We are finally going whitewater rafting tomorrow morning

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Time for a premium rush 🏞

In today's video, I wanted to talk about our whitewater rafting excursion planned for tomorrow morning. We must be there and ready to hit the river by 10:30 am and then can expect to be out on the water for 5-6 hours total. This is about to be such an exciting adventure for me and @flowerbaby.

I've been whitewater rafting two other times and Hannah has never been before. You can check out my previous video to see how one of my other trips went. Let's just say I had a blast and cannot believe it's been close to 5 years since I've gone whitewater rafting. Luckily, I was able to take my brother with me once before he moved away to Pennsylvania.

Personally, I love a good adrenaline rush. So much so that I made a whole video about it a few months ago. Hannah on the other hand, this kind of thing makes her nervous. I know for a fact that she will enjoy it once we are there, but it's easy to let the idea of terrible possibilities take over your mind, especially when one watches so many horror movies. I'm doing my best to assure her that we are going with well-trained raft guides and it will be a wonderful time.

I scored big with these tickets during a BOGO sale. That means instead of paying over $300 for us both to go, it was only about $160. I will also pay an additional $50 after the trip to get a flash drive with video highlights from the rafting adventure. Be on the lookout for that video in a couple of days.

There's really only one negative so far and that is the fact that it is forecasted to rain tomorrow. I've been told that we will be going no matter what. So if it rains, the rapids will just be even better than on a sunny day.

Watch my video today if you want to hear more details about what our trip will be like. I know what to expect, but many have never had the pleasure of going whitewater rafting.

Leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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Seems like time will slow down until tomorrow morning, Mr. @daltono.

That's really fun for you, but not for @flowerbaby, at least tonight for her. For people who have never tried it, it may be scary at first, as you said. But once she is on the rubber boat, she will be addicted and will invite you to schedule another rafting trip.

I've tried it with my family and that's how we feel. This is [ my post. https://ecency.com/hive-194913/@justbabybee/rafting-an-exciting-moment-to]

We are waiting for your post.
Have a nice trip for all of you.

Yes indeed, I anticipate this trip a lot.
She will have fun once we get going, but until then she will be nervous.
That's awesome that you have been rafting before. Thank you so much for sharing your blog so I can see how it went.

We have some things in common and I really respect your positive attitude and enthusiasm for living your happy life.
Hope you have fun and are happy tomorrow.

Hope the rafting went well man! The weather sounds like it was probably decent for rafting, with the higher water level and less rock exposure so that's great. That sounds like it's an awesome time. Love the slip up of Wife instead of Life LOL hope Flower baby doesn't hear that one just yet :D. I've never been WWR but it is definitely on our bucket list of things we need to do in the future!

Dude, it was freaking amazing! You absolutely must do it at some point in your life, this would be a great place to come. They have lodging and all sorts of other things to do at their location. & the rain did nothing but make the whole experience even better. 😅 & yeah you caught my slip up, I think she already hears it in her dreams nightly.

Just posted the photos from this trip this morning and I just finished editing the video which I will be sharing tomorrow. I can't wait, it's one of my best ones ever I think.

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Have a lot of fun friend in your activity. One question, are those natural or artificial water channels?

This is a natural river. The New River is said to be one of the oldest rivers in the world.

it's good to know a little about the history of that river too friend

I've never done anything like that in my life and I'm not sure I want to. I read your previous post and I still laugh when I see your face in the comments man. I wish you and @flowerbaby the best of luck with this. I hope you have a lot of fun!

I know many people just don't have the same affinity for risking their life as I do. & yes that skydiving photo will never stop being funny to look at.

Hey bro, I almost as excited as you are with that hahah, please review everything and make a video with the experience. Today I had my cycling route but I couldn’t go because my girlfriend is sick with dengue. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. A big hug from Cuba.

I will definitely be capturing as much of it as I can. I of course won't have my own camera out on the raft, but at least there is a professional in a kayak there to record for us.

Good luck to your girlfriend recovering. That sounds like a nasty thing to come down with, hopefully she's better asap.

Thank you bro 🙏

It going to be an eventful day for you both, but if the weather forecast, declare that it going to rain, would it be better if you shift it to a better day, at least you will even have a better and a clearer pictures and video.

There is no flexibility with shifting to another day. The place goes by a rain or shine rule and it would just cause too much chaos for them internally to do make-up trips. I have a feeling that the video footage will still be good. It might be even better with the added ambiance of a storm.

Ok, I haven't done something like that nor been there, that why am suggesting
It ok we are waiting for the adventure 😆 😆 soon.

You will learn more about it soon in my upcoming video.

by we, i mean me, my girlfriend hannah, flowerbaby.. whatever.. great way to say it.

but for real, have a great, safe, time. hopefully it's good weather..


I definitely do not call her flowerbaby in real life. So it always feels weird calling her that in the blog text.

Thanks man! I'm pretty hyped about this.

ahhhh, i see why u always call her by her real name as well as mention her hive name.. cool. its all good! 😊🤙


😁😂 yup. i know that anxious feeling before a big trip. last one like that was back in 2020 when i was getting ready to move back to hawaii. I was in philippines then and they were locking down hard.. 2 of my flights i tried to get out were cancelled and I actually caught the last flight to hawaii at that time. of course, things have improved lots, covid wise, and i think americans can once again travel to philippines, but with a couple more requirements, like a negative covid test and i think vaccination?

i dont think i'll get back to philippines until after my kids are done with highscool. (my daughter is a senior now, but my son is still in 8th grade only)

take care of u and baby.. i mean hannah. 😁😊😜

I actually caught the last flight to Hawaii at that time.

Sounds like you got extremely lucky there. Close call.

I think Americans can once again travel to the Philippines, but with a couple more requirements, like a negative covid test and I think vaccination.

This is pretty absurd to me that living has become so restricted.

And she goes by baby some too 😉

Last year i try to rafting but i failed. Keep enjoy life.

In what way did you fail?

I fall in water again and again.

I bet it felt amazing though. I love going for a swim on a hot day.

Me too.

Then it doesn't sound like a failure to me.

This is really nice and thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed my talk. I can't wait to share our rafting video in a couple of days.

good activity outdoor friend i hope you enjoy it a lot rafting must be great

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