Autumn has come to our village || Some photography from our village nature on an autumn afternoon ||

Hello all nature loving friends.Happy Sunday from Bangladesh.Today is Sunday, 03 October 2021.I hope you're having a great day.



Friends, I get to see the most amazing views in the middle of nature of Bangladeshi village.So whenever I get a chance I go to enjoy the natural beauty of the village.Today is Sunday.Today I spent some beautiful time in the nature of the village.This afternoon I spent a beautiful time in the nature of our village.Today I will share with you a beautiful afternoon spent in the middle of nature.And I took some pictures while spending beautiful time in the middle of nature in the afternoon.You can see that pictures here.



Friends, now autumn season.In the autumn, extraordinary nature can be seen in the villages of Bangladesh.The nature of the village fascinates me in autumn.In autumn a flower can be seen in the middle of nature.The name of that flower is kashful (কাশফুল).This flower is found in abundance in almost all parts of Bangladesh in autumn.The Bengali name of this flower is kashful (কাশফুল).The English name of this flower is Catkin.The color of this flower is white.In autumn I am fascinated by the beauty of this flower.



So, lot of catkin flowers have grown in a part of our village.This afternoon I went to that catkin flower garden in our village.Going there I was amazed at the beauty there.I went there and saw lot of catkin flowers.There are only catkin flower and catkin flower all around.In fact, it is very nice to see flowers of this nature in autumn.The views of the catkin garden are truly amazing.Amazing nature exists inside the catkin flower garden.




So, this afternoon I walked inside the catkin garden for a long time.I walked there and enjoyed this autumn afternoon.I have enjoyed the beauty of catkin flower there.I saw a beautiful view of the sunset while walking in the catkin flower garden.I touched the catkin flower with my hand.Really had a great time at the catkin flower garden this afternoon.I was fascinated by the beauty of the catkin flowers in the nature of village.This nature of the village is truly amazing.





So friends I took some pictures while walking in the catkin flower garden.I took all pictures with my used smartphone.I shared the pictures with you here.Hopefully you will be fascinated by the beauty of these autumn pictures.See some more pictures below👇.















All pictures captured by me.
Device: Walton
Model: Primo N4
Lens: 3.62mm f/1.8
Location: Tangail, Bangladesh.

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I am Md Aminul Islam from Tangail district of Bangladesh.I live in Tangail city. I am a Degree (BSS) pass student.I love my parents and my family members.I love working on HIVE BLOG.I'm not a style man.I am a simple man.My favourite game is Cricket.And my favourite hobby are Traveling, writing, blogging, photography etc.

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