Can't get enough of these beautiful sunsets!

A night owl
Might miss out
On early sunrises
But nature is kind
To bring everyday
AMAZING view of
The sun setting
And send good night wishes
With that bright star,
Ms. Moon and a clear sky
...Sweetest dreams!

I wrote this poem and collected a few pictures of sunset, the stars, early and late moon view from my balcony. I always admire the nature every single day for offering breathtaking view of clouds over the mountain and beautiful sunsets. The special thing with Vung Tau city is that there is a different beautiful sunset every clear day of the year.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to wave goodbye to the sun and view the magnificent nature show so many times. I also feel calm and peaceful seeing the light from houses and people coming home from work, jogging and walking and talking to each other, kids playing, running and biking.

And one of the comforting things I enjoy very much is going to sleep with the bright moon shining through my window. After a hard working day, the moon and stars put me to sleep with sweetest dreams.

I bought some flowers in the afternoon to realize the sunset is in the exact color. It's lovely!

The sun started to come down, the show just started!


I watched as the clouds changed colors.

Another day with different texture of clouds.

The sun came down.

And look at the thick clouds!
Since moving here, pink has become my favorite color 😁

Bye bye sun and those last lights of the day!

Hello star!

New moon, a star and some light from the mountain.


I took this photo before going to sleep. I can't describe how wonderful the view made me feel. I hope to share with you a little joy from Nature through this short poem and post.

Thanks for reading and sharing this with me!


That´s a very nice collection of sunset shots. I like the first one most, it´s cool how the colors of the flowers blend with the pinky sky :) My pleasure to feature your post in my next upvote giveaway for better visibility. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @phortun for your support and encouragement! I'm so glad you notice & like the first one, it is also my favorite. It really shows how amazing nature is. And that day I was lucky enough to choose these flowers over initial thought of yellow 😄

You are a romantic woman with an artist's soul, your photos are very beautiful, I admire your ability to write poetry.😊

Thank you, I'm happy you like the photos & poem 😊

cả bài viết thơ quá chị nè. những bức hình bắt được những góc chụp với màu sắc rấ đẹp. đọc cảm thấy thư giãn ghê

hihi bài thơ hay quá em, mà cảnh mặt trời lặn từ ban công nhà đẹp mê nhỉ. C cũng thích ở nhà có thể ngắm sunset như thế. Cám ơn em đã chia sẻ nhé

Thanks @dora381, 1 đứa thức khuya thì ít mơ được ngắm mặt trời mọc nên ngắm hoàng hôn mỗi ngày thích lắm ạ, mà mỗi ngày là 1 shade khác nhau nên ngắm ko chán ❤️❤️❤️

ôi tâm hồn chị tôi thơ đến vậy sao:> hông biết làm thơ bằng tiếng anh T.T

kk mai mốt gặp chị chỉ cho, dễ lắm 😉

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Okay, finally, you finish your poem. Are you a nightowl?

I did finally! Definitely a nightowl, the moon pictures were usually taken at 2 or 3am...

oh wow what do you do until then, take care of your health.

Thanks Đô, well, I'm staying up late to work mostly, and sleep in next day...I know it's not the best schedule but I got to see the late moon...

Thank you Ly, happy new year to you as well!

The city is very bustle. But I can see your place is very peaceful in the night.