Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 190

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Hey there my Hive friends and followers!

Welcome to the 190th round of my special weekly photo challenge known as Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun :)

I know a lot of photo contests with nature as the main theme were/are/will be hosted by various people on the Hive blockchain but I wanted to come up with something more than just another photo contest where participants would submit their best natural photos. Therefore, I decided to go for quite an unusual concept that I am going to introduce in the following lines.

The aim of the Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun photo challenge is not to make you dig up your photo archives and submit the best pictures of nature that you have ever taken. Instead, I want you guys to go out and appreciate the beauty of our nature right now.

The internet (and the Hive blockchain as well) is flooded with picture perfect shots of landscapes, mountains, forests, beaches etc. taken years ago. But this is not what I want to see in this challenge. I want to see shots that may not be necessarily stunning but they must be fresh, proving that you have just physically spent some time outdoors in the fresh air. But remember that nature comes in many forms. It doesn´t have to be a pristine jungle or a deep remote forest. An urban park, a botanical garden, a little grove on the outskirts of your town - pretty much any place with some trees, plants, rocks, bodies of water or any other natural features would be just as fine ;)

Obviously, there is no way for me to verify whether the photo that you submit in the challenge is really fresh or if it was even taken by you so I am relying on your honesty guys. The prizes for the winners (as described below) are more symbolical than overly motivating so I don´t expect too much fraudulent behavior in this challenge anyway.

I want to keep the rules of this challenge as simple and benevolent as possible so let´s agree on just this:

Only one entry (photo) per person per round.

The photo must be yours and not older than one week.

Add a few words about the photo, at least where and when you took it.

You can start submitting your entries to this round in the comment section below from now until the next round. If you want to create a separate post as your entry, you can do that but please always remember to submit your entry in the form of a comment here in this post as well. I only check the entries submitted here as comments.

Prior to publishing the next round post, I will pick 3 winners, give my full upvote on their entries and feature them in the next round of the challenge. I also give some smaller upvotes on the other entries too so that all participants get rewarded for their engagement.

I usually host the challenge on Thursday but when needed for some reason, I can host it on some other day so better check my blog regularly not to miss out on it ;)

To keep up with you guys, I submit my own fresh natural photo to every round´s post too :) Here is my contribution to start out this round:


First of all, let me guys apologize for the one day delay. I usually host this challenge on Thursday but I have been terribly busy since I returned from the HiveBeeCon in Krakow on Sunday and I still haven´t cleared the backlog (here on Hive as well as IRL). I´m sorry about that. In fact, I also struggled to find any free time slots for some outdoor activities but today, finally, I managed to squeeze a tiny little hike into my busy schedule so I could take some fresh natural pictures to open this round of the challenge. It´s mid October already but it wasn´t until very recently that the autumnal colors finally started to show up out there in nature. I captured some of them on my hike earlier today when I was exploring the forest located above the Motol Cemetery here in Prague, Czech Republic.

In the last round, we had 11 participants. After some thorough consideration, I decided to pick these 3 winners:

@franzpaulie with this entry from the Philippines:


I went cycling this morning on a huge hill all the way to Camp Look Out Valencia, Philippines. I spotted them on an ornamental flower while sitting on the grass. I think this is pretty cool right spot on.

@vikar with this entry from Indonesia:


Congratulations to friends whose photos were selected in last Thursday's edition, for the first time I will try to share photos that I took a few days ago when I visited one of the tourist attractions in Takengon, Indonesia, more precisely ( Danau Laut Tawar) that morning the view was so beautiful. beautiful view of the lake, the weather is very cool.

@amestyj with this entry from Venezuela:


Congratulations to all those who participate in this great weekly challenge, congratulations to those who took those beautiful photographs, this time at the beginning of the week I had the opportunity to visit a livestock producer in my southern region of Lake Maracibo in Venezuela, here we can see some beautiful buffalo specimens in their natural habitat.

Congratulations guys! It was my pleasure to give you 100% upvotes on your entries :)

I am looking forward to what you will come up with in this round.

Have fun and appreciate the beauty of nature!

I post this series in the Amazing Nature community, a great community for all nature lovers. Feel free to check it out ;)

This post was created by me for the Hive blockchain exclusively. All rights reserved.


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Traveling, Photography, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Sport, Fitness and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving, guys! :)


Hello @phortun friend!!!...

Here my entry :)


It is a female yellow-bellied seedeater (Sporophila nigricollis) which flew at the same time as I took the picture :) The photo was taken during a walk in a rural area near my village (Montalbán, Carabobo, Venezuela) on the morning of October 13th at about 8:30 AM.

I made a complete post with more photos and my thoughts about the place and what it's like to wander along those roads. You can see it here:

Hugs for all!!! ;)

Hey buddy! Good to see you here again :) That´s a stunning picture! So much action and dynamics in there, wow! I took a look at the post as well, amazing piece! I will stop by tomorrow with some TipU votes, already used them all for today ;)

Hello dear @phortun friend, thank you very much for your appreciation. I apologize for my absence in this lovely space, but lately I've been "in head to toe doing street photography" ha ha ha :)) and had not coincided recent photos of nature to be here... But yesterday "the whole universe conspired so that I could participate"! ha ha ha!... I send a big hug and blessings to you, your wife and (of course) to the new baby on the way!... Have a great weekend, all of you!


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The moon is at the beginning of its cycle, with the crescent fase. This photo shows our satellite above the sea with a sky with the typical colors of the twilight forming an interesting color gradient.

This is part of this post:

Very nice entry, thank you! Let me see the post too :)

Casually stroll around Valencia mountain, Philippines, especially when the temperature in the city rises. I sneaked away to this backyard 3days ago.

Great entry, thank you :) I love the mysterious foggy feel of it :)

I haven't been photographing a lot lately. The reason for this are a busy schedule both at work as in my private life.
And the rainy autumn days don't help much.

Two days ago I did go for a walk in my lunch break when I was working from home. Because it was raining I grabbed an umbrella and made a walk in the park.
The advantage of the rain is that it is really quiet in the park. That makes it even a bit mysterious!
Location: The Netherlands


Thanks for your entry! I actually like rain for the same reason, it makes the streets, parks and other outdoor places empty and that´s what I enjoy ;) Greetings to the Netherlands!

Hello everyone, I send my best thoughts from here in Romania.
Even though this weekend was a very busy one for me, I couldn't deal with the thought that I wouldn't be participating.
So here's my entry for today, a randomly taken photo that I really like, it represents the colours of autumn, yes here at the moment autumn is making its presence felt.
I took the picture yesterday (14.10.2023) here in western Romania.


Hey mate, good to see you here again! Very nice shot. Simple but beautiful, thank you! :)

Always with the greatest pleasure.

Congratulations to the all winner🏆🎉🏆

Hello everyone. I went to Tirupati Balaji pilgrim India on 12th October i.e. last week, at that time while traveling by train, I took some pictures of nature, I have also made a post about it, you can see it. Thanks 👇👇

Thanks for your entry but make sure to upload one picture here in the comment as well next time ;)

Can I edit and add photo?

Sure :) Thanks.


I know this is a sober and scary part of nature rather than beauty, but it's still part of it and more or less we get to see it from time to time.
The picture was taken 5 days ago when I went on a quick trip in the nature to spend time outdoors and listen to the silence of the mountains when I ran into 8 of these skull bones that perhaps are what was left from some goats after meeting a pack of wolves. Or who knows? Maybe it has a completely different story, ha!

Șteaza Gorges, Sibiu County, Romania

Well, the Halloween season is coming so why not :) Definitely a part of nature as you rightly mentioned. Thanks for your entry Gabriela, always nice to see you here!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!


Here is my entry for this round.

The beautiful scenery at Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines taken just now on our way to the town.

Wow, that´s a very nice scenery, thank you for sharing it here with us! :)

Your welcome so happy to share the beau of our place...

Your very welcome, it's my pleasure to share.

Hey there! Found this half-dead mantis on the meadow in Czech Republic (close to Polish border) a minute ago. This species is not an original one normally living in this area.


Half dead? Looks full dead actually :D :/ Seems like the theme of this round is... well... animal corpses. Interesting pick.

Perhaps it was moving because of stronger wind 😁

Congratulations guys, these pictures are looking very beautiful. Especially the images of clouds and butterflies. A great skilled photography.

Thanks for stopping by. I agree, that butterfly shot was fantastic. Fine art by Mother Nature, impressively captured by our @franzpaulie :)

Thanks @qwr :) Mother nature is always impressive. Such an honor to participate here hosted by our awesome friend, @phortun..

The leaves are definitely going to be changing soon. We have started to see hints of it here where I live. Nothing super spectacular yet, but I expect in the next couple of weeks we will be there.

Well, here in Central Europe, the onset of autumn this year has been delayed by almost a month... What we are seeing in nature these days usually comes as early as in mid September. Is it the same in your region?

Our Summer was weird, but Fall has been pretty much on track so far. The temperature swings have been a little more dramatic. We were really hot at first then we dropped really cold and now we are finally hitting our average.

I see. We have been experiencing some really weird weather patterns here too. For quite a few years already... In summer, for example, we even started to have regular tornadoes here, which is something that was extremely rare in my country before.

Oh wow, we get those quite a bit down south, but not so much up north. I know that we have been getting less snow than we used to. At least it feels that way.

Yeah, same here. When I was a kid, I remember we had very cold and snowy winters every year. Lately, there are sometimes literally just a few snowy days during the whole winter. Incredible how dramatically the climate has changed over just a few decades...


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Tak už se nám ten podzim pěkně vybarvuje :-)
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Dal si letos na čas, ale ano, už to jede :) Díky!

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Za málo :-)

The pictures are nice
Look at wonderful pictures of nature
I really love it!

Thanks for checking out the winning collection from the last round.

Man these photos are awesome, your participants know how to take photos very well :)

They do! Thank for checking out their shots and leaving this nice feedback for them here :) Cheers!

You'r welcome man, my pleasure :)

Many many congratulations to the winners.

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Greetings @phortun I have a long time without passing, nor participate in this challenge and I am encouraged again thanks to the last post of the friend @jlinaresp. I like your photo with autumn colors and those of the winners. Good job and congratulations. Then I'll come by with my contribution :D

Thanks for stopping by! We will be looking forward to checking out your entry after some time again :)

Thanks 🤗

Hi Suzana! That´s a nice entry but you submitted it in the previous round :) Can you please put it in the new round that I posted yesterday? Thank you.

Oh Yes, thank you very much @phortun 🥰