Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 193

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Hey there my Hive friends and followers!

Welcome to the 193rd round of my special weekly photo challenge known as Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun :)

I know a lot of photo contests with nature as the main theme were/are/will be hosted by various people on the Hive blockchain but I wanted to come up with something more than just another photo contest where participants would submit their best natural photos. Therefore, I decided to go for quite an unusual concept that I am going to introduce in the following lines.

The aim of the Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun photo challenge is not to make you dig up your photo archives and submit the best pictures of nature that you have ever taken. Instead, I want you guys to go out and appreciate the beauty of our nature right now.

The internet (and the Hive blockchain as well) is flooded with picture perfect shots of landscapes, mountains, forests, beaches etc. taken years ago. But this is not what I want to see in this challenge. I want to see shots that may not be necessarily stunning but they must be fresh, proving that you have just physically spent some time outdoors in the fresh air. But remember that nature comes in many forms. It doesn´t have to be a pristine jungle or a deep remote forest. An urban park, a botanical garden, a little grove on the outskirts of your town - pretty much any place with some trees, plants, rocks, bodies of water or any other natural features would be just as fine ;)

Obviously, there is no way for me to verify whether the photo that you submit in the challenge is really fresh or if it was even taken by you so I am relying on your honesty guys. The prizes for the winners (as described below) are more symbolical than overly motivating so I don´t expect too much fraudulent behavior in this challenge anyway.

I want to keep the rules of this challenge as simple and benevolent as possible so let´s agree on just this:

Only one entry (photo) per person per round.

The photo must be yours and not older than one week.

Add a few words about the photo, at least where and when you took it.

You can start submitting your entries to this round in the comment section below from now until the next round. If you want to create a separate post as your entry, you can do that but please always remember to submit your entry in the form of a comment here in this post as well. I only check the entries submitted here as comments.

Prior to publishing the next round post, I will pick 3 winners, give my full upvote on their entries and feature them in the next round of the challenge. I also give some smaller upvotes on the other entries too so that all participants get rewarded for their engagement.

I usually host the challenge on Thursday but when needed for some reason, I can host it on some other day so better check my blog regularly not to miss out on it ;)

To keep up with you guys, I submit my own fresh natural photo to every round´s post too :) Here is my contribution to start out this round:


Since my wife can go into labor literally any day and any hour now, I have been trying to stay home with her as much as I can but a couple of days ago, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, we actually went for a little walk together. It was a very short walk of course as she gets tired easily but we still made it to the Asuan Water Reservoir, a picturesque little dam located in the Prague neighborhood of Jinonice. It was really warm and sunny with no winds that day so I expected the water to be still with some beautiful autumnal reflections on it and I was right ;) I quickly clicked a picture for this challenge and we left for home. It´s quite probable that our daughter will already be here with us when I will be preparing my contribution for the next round.

In the last round, we had 9 participants. After some thorough consideration, I decided to pick these 3 winners:

@incublus with this entry from Turkey:


I took this photo last week in my village, Karaman, Turkey. I was walking from my house to my grandparents' house, I was quite tired but the view was inviting me to keep walking.

@nenio with this entry from Chile:


I share this photo of the (almost) full moon. It was taken on October 27, and the full moon happened the following day. To the readers in the northern hemisphere will notice something strange on the lunar surface, it is “upside down”. The reason is that it was taken at the southern hemisphere, more specifically in Antofagasta, Chile located at the Tropic of Capricorn. In the photos we can see clearly the main craters: as the Tycho crater (at the right) and the Copernicus crater and the main maria.

@blind-spot with this entry from Luxembourg:


This picture is from my visit to Schiessentümpel waterfall a few days ago. It is an incredible place. Rocky mountains, thick forest, Black Ernz river, hiking trail, and a waterfall all in the same place. It was even raining to make nature feel more "naturey". There's a road right next to this place, but walking here and drowning in the sounds of the water, suffocating in the fresh air from the trees, the beautiful chaos of the giant rocks, and the glistening moss simply had me in trance. I got lost from the world in some sense. It is so beautiful!

Congratulations guys! It was my pleasure to give you 100% upvotes on your entries :)

I am looking forward to what you will come up with in this round.

Have fun and appreciate the beauty of nature!

I post this series in the Amazing Nature community, a great community for all nature lovers. Feel free to check it out ;)

This post was created by me for the Hive blockchain exclusively. All rights reserved.


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Traveling, Photography, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Sport, Fitness and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving, guys! :)


Here is my entry:
This is from a walk near my house in Vienna 3 days ago, this is - believe it or not - part of a water retention basin, to prevent floods in Spring or after heavy rains. This river regulation was carried out app. 120 years ago, and today nobody would assume this is artificial :)

Beautiful entry, thank you for sharing it with us. I´m sorry about the delay but I hope to resume this challenge after a little break next week and you will be one of the winners :) Greetings to Austria!

And no worries, I guess you have slightly other priorities now with the baby 😄

That´s right but I would like to resume at least my regular initiatives soon again ;) Thanks for your patience.

I often cross this road to get to the mountains, because there is a lot I can see when crossing this route... what I like most is that the road is quite long with views of the mountains towering in front of me. This is one of my favorite tracks.

I took this picture on October 31 2023.
Location Aceh.

Spectacular scenery, thank you for sharing it with us in this challenge. Btw I´m sorry about the delay but I hope to resume this challenge after a little break next week and you will be one of the winners :) Greetings to Aceh!

thank you so much and understandable @phortun .

Oaks dressed up in autumn colours. The shot comes from Xaverovský Háj on the eastern edge of Prague, and was taken earlier today.

Tak jsem se konečně znovu dostal i k této soutěži. Díky za hezký příspěvek, příští týden bych tuto rubriku rád obnovil a tvá fotka bude jedna ze tří vítězných :)

Díky :) Škoda, že až za týden, z dneška mám další zajímavé, tentokrát z lesa u Radotína :)

Pokud to příští týden klapne, tak bych nové kolo rád postnul tradičně ve čtvrtek, což znamená, že když tam tu dnešní fotku nahraješ ještě v ten čtvrtek nebo eventuálně i v pátek, tak se do pravidla sedmi dnů vejdeš ;)

This beautiful white, newly bloomed flower captures my sight while in the house of my aunt for injection.

Taken today November 11, 2023 at Caduawan, Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines.

Wave Media

Beautiful close up, thanks for your entry!

It's my pleasure to join in this challenge.

I love the nature and 💕 to capture it too..
Thanks for useful information

Cool, feel fee to join us then :)

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Thanks for your support guys!

Lovely scenes :)

Indeed. Thanks for checking them out :)

Congrats to the winners! I will join this round as well ;)

Cool, let me see :)

Truly amazing views

Thanks for checking them out and feel free to join the new round with your own entry.

Nature is really beautiful. I admire the beauty of it

That´s exactly what we do in this challenge :) Thanks for stopping by.

Wow! So satisfying by watching these photographs. Nature is the only thing which calms very thing in ourselves.

Interestingly said. Thanks for your feedback :)

Everything God has created is beautiful
Just look at how amazing nature is

Mother Nature is amazing indeed and we are happy to prove it in every round of this challenge.

Wow! These are beautiful photos, the view of nature is always breathtaking.

Thanks for your kind feedback :)

Congratulations to the three winners, they were great entries.

Thanks for your comment mate, the last round was again really good with many great entries including yours :) Sometimes, I´m sorry that I decided to have just 3 winners in each round, it often feels like more entries deserve to be on the pedestal :)

Sometimes having only three places on the podium can be a good thing and I'll explain why, this can create a desire and an even bigger competition (do you think I wouldn't have wanted to be on the podium, but I got used to the thought that I'm not and I will continue to participate until I'll be there again).

We don't have to get upset or give up, we just have to participate with good entries and our time will come but until then my friend I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Aww, don´t take this challenge too seriously my friend :) There are not real prizes here to be won anyway, it should be mostly about fun, about spending some time outside, about respecting and appreciating Mother Nature and about engaging with like-minded fellow Hivers from around the world. Whose entries are "on the podium" is not so important ;) So please take it easy and have a lovely weekend too :)

I wrote these in jest, especially the part about the podium spots, hehe.
For me it is very clear that these contests launched by you are about socializing, about encouraging movement in nature (the idea that the pictures should not be older than a week) about respecting nature.
At least I like to taste such competitions.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Hi @phortun mate

Last weekend, I went to one of my favourite places to have a barbeque as summer-like days go on here despite autumun. It is a forest where a creek passes through so we sit and had fun nearby it ;)

Location: Istanbul, Türkiye.

I also shared a post about it, here if you want to read;

Most of your entries here in this challenge were taken during a barbecue, I guess you really like this outdoor activity haha :) Nice place, thank you!

I think it is a good way to escape from the crowdedness of Istanbul :)

I can imagine ;)

@phortun thanks for choosing my photo. It is nice to take part in your contest.
Congratulations to @blind-spot and @incublus.

My pleasure mate! Your Moon picture was absolutely fantastic!

Thank you so much, your entry was quite good as well :)

Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

Thanks for checking out their entries!

Thanks a lot, man! I don't know why the tag doesn't work. It feels great to be top 3. I hope I can always be on this list. I will try to participate more in contests, just need better photos :)

Well deserved win buddy, that was a really cool shot and we hope to see more of such great entries here from you in future rounds :) Btw what tag is not working? I don´t understand...

I don't know I didn't get the notification that's why I think like that.

Really? I didn´t know. But I´m glad that you found this post anyway :)

Of course I found man I'm following you haha

Cool picks for the last round, I already told @incublus how much I liked that landscape he shared!

P.S. So still in the waiting period :D
Yes, let's see, maybe you will be writing the next round post with your daughter in your arms ;))

Thank you so much, yeah you bring me some luck I guess Mrs ph!

Happy to know that you approve my picks :) Yeah, still waiting but it shouldn´t take much longer ;) Have a nice weekend!

Thanks, and you too ✨

Thanks for hosting and I'm stoked to he selected!

It´s quite probable that our daughter will already be here with us when I will be preparing my contribution for the next round.

Man this is incredible. So excited for you guys!!

Very impressive entries.

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