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Hello, new to this group.
My wife Des just got her new business up and running. Check out her first video samples. I was amazed how much detail and varied colors the embroidery can capture!

I was wondering if anyone on Hive has some ideas on what other types of products you or other people would want?

Great gifts or maybe some business logos or other personal items you can use! Custom digitizing available. If you can dream it, she can do it!
*Veteran owned and operated!

Website is up, and we are in full production!
Visit her at

Check the video for quick product preview, or check the website for full selection of in-stock products, orderable sizes, colors, patterns, and custom embroidery items available. Tees, Hoodies, Makeup Bags, Caps, Pet Apparel, Tote Bags, Pilates Sports Gear, Golf Shirts, Kitchen Aprons, Dish Towels, Baby Bibs, and More!

Are there any of these you think will be popular? Ideas for other items?


Wow they look amazing. I love the table runners, or so I think those pieces in white.

I think those may be the dish towels. Most of those white ones early in the video are, like you would hang from your stove, or dishwasher, or actually even use to dry the dishes!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 56 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Interesting, is that a computer controlled machine that does that? It could find customers I guess - if it's not too expensive. Like the t-shirts, the usual print is a lot cheaper, but not as classy of course. Anyway, no success without trying.

Yes, it's a large machine with it's own little computer, and a fancy digitizing program to convert images and logos into "thread machine talk". Pricing is competitive to the cheaper iron-on shirts, but as you said lasts so much longer and looks so much nicer.

I guess this machine is not cheap... and it needs a lot of yarn in many colors, too. I have seen ashop like that, who was specialised in badges mainly. I bought a full set of Stargate SG1 badges there for a uniform for cosplay. They had all sorts of badges, from movies and TV series. And they also made badges from customer designs, like for clubs and so on. Badges like these:


were 10 or 12 bucks a piece.

Yes, we can do these, either as sewn onto the shirt or as a patch with or without velcro. Just need a good quality image file or good quality picture to start.

Her machine is a commercial grade, the price of a small car. It holds 14 thread spools compared to her older one that just had a single spool holder.

Check out my reply to Cyn in this thread
that has pictures of it.

We did a similar hat and patches like your samples from a logo picture for Colorado Airgunners.


Yes, I think the badges sector is something that definatly deserves attention. There are countless clubs and societies of all sorts, who may want badges with their logo. And then its usually not just one, but a bunch of identical ones, which makes it more cost effective.

Yes exactly right, the high volume orders are the ideal that her machine is designed for. We are still new enough that we don't mind the small orders and custom one-offs either. It's always interesting to see the different designs and logos come in.

I love embroidery. My mother used to embroider (by hand) little scenes and flowers etc on my clothes when I was a child. This is beautiful work. I’m assuming she does it all on an amazing embroidery machine (ive had my eye on a few over the years). She needs eyeballs to make sales. It’s great work. I’d love to see her be super successful. Where is she planning to sell. I can give you some marketing tips if you’d like? (That’s what I do) but don’t want to assume you or she need them.

Great job Des!

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Yes, she had a smaller machine, doing a few personal items as a hobby. She then upgraded to a commercial model before going production. She ended up with a "Ricoma" This thing holds 14 different thread spools and needles at a time (and cost as much as a small car!). It cuts her make time like tenfold though. It weighs like 500 lbs. not including the base. Had to hire two big strong guys to haul it up the stairs (and they struggled!) Also had to buy a new laptop to handle the digitizing software to convert images into a "thread language" file. Lot's of training videos, etc. But as you can see, she has got the hang of it and going strong. Once she sets her mind to something, it's set.

So far we've setup a website on shopify, etsy and linked into amazon, FB, LinkedIn and done some SEO with google, bing, etc. Also have reached out directly to some local businesses to get some small orders so far.

Would love some other marketing ideas. I think some Ryze apparel is needed!

Here's a couple pictures of the machine.



@ksteem LOVE this! The machine is amazing! totally high tech and wayyyyyy more commercial than the ones I have drooled over in the past.

So far we've setup a website on shopify, etsy and linked into amazon, FB, LinkedIn and done some SEO with google, bing, etc.

Every business needs eyeballs. @ryzeonline has taught me that you can make the most beautiful swamp in the world. You can decorate it, put out a fancy red carpet and pretty chandeliers ....BUT if no one sees's just your pretty swamp.

So how do you get eyeballs? My go-to is outreach. You said you already reached out to some local businesses. That's a great start. I'd be joining some groups on FB that are a bit outside of the box (and inside it too). Some art groups, handmade items for sale groups, Etsy owners groups, etc. But those are the obvious and everyone in there is trying to sell. I'd be thinking...who likes embroidered stuff? What niche can she reach out to?
Do nurses like embroidered shirts? How about real estate agents? What about stay at home moms with kids? How about moms of twins? etc etc and then I'd join a bunch of niche groups. But a lot of groups don't like when people self promote so you gotta do it gently.

You can...

  1. comment on other's people's post (making sure your page shows off what you can do with LOTS of photos for people to peruse)

  2. You can send friend requests and then cold dm them (careful with how many friend requests go out daily you don't want to trigger the algorithm to ban your account).

  3. You can do live videos showing your wife doing her thing. Answering questions etc.

But the MOST important thing you have to do for ANY business is get those eyeballs. The rest is just fluff.

and btw if hitting up local businesses is working...keep doing it ❤️

"I think some Ryze apparel is needed!" lol Jay and I had a store and we sold apparel. The shirt I'm wearing in my newest blog post is one of ours that Jay made specifically for me. The tags inside the shirts have our old logo and Jay has a Ryze shirt. But maybe it's time for an upgrade to some embroidered stuff 😉

Thanks for those comments and ideas. Agree with the eyeballs. Recent similar video posts this week brought in 1500 FB and 500 LinkedIn views, but only a few dozen visits to the web page and no sales yet (sad). But "Those are rookie numbers!" lol Need to get that up tenfold.

We're doing a few and I agree that the social media groups are great place to build a following for her. Of course she's not much into that, No Hive account, didn't even have a FB account before I created the store one for her. I'm working on her for that.. lol.

I took a look at your Ryze website the other day. You guys are on a great mission. We used to run a counseling practice, doing a lot of trauma work, addiction, and other similar issues to what you are helping others with. It's a very worthy mission and also feels great personally when you are able to help someone to that next level. Kudo's to you for that!

Thanks so much for looking at our site and your nice words about our mission. I appreciate it.

And it's the 100 for 1 rule. 100 eyeballs for 1 sale/comment/like/etc. So if you haven't reached out to 100 strangers or 100 people haven't seen the site/her work then that's why there haven't been any sales.
@ryzeonline wrote this:

Want more clients? More comments? More viral hits? More... well... anything?
This rule states that if you want "one more X", you'll have to reach or interact with at least "100 Non-X."
Why? Because we live in a big, noisy, complicated world full of 8 billion human beings. And whatever goal you're aiming to hit, *99 people out of 100 won't be in a position to connect with it. *Perhaps they're a great fit, but they're busy having lunch & forget about it. Or they're depressed and not in a 'mental space' to engage with anyone. Or they're locked out of their account right now. Many of them will be apathetic, uninterested, or refuse to change their comfortable routines. And on, and on.
You've got to make peace with this. Stop expecting to shatter the laws of the economy when you first launch something.
So many people create something, share something, or offer something, then get discouraged. They'll say: "I only got 1 comment after 100 views! Can you believe it? Business is too hard!" or "I gave away 50 free samples, and didn't get a single customer today!"
It's like... yeah, of course that's how it went. It's 100-For-1.
And I get it. I've been there. I've expected the world to love my valuable stuff, received few comments, then given up. I felt bitter & jaded, thinking "the world just doesn't value my offerings."
But I was wrong, and I would've known better if someone taught me the 100-For-1 rule in school.
And this applies to nearly everything. Even Kim Kardashian understands and respects this rule. Think about this: Kim has 205 MILLION followers on Instagram. Do you know how many Likes she averages on a post? TWO million likes. Even more stunning is how many comments she gets. Care to guess? She averages 10,000 comments on a post. From 205 MILLION followers.
Why? The 100-For-1 Rule.
It applies to all of us. So the next time you want to 'get' something or achieve a goal, keep the rule in mind. Because unless you're reaching multiples of 100 people, 200 people, 300 people... you can't expect ANY results. You don't 'get' to feel down, or discouraged, or disappointed with your creation or society, unless you're reaching hundreds. And it also means that once you've made something, your job isn't done. You need to make sure it's being exposed to hundreds. Every successful person has gone through this. You can either embrace it, or try being some freakish rare exception.
(And there ARE exceptions. When you get good, sometimes it can be 50-for-1, but it's pretty rare, and not something for beginners to aim for.)
So are you following the 100-For-1 rule like the successful people in the business world? Or are you crying in your cornflakes 'cause no one likes your content?
Either way you best remember this rule if you want to succeed in business (or anything!)

I hope that helps.


Ayyy, you're off to a great start! 2000 views is more than a lot of people get, and you're on your way to ten-folding it!

Inspiring people to try new things is a very interesting experience... in my experience, lol. I wish you joy and success with it.

P.S. Thanks for the kind words about our site and mission, and kudos to you for helping others whether through counseling in your past or embroidery in your present! 🙏

Wish you the best as well. The best teachers are those that have experienced and walked the path.

Thanks! And whole-heartedly agreed! 🙂👍🙏

Thanks! And whole-heartedly agreed! 🙂👍🙏

She is doing FANTASTIC pieces! SERIOUSLY! Love them! SERIOUSLY!

Tell her that please and a hug from Germany :)

Tks and will do!

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