What do you wear out hunting?

What do you wear when you go hunting?

Before dawn you get up, put on your clothes. Forest green tweet and woollen tartan patterns, pull the leather gloves over your hands before you pick up a flask of hot tea in one, bow and arrow in the other. Your boots throw a loud echo into the quiet morning, as you walk down the wooden stairs. Your horse is waiting for you outside. Who put on the saddle? Never mind. As you climb into it and ride away, the birds start chirping in the trees around, still covered in a thick morning haze. Frosty air blows into your face, as you pull your scarf over your chin.

But what are you wearing?

I have no idea about hunting. I don’t even know if I would or could do it if I was invited to do so. But I know what I would wear, if.

Boots and leather gloves in the same shade of brown. A fancy hat with a feather on one side and a flower on the other. Woollen trousers with a strip of colour on each side. A cashmere turtleneck and a scarf in the same earthy sand colour. Over which I would throw a dark green tartan jacket with wide open arms, slow fashion creation by kesityu. Useful for hunting but equally fashionable for the Apéro in the hunting-castle afterwards.

As I dig through masses of clothes at the 50cent stall I get to grab something soft and green. A tartan jacket, dark colours, serious cut. “That’s good for hunting.” I say to Clare. Because I don’t hunt, and also know I wouldn’t wear such a jacket I am about to trow it back into the pile in front of me. My intuition or simple routine makes me check the tags. “Handmade” “cashmere” and “wool” trigger my attention and I can’t let go of it anymore.

Back at home I take the jacket apart and discover that it is indeed hand stitched all the way.

Every seem consists of millions of tidy regular stitches.

What a treasure!

The respect of this other persons work makes me follow their example and only use my hands to stitch my project back together.

Long winter hours of drinking wine, conversations and watching movies flow into this jacket.

Many hours of sewing at the kitchen table, in the bar or on the balcony.

Trying on each new step, making sure every bit of fabric falls into the right place.

After three weeks of dedicated handcraft, I am now waiting for a hunting-invitation to get my creation to use.

Because whats a hunting jacket without hunting?

Turns out everything is already there. Even the castle.

Only the fact that nowadays we don’t hunt with bow and arrow anymore, got lost somewhere in translation. And my horse and dog must have run away while I wasn’t watching.

Do you need a hunting outfit, designed and created by kesityu? And if not, what are you wearing when you go hunting?

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your Monday!

All photos and words are owned by ©kesityu.


That is a very different you! Wow! 😀

Love this! Just sitting here a bit stunned!

What a treasure to find such a shift in creativity from you

How exciting!!!! :D

Also. Boom!

Except I don't hunt, won't hunt (maybe fish at a push) and would rather be Vegan but just can't afford it yet.

Thank you!!!

Indeed I feel like I changed, evolved, especially the ideas in my head😊

...you can still hunt some leaks or broccolis in the forest🥦 (I know crazy isn't it, that eating plants will cost you more, than animals, makes no sense at all)

No sense at all! I can't afford fruit or vegetables again right now. It's bullsh!t, quite frankly.

And I live next to the actual fruit farms, to be clear.

Hmmmmm... ah....... I have a cunning plan, master!


Indeed, someone should re-design the logic here!!

I don't know how that is in your corner of the world but I am also thinking on harvesting a lot more wild food, fruits, nuts, nettles etc. (just need to get more organised with it🙃) ...but then it's a great way to get around, I think.


I'm going to have to stop at a farm on the way to town again and just ask 👍 :D

Sewing with a view!

You could consider hunting, style fits you well. 😍

Thank you😊
...we'll see how far I can take the hunting style😁

Without horse, not too far I am afraid 😂

😂 ...I'll wait for a white deer to pick me up😁

Majestic castle behind you btw and do not be so critical about your photos, they are very aesthetic!

Thank you😊❤️


I LOVE seeing your vision come to reality, dearest @kesityu.fashion!! What did you catch??

It is really good for me to have had re-awakened, the story-telling in clothing that you bring, dear friend! Waking the treasure in our creative upwelling...

Thinking of you as I don my travelling outfit in layers, prepping to cross Europe, with gales and snow storms at my heels...

What did you catch??

A wild bore, two ducks, a few pigeons and alooot of inspiration😁

This one is my favourite project so far, I think I can say that. And I am so glad for all the sewing we did together to keep me at it, and your mannequin🙃, not sure if without these sewing sessions of ours I would have finished that jacket in this way...❤️

Can we say HOT Lady?!!! 😮

If no one was interested in hunting before this post I guarantee they will be looking into it now just to look this fashionable. Wow this is hot!! You look so amazing whether you know about hunting or not 😄!

I’ve watched my parents get prepared for hunting season for years. My mom is also a fashionable person but her main concern during hunting season was keeping warm. Of course they had all the usual camouflage and orange gear and I never thought it was pretty 😂. It really depends on the weather when you go as most try to cover up from the cold biting winds. Anyhoo I could totally see this for Fall hunting for sure.

I love that you respect the hands of other creators and deal with their pieces carefully. I love the whole getup with the gun and all. You’ve done incredible and look absolutely stunning. I love what you bring to this community ~ 😍😎

😊😊❤️ Thank you!!!
...for your encouragement and your compliment, means a lot to me!😊

Well I was watching some hunters too in the forest and noticed all the orange and yellow, which makes sense, so I am already thinking about the next hunting outfit, maybe a more visible and therefore saver one😁

I have been anticipating the evolution of this project for a few weeks, now I am extra glad to have went the extra bit with the photos in the end.😊 You really inspire me to keep going and exploring, thank you for all this encouragement🌸💕

Nice! Looking sharp! ^^
Love the castle too. xD


Thank you!!😊💕

Dear @kesityu.fashion, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @josie2214.

Im stunned. The pictures the details everything the write up. Could even concentrate I was mostly scrolling to see what picture is next. This is pretty

That's lovely to hear, Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it😊

From needlework to traveling, to now hunting, you've got one hell of a lifestyle I must say.

And the hunting attire fits you quite I'd say. Love it! 😏🥃

Thank you!!😊
...well I give my best to make the most of this life😁🥂

Thank you!

You are welcome!

well I give my best to make the most of this life

That's definitely the way to do it. Cheers!🥃

You can wear that when you go hunting at the 50cent stalls!!!

Or, like, anywhere. It's gorgeous. Nice elbows!

Thank you!!
Well noticed, my main pray will be, indeed, clothes at the 50cent stall😁

This is different from what you’ve been showing us.
wow I was so lost in the picture where you were aiming at something.
You hand stitching also really says how much this project means to you.

Thank you!! That's very nice to hear!
And yes it did mean a lot to me that project, maybe even my favourite so far:)

Exquisite! I love every bit of your hinting outfit even though you don't hunt, you almost got me there lol, the more reason why I can't do without your blog on a needlework Monday because you give us the full dose, fashion, words and vibes.

You look excellent, I hope you catch a big prey😅

Aaaah thank you!! ❤️ Very glad to hear that from you! 😊
...and I couldn't do without your positive attitude💕

First of all, you are so beautiful, I think this is my first time seeing your face haha

Secondly, you did a good job on your hunting attire, it looks so beautiful and it came out nicely. Well done ma'am.

Thank you so much!!💜 Means a lot to hear that from you😊
...that is possible, I can get quite good at hiding my face😁

Manually curated by ewkaw from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

💛🥂 thank you @ewkaw

My pleasure 🥂 :)

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Wow, this is your real hunting style I love your style, so emotional and good looking this is really nice of you, I hope you have catch a lot please remain for me