My Second Hive Crochet Student

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I’m so excited as I’m writing this post and a little emotional. It’s really great to know that your works inspire others to learn from you. Apart from being really passionate about crocheting, I am really passionate about the environment too. In my recent posts, you’d realise I’ve been trying to make things out of yarn leftovers and scraps just to reduce waste. I’m so happy to have inspired others to also embark on a project to make use of leftover yarns.

Anyway, let’s talk about why I’m really excited; Say Hi to @bipolar95, my second crochet student from hive. I get a lot of people asking me if I could teach them and by now you should know the popular question I ask them: Are you patient? Because you really should have an ocean full of patience before you would be able to crochet. Apart from the fact that you need patience, it requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

What excites me about my second student is that she knows when she is wrong. You know how sometimes, if you do not have the eyes of a crocheter, you might not know when something is wrong? She was a beginner but she knew all of these and that’s what I call having the crocheter’s eyes.It took a while for me to go through her first project with her, explaining what to do and what not to do but I’m glad that each and every day was worth it.

The reason why it took a while was because she closes from work a little late and she didn’t have light sometimes at night so mostly we had to have the lessons on weekends.Knowing that she was a busy person I made her choose what she wanted so we start with that because crocheting can sometimes become annoying when whatever you’re making isn’t for you or for someone you like or better still for money.

One trick I know is that for beginners, they always have to do something basic for themselves and when it starts coming together, they quickly fall in love with their work and can’t wait to finish. The feeling after finishing the work is really always out of this world. She chose a bralette and there I knew she would be so excited after seeing the results. I’m so proud of how far she has come and how dedicated she was throughout her journey. The highest admiration is the fact she’s a mom but was able to have time to learn how to crochet from scratch.

I know it won’t be a smooth road but I’m glad that at least she’s been able to get on the road. I’m so excited about her crochet journey and I can’t wait to see what else she’ll be creating with her hands. I’m so honored to be your crochet teacher.

All images are screenshots from our discord lessons.


What a wonderful and inspiring publication.
A sign of detachment and passion for what we do, is to put our gifts and our time at the service of others.
How valuable!
A big hug!
I love the knitting.
I have a beautiful crochet knitted swimsuit that I bought several years ago and I still don't wear it hehehehehe!
Big hugs to both of you.

Please start wearing that swimsuit or else I’ll come for it😂😂😂

Thank you

Ah abenad you need to tell me how you’re getting students o.

They approach me on hive
Also it’s free for everyone

Ohhhhhhh. You need to show me the way ooo. Anyways your jobs are great im sure your students will do nothing less.

I cannot thank you enough for your time ❤️

I am really honored ☺️

You’re welcome 🤗


Please ad3n?😂😂

Welcome that what?🤣

You need to start charging tutorial fees oo😂.

Why does it feel like you’re teaching your students how to make beach wears 😂

As far as I enjoy this
It’s going to be free

I teach them whatever they want🤣🤣

😂😂 take the fees and give them to me.

😂 so they only want beach stuff

I will think about it

Of course because there is heat🤣

We are making bag next 🥰

Will look on people in the beach

You’ll look on people in the beach?

Professor Abenad. I think at this stage you should write a book.

It's great to see that you're helping people in their crotcheting journey.

A crochet book
Not bad though

I’m happy to be teaching something I’m passionate about

wow so I have a junior now, our shop will soon be full of apprentice, she is already doing bralette wow. weldone

Yeah you have a Junior now and she’s already making bralettes

😂🤣😂 junior apprentice 😂

I also love that you are patient with her and she also is learning with patient and not rushing to get all done at once. It takes person to be more than patient especially when you are just trying out for the first time. I love your progress with her. No wonder Mr Ray is proud of you in the city. Good job, Miss teacher 😀

Awww, thank you☺️

I can see you really love doing this. Keep it up sis

Thank you

Wow! So she learnt how to make this online? I'm definitely coming for my own lessons, I'm not a shoe 🤣🤣.

Ahh! This is beautiful @bipolar95, keep up the good work 😊. And well done my baby girl for dedicating your time to helping us learn 😃

Yes she learned it online
It is always an honor 🥰

That's really impressive, it's almost unbelievable 😃

🥰🥰thank you

You're welcome dear 🥰

Thank you dear, come and learn o you are not a spoon 🤣

You're welcome ma'am 😂, okay I will go and learn 😀

So this is all serious about you having tutorials for people on discord.
Big madam! That's nice 👍👍

Thank you