Rainy Mood Walk in Japan

in Amazing Naturelast month

I really like the sound of rain, thunder and of the roaring strong winds..
It is somehow so calm, relaxing and peaceful, especially when going to sleep.

It just floods/ washes all the (bad) feelings away.

the aether is being washed.

And I found this great video:

thanks for walking in the rain for nearly an hour for us :)

do you have other similar thing you really like?
or even more good rain videos :D ?

I hope it rains soon.


Love the video, such a beautiful place to walk!

For a few seconds I thought you are travelling to Japan, and felt jealous xD

What I like about the rain, is the sense of freshness it brings. I feel much cleaner after in rains. And of course, it brings mushrooms growth (when combined with warm weather)

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