I don't know if I'll be able to experience it one day but it's great to see you doing it and know that you're having so much fun! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's video too, I hope you recorded someone falling, that would make it even more fun 😂.

I appreciate it as always my friend. Getting to do this is something I'm so lucky to do, but then having awesome people like you to share the experience with just makes it that much better. I just finished editing the video and can confirm that it is a BANGER! I 100% have a clip of two people falling out of their raft and disappearing into the rapids (hmmm, did they survive?)

They survived but I know that will be super fun! My expectations are higher now! Can't wait for tomorrow.

OMFG!! I want to have this experience, it's look like so exciting! Surely it's a roller coaster of adrenaline.

It's a thrill that every human being should experience at least once in their life. It was much more exciting than your average roller coaster.

Absolutely cool..! I have been waiting for your post since yesterday.

@flowerbaby's smile has proven that she is doing well and really enjoyed the rafting trip. You all are really having fun.

As I said the other day, she will be addicted to waiting for the next rafting trips with you.
What's the current level there, Mr @daltono?

Her smile makes it impossible for her to hide her enjoyment. She told me that she would certainly go again sometime.

If you're talking about the water level, I forgot what our guide told me. I remember he said something about it getting up to 6,000 (IDK which unit of measurement that stat is though) and can go as low as zero. Not sure where it was while we were there though, higher than average I think but not as high as the maximum level.

I don't understand the current level measurement system there. If you look at your photo at that strong current, I guess it's at level 3 to 4 from a scale of 1 to 10.
That is a level that is still tolerable for non-pro class rafting participants, but still with the presence of a guide on an inflatable boat.

Let me make a suggestion; if you have the opportunity to go on the next trip, try a higher level and you will feel an even greater sensation. Of course @flowerbaby is coming back with you too.

You're really having fun and I'm glad to see you doing it too.

You’re probably correct, because it sounds like you know what you’re talking about.

We have the 3rd most popular rafting river in the world here. It’s called the Gauley River and that looks quite a bit more exiting (and dangerous) than the New River is.

I've heard it, the best rafting tracks are on the Upper Gauley River, and your heart gets really pumped up there. There has been no international rafting event there for a long time. I think West Virginia is a rafting paradise.

That is what I’ve heard, even though I live here I do not know many people who have accepted the Gauley challenge. Maybe one day I will attempt it.

I'm sure there are many clubs that focus on white water rafting. If you join, then you will be free to get a regular schedule to go down to Gauley and I'm sure you will color them with your passion.
Hopefully one day you will be listed as one of the vicious conquerors of Gauley.

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I was really waiting for you to post it and yeah I love every part of it which is beautiful and nice. I hope you had fun as well.

Thanks for being patient, I tried to get this one posted as soon as possible. I'm working on tomorrow's video right now and it is going to be so good, you've gotta come back and watch it once it's finished.

Yeah I can't wait

Looks like a ton of fun. I have never been white water rafting, but I have always wanted to go. I just need to go out and do it before i get too old. There are a ton of places near me that I can go.

You 100% need to make it your mission to do it soon. I don’t know how it is out there for you, but here we can go rafting 75% of the way through October and then it’s shut down until April.

great selection of photographs friend I imagine you had a lot of fun it seems like a fairly adrenaline activity

Thanks a lot! Yes, I think it is very easy to tell from the photos that we were all blissed out by this excursion.

A petty nice shot I must confess. This is arguably great

I can't deny that these photos are awesome either. So glad we had somebody out there to capture these moments for us.

Thx vro! Showing a great photo with full of happiness. It causes me smile and catching my mine.Glad to see your good post.

I’m very happy you found this post so that you could enjoy some of our trip with us.

Thank you for showing us how special your rafting trip was.

Thanks for taking the time to take a look!

yay! 😁😉😎🤙 looked like an awesome one! ride those rapids!

looks like u got a tad bit wet too..


I can’t begin to express how much I enjoyed it. The video will be the final piece of proof that I had a great time. I don’t mind getting wet. I’m the opposite of this gif


😎💪😁 Awesome!! can't wait to see..

What an adventure! I like rafting too even though I don't know how to swim and would also be afraid. I think your guide is the most adventurous one! 😂
Did any of you fall? I remembered my first time (and hopefully not the last) the guide took us to dangerous situations so I fell LOL It was epic though!

idk why but those photos reminds me of Vikings. Its so cool man. I was never rafting but now I want to try it some day

The picture looks pretty amazing, even with the raining weather,I guess you enjoyed the rafting.