[Es-En]Cómo Decorar con Bies Mangas y Cuello - How to Decorate with Bias Sleeves and Neck

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Hello, hivers y amante de las costuras, es lunes de @needleworkmonday y hoy les traigo un proyecto parecido al del lunes pasado con una leve variación, la blusa cuello columpio con mangas y bies. Vamos manos a la tela vas a necesitar: tu patrón básico de blusa, una tiza, tijeras, hilo, alfileres, cinta métrica, papel kraft y mucha paciencia.

Hello, hivers and sewing lovers, it's @needleworkmonday Monday and today I bring you a similar project to last Monday with a slight variation, the swing neck blouse with sleeves and bias binding. You will need: your basic blouse pattern, a chalk, scissors, thread, pins, measuring tape, kraft paper and lots of patience.


Primero, cortamos nuestra parte delantera y trasera con el patrón, las mangas del patrón las obtienen uniendo el final del largo del hombro elegido con el final inferior de la sisa. Medimos el borde de la manga y el cuello para cortar el bies que decorará nuestra blusa.

First, we cut our front and back with the pattern, you get the sleeves of the pattern joining the end of the chosen shoulder length with the lower end of the armhole. We measure the edge of the sleeve and the collar to cut the bias binding that will decorate our blouse.


Luego, unimos nuestra parte delantera y trasera obteniendo la blusa base, empezando por los hombros, pasando por los laterales y cosemos el borde inferior u orilla. Ahora sí, procedemos a pegar el bies de las mangas y cuello, primero unimos el derecho del bies con el revés de la pieza grande y luego doblamos el bies hacia la parte frontal de la lusa y cosemos.

Then, we join our front and back part obtaining the base blouse, starting with the shoulders, going through the sides and sew the bottom edge or border. Now we proceed to sew the bias binding of the sleeves and collar, first we join the right side of the bias binding with the back of the large piece and then we fold the bias binding towards the front of the blouse and sew.


Así obtenemos nuestra blusa cuello columpio con bies en mangas y cuello. Para este proyecto use tela lycra, puntada zig zag con tensión 2, es la recomendable para las telas elásticas, igual procura probar antes las puntadas que te funcionen como también antes de cada costura asegurar con alfileres o una basteo simple, eso te permite un acabado más prolijo.

This way we get our swing neck blouse with bias binding on sleeves and neck. For this project I used lycra fabric, zig zag stitch with tension 2, it is recommended for elastic fabrics, but try before the stitches that work for you and also before each seam to secure with pins or a simple baste, that allows you a neater finish.


Y ya a lucir tu blusa fabulosa. Hasta aquí hivers y amantes de la costura el tutorial de como pegar un bies. Todas las preguntas, sugerencias o comentarios son bien recibidas. Las fotos fueron hechas con el tlf Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro y editadas con Canvas. Otra vez gracias HIVE seguimos creativos y productivos.
And now you can wear your fabulous blouse. So far hivers and sewing lovers the tutorial on how to glue a bias binding. Any questions, suggestions or comments are welcome. The photos were taken with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and edited with Canvas. Thanks again HIVE we are still creative and productive.




Just what I have been looking out for. It is called a turn up sleeve here, and it is especially beautiful when you use a mixture of that colorful fabrics

I love those sleeves, thanks for the name, I did not know it. It is an asian style that I love.

Que bonito vuelco al modelo de la blusa de la semana pasada, esta luce más sport y el detalle en la mangas la lleva a otro nivel de belleza. Me gustó mucho el azul. Saludos,

Siiii definitivamente ese era el objetivo. Muchísimas gracias por apreciarlo.

I am always in awe with how much ease you are able to whip up a perfect garment. When I sew, I fight every cut and stitch and end with an ill-fitting garment. And you... you simply sew it and its always lovely. WOW.
I love the turn up sleeve (learned this from @monica-ene) and the colorful fabric you used as bias tape. This makes the whole shirt special.

Hey. Well, it is not easy, I have My situations too but ay the end it is amazing. Thanks a Lot.

Awwwnnnn... Thank you soo much.
Actually @afrikablr taught us the turnup sleeve today which was very easy like I also learnt from here

Don't give up on fashion dear.
I had a lot of challenges when i started learning, I couldn't paddle machine for almost 3month, it always dances to the reverse. 😂😂😂

I can't forget the number of fabrics I have damaged, I kept them till date. I just wouldn't give up and for 3years now I learnt and got better.
Just be more patient with yourself.😘😘😘

You are incredible. Hugs and love for You.