Blue Trumpet Flower Vine's Hidden Sting

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It's one of the nicest vines that you could ever have along your fence or around your archway. The large beautiful "trumpet-like" looks perfect because it looks like a curtain flowing down the walkway or coming down to the edge of a roof. Even though it looks beautiful, it's not advised to be planted attached to a house because the sap of the vines, leaves, and even the flowers can cause skin irritation and itching. It's an unpleasant experience if your skin gets in contact with the toxin that this vine has.

Knowing about the possibility of getting skin irritation, I carefully placed my camera in position without touching any parts of the vine. As much as I want to take nice photos of the flower, I think it's better to safe than regret having an itchy skin afterward.








It's typical for plants and flowers to develop their defensive mechanism because that's the only way for them to defend themselves against the animals that will try to eat them. It's part of the plant's evolution to develop ways for them to be able to survive in a world where everything that has teeth may eat their flowers and leaves for sustenance.

Unlike the animals that have feet or wings that can run away or fly when threatened by danger, the plants are stuck to where their roots are so they don't have any choice but to defend themselves through toxins and or thorns that will deter animals from eating them.

Before picking up a flower, you have to make sure that you are aware of its characteristics. Not all of the beautiful flowers are meant to be picked and smelled for pleasure. It's a fact that some flowers don't want to be touched so they could inflict a nasty sting against you without noticing it until your skin becomes red and itching.

I hope you like the new photos and facts that I shared in this post about the Blue Trumpet Skyflower.

Have a great day!


The shape and color are very beautiful, but it's true as you said, it's better to be safe than have something happen.
Do these leaves have an unpleasant aroma?

Thanks for the comment.

There's no strong smell coming out from the leaves or the flowers. The only issue is when you touch it 😅

Ooo, because there are similar flowers like the ones you showed at our place.
Maybe it's just the same, but they are not dangerous, only the leaves have an unpleasant smell if we break the leaves

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