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First of all, let's take a look at these paintings:







Beautiful paintings of various floral patterns, right?

The paintings can only be seen on the beach sand. Not on display anywhere else. It is found, especially, on the sandy beaches of the Indo-Pacific region. Among them are on the beaches of Aceh, Sumatra.

So who is the creator of these enchanting and mysterious works of art?

It is purely a work of nature, without the slightest human intervention.

The painting of the patterns we see above is the final result showing off after the low tide. The more complicated the pattern was, it was a sign of the time interval since the tide was low. In other words, the paintings seen above are the result that can be enjoyed after the tide has refined the works of art that were previously exhibited in such forms:









The sand balls are made in an average size only slightly different from one another, then the balls are arranged according to a certain design around a black hole (I mean by that, because light does not get into it). We can let our imagination run wild by imagining that it resembles galaxies.

The balls of sand are made in almost exactly the same size as each other, then the balls are arranged according to a certain design around a black hole ( (I mean by that, because light does not get into it 😀). We can let our imagination run wild by imagining that it resembles galaxies. It is complicated to think about what had the sandballs arranged in such a way. But for the makers, perhaps, it's that simple. They feed organic particles in the sand grains. They do this by shoveling sand with their tongs, making a hole, then sorting the sand to get the particles they will put into their mouths. Then they ball and arrange the sand so that they do not sort out the same sand.

Here are some of them.








They are sand crabs, small animals that are colored like sand and measuring only a few tens of millimeters. This crab is known by the scientific name Ocypode kuhlii because it is a species of the genus Ocypode, or ghost crab. It runs very nimbly on the sand. Meanwhile, Kuhlii was taken from the name of a German scientist and naturalist, Heinrich Kuhl. He was born in Hanau, Germany, in 1797 and died in Bogor, Indonesia, in 1821.

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I expected your publication and this one is better than the previous one in aesthetics, the other one was sensitive and beautiful.
Did you visit beings from another planet?
Did you better appreciate the diversity of artists or children who played with balls and did work to decorate the beach?
Seriously, I congratulate you for bringing this contribution and explaining the reason for the original designs.
Little papa would take me to see the crabs and he would explain to me like you about the drawings in the sand and another theory that he said was used to call love.
Postscript: why transferred?

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Hey @keuudeip great post! Actually I really love a lot species of arthropods!😀

Despite how common the crabs of the Ocypode genus can be, it is always very beautiful to see them, they are true artists! Very accurate information and photos are fascinating. I WILL CURATE THIS CONTENT! Very good effort😁🐬


I like marine things even though it's only on land (seashore). Therefore, I admire you as a star. Please accept this compliment, and thank you for appreciating my humble work which is actually nothing compared to what you do.

@keuudeip thanks for your comment bro, keep working hard! congrats😃🐬

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great pictures and a lot of good information about this little artists!? ?

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Nature is quite the artist. Amazing how the balls of sand are made and arranged by the sand crab around the hole. They make their own galaxy. 😃

😃 Sometimes I try to imagine what the world would look like from their point of view.😀 Thank you very much.

totally. most of works are made occasionally, but some exceptions are intentional - I wish I could take pics, hehe, but no, only possible to watch them via BBC series :P

very intresting post, sorry i missed it and didnt vote. totally deserve the 1st place. (but one good post isnt against another post, right? :)
and - this probably inspired me to take pics and share... something. you will see!


You have to be in the first place. Otherwise I will sulk!😄 Thank you very much my friend! I'm just a content creator, finding what catches my eye and expressing it is joy. While the appreciation that I received, was also a happy thing, but sometimes it was also accompanied by fear because sometimes I messed up.😜🤣

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