The Story in a box.

Are used to stories coming out of books? What if, sometimes, they also hide in boxes?

Each object you touch has a story. Some have an interesting one, leading back over multiple generations, your great grandmas wedding ring for example. Others seem less personal such as the IKEA bed sheets you bought last year, and thousands of other people sleep on as well.

Which object do you keep long enough for it to accumulate a story?

Sentimental things and tools. If it is useful enough and doesn’t break it can stay in your possession forever.

I walk around in another secondhand shop warehouse. Looking at clothes, looking at coffee cups and hats, glancing over to the shoes. As I almost want to leave, maybe my man accompagniating me is getting slightly impatient about my endless interest in fabrics.

“One more investigation!”

That is when I discover the sewing section. Smallish boxes filled with random stuff. At first all I see is a lot of plastic and shoe laces. Looking at my feed I remind myself that this is an actual thing I need. But as I dig for the second lace I find a little box. Scattering noise as I lift it up, quite heavy. “Needles or buttons.” I guess as I try to open the box with one free hand. It is filled with buttons and hooks, I was almost right.

Now my interest sparked. What’s in this other box? A guessing game starts as I forget everything around me.

I pull out another container made from horn. Not sure how to open it, as I don't want to break it, I look at it from all sides. That’s when the lady in the sewing section comes to my aid. She manages to open the box and we exchange a few words.

She tells me, she likes to leave all the little boxes how they where donated. They never empty them, because she finds it cute to leave it to surprise, what a potential buyer might find inside.

I assure her, that this is exactly why I was about to dig out and open all the little boxes.

“In fact”, I tell her, “a lot of my sewing gear was collected in charity shops and on flea markets. Because I love the thought of some lady sewing dresses for her kids and grandkids with these same needles I use today.” Then she smiles and lets me do my thing.

It isn’t just about what we are doing, it is also about what we surround ourselves with.

Personally I want to surround myself with stories. Memories from the past and dreams about the future. And space, a lot of empty space to think and fill up with thoughts. A bunch of tools that mean something to me, that are practical, efficient, durable, functional.

Maybe this little box will travel all the way down to my great grand children. In that way they can store their weed in it, in their teens and later fill it with pins and buttons when they come to reason and finally realize, that smoking weed isn’t as inspiring as fixing your favourite sweater with your great grandmas sewing gear.

Which stories do you keep in your sewing boxes?

Cheers for stopping by, have a great week!

All photos and words are owned by ©kesityu taken and written by myself.


I guess everything actually has a story. Like my grandma's Singer sewing machine, I have been using this machine for about 10 years of my life and it has never once disappointed me. My grandma gave my mum this machine then when I started sewing she passed it down to me and I wish to pass it down to my daughter someday too haha

A friend of mine asked why I still use that old machine instead of unboxing the new one I got about two years ago, I just laughed cause she couldn't understand

I love that! Yes that's exactly what I meant by how beautiful it is to keep on using these objects with such a long story:)

A friend of mine asked why I still use that old machine instead of unboxing the new one I got about two years ago, I just laughed cause she couldn't understand

That happened to me too, I just smile and know my old machine will probably still be there when the new one stops working😁

Exactly, the fact that the older machines work better than the new ones.

Most of my tools are not for sewing even if I did learn to sew at some point. You’re inspiring me to pick it back up.

That's beautiful to hear:) ...and really you only need a few things to start!

Wow! Nostalgic symbol of box. I remember my grandma sewing in the late afternoon and I was hungry. I saw a box container of cookies because that label and design says ""cookies delight". So I asked her if I can eat one only to find out when I opened the box it was full of different color of threads, needles, pins-it was a sewing kit. She laugh at me and gave me bread and juice after. In the Philippines, there is this habit or should I say tradition that if you have leftover boxes of biscuits, whatever shape it is as long as sewing parts can fit it, it will be used as sewing kit. And that still exist. How funny is that trademark?😅 I miss my grandma.😇

I love that story!! Indeed I also know about the cookie boxes, and the disappointment as a kid when there are just threads in the box 😁 Little candy boxes, do that trick with you as well.

In the Philippines, there is this habit or should I say tradition that if you have leftover boxes of biscuits, whatever shape it is as long as sewing parts can fit it, it will be used as sewing kit.

Funny indeed, also very interesting how we life on such different sides of the world and still we have these very specific things in common😊 Beautiful!

...but we have these lovely memories of them, always!🌸

As a beginner,I don’t have sewing boxes but I would definitely want to start with my mom’s sewing tools as she was a seamstress.

And I can just imagine how it feels knowing you are using the same tools a mother used to sew for her kids

Well I think you don't need a lot of boxes, they just accumulate over the years...😁
And yes me too I started with my mums sewing gear (and still get some of hers from time to time), the beat way to start, I think😊

Good lords and ladies, you've levelled up BIG time! :D Love it!

It's just wonderful to see you growing and shining here <3

Thank you:))
that's great to hear, especially with your enthusiasm!
...I'll keep it going:)

Yes please.

Just no pressure. It kills creativity, you know!

No pressure at all:) I assure you!!

I love how you make inspiring stories out of seemingly routine aspects of sewing! These little glimpses behind the scenes of the life of a sewer/seamstress are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you thats lovely to hear:)
Well that is what I love about sewing, how every detail can be beautiful or can have a story, even if it could be "just another tool".

What's in the box? ;^)

Ever seen the movie Se7en, than you will know the answer haha!

These boxes look awesome and cute. How many did you buy? :^)

Which box? - hmm if I have seen it, I must have efficiently forgot about it... so you might have to spoiler the answer! :)

Just there - 4 - and two rolls of thread ...but I have a few more little boxes that I am not sure how many they are:)

If I remember it well it was the head of the wife of the police inspector ( ( I don't believe it's shown to the audience, only implied ).

This classic serial killer flick sure made an impression on me, when I first watched it age 15 or 16 at a birthday party.

Oh oke, I didn't expect that!! Sure I imagine, well I still don't manage to watch movies in these genres... I prefer a story in a box instead of someones head:))

I get that. I used to watch a lot of horror/ thrillers, back in the days. Horror was basically my favorite genre but that has changed, I have changed.

With all the 'horror' ( the news ) we are bombarded with, on a daily basis, I have to be selective what I watch to not get dragged into the drama and get depressed again.

Yes indeed, have to be very careful what to let into your head!
I even go as far as not looking at any news at all, I'll deal with it when I see it in front of me:)

Yay! 🤗
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Estuvo tan interesante, que te pones a pensar.. gracias por compartir!

Thank you for reading:)