NeedleWorkMonday’s Year End Challenge! - A 2023 Reflection

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Are you ready to Recap?

It’s that time of year when we take the time to look back on all of our needlework achievements. We celebrate what was accomplished and also reflect on where we can improve.

When we take this time to remember all of the goals we’ve reached it helps motivate us to keep going. It reminds us that attaining our objectives is very possible.

We invite you to join our:

Year End Challenge!

We’ve come up with three different options for you to choose from to write about. If you’re feeling really ambitious you can write a little about each one into your publication.

Option #1:

Share about all of your needlework accomplishments in 2023 (skills learned, projects completed, supplies gained, goals met etc.)

Reflecting on the objectives we’ve attained can be very motivating reminding us what we’re capable of.

Option #2:

We’re all about encouragement and support in this community. Was there a particular member that inspired you greatly this year? We’d love to hear all about it.

Share about what inspired you and how it helped motivate you. Tell us if you used that inspiration to help further your work.

Option #3:

Tell us something you want to learn or accomplish for the upcoming year. Talk about what inspired this goal and how you plan to achieve it.



  1. Choose an option to write about from the above list. You can write about more than one option but only one entry (one post per entrant) will be qualified to receive rewards.

  2. Must follow posting guidelines as outlined in the FAQs.

  3. Must post your entry directly to the NeedleWorkMonday Community!

  4. Please include #yearendchallenge as one of your tags.

  5. Must leave a link to your challenge entry below in the comments of this post so we won’t miss it!

  6. Comment and support at least two entries in the contest.

Eɴтry Deαdlιɴe:

All entries for this contest are due in three weeks by Monday, January 1st!


The rewards for this challenge will be done a little differently.

With the payout from this post we will be distributing tips on your posts according to the quality and effort of your entry. You have the potential to earn a good tip on top of having your post nominated for an OCD upvote! 🤩

We are looking forward to reading your entries of Recap and Reflection!


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That's an exciting challenge!!
We have just been talking lots about all our achievements and inspirations with @clareartista ...and I think we both welcome a bit of writing it all down and sorting it out😁
...and see how everyone else feels about their past year of needlework, looking forward to it😊💕

Oh awesome!!! This is right on time then. So glad we could help motivate your plans and kick them into gear.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries ~ 😃

 4 months ago  

It is a very interesting challenge for all of us. It would be a pleasure to read what our members have to share with us.

Yes! I know this will be fun and exciting as well as inspiring!! ☺️

This is exciting, thank you for putting up this challenge

Absolutely!! 😉

Oh this should be great fun to read if not to participate in! I am a new contributor to #NeedleWorkMonday but I will be posting anyway lol.

Lol! That's the attitude we love. You don't have to be a veteran to share. We'd love to read your entry @tamaralovelace!! 😉😄

I would love to join but I am a newbie :(

Ciao @abenad ! I hope that you're being a newbie won't stop you from joining the challenge! 😇 What are your hopes to achieve in your new sewing activities? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much for the support and encouragement you shared here for our new member!! 💓🥰😊

Oh alright.

@Clareartista is absolutely right. You don't have to be a veteran to share in this challenge. She has guided you well and I hope we see an entry from you.

Welcome to Hive and to the NeedleWorkMonday Community. Please reach out if you ever have any questions. It's great to have you here and we look forward to getting to know you and your needlework craft better ~ 🤗

Thank you

You’re welcome ~


Thank you for this wonderful challenge, @needleworkmonday - and thanks for drawing my attention to it... Soooooo much to share - we've been discussing during Kesityu's visit here, how to earth such a lot of sewing activity and visioning and ideas: this will be a great challenge to keep us grounded!


That is wonderful!! So glad this came very timely. I think it really helps to lay things out and look back at what we’ve accomplished. It truly does help us to stay grounded.

I am so excited to read everyone’s entry!! 😘

 4 months ago  

This will be great :) Surely our members have learned a lot this year, this community is always inspiring. Delighted to be part of it ❣️.

This is a beautiful challenge I would love to join, I try and bring in my entry, anticipate!

We surely welcome you to join in 😉 ~

This is indeed a beautiful contest i will join

What great entertainment!
I missed participating in a challenge that makes me look backwards or forwards! Great moment of introspection at the end of the year! See you in the publications, of course I will participate ! Best regards, needleworkers ✨😊

Exactly! This will be an opportunity for many of us to put things into perspective. I hope it encourages many to keep moving forward ~ 😊

This would be my entry:

And even if I am too late, it was a pleasure to write it and reflect over that past year of sewing😊🙃

A wonderful new year to all of you!!🌻

I love it when a challenge comes out, this initiative is great, sometimes I would look at the page to see if there was something new. Expressing our experiences and the projects we have in mind is really wonderful.

@needleworkmonday Excelente iniciativa 👍🏻


Hello beautiful people

I'm new here and I feel inspired to share a little with you. I hope to soon


Amazing!. In fact I'm in. I have already made my choice. Great initiative.

It's a great competition.

This is yet another inspiring contest and I hope I don't miss this. This community has been my favourite so far, thanks to all the team for being consistent, accommodating, loving and creative.

This is an exciting way to end the year, thanks fir coming up with these prompt just at the right time, it's been an amazing year, not without it challenges of course, and I am more than glad to write about them, starting with this entry😊

This is going to be an amazing challenge. I have a lot to share about my crocheting journey this year.🤭

Thank you for this challenge 🌼

Greetings my beautiful people, what a wonderful challenge I hope to be able to participate.😃🫶😘🤗

Wow,definitely a nice challenge for all of us here in the community, what a bright idea!

Wow thank you so much for this challenge, I'm so excited and I'm ready to be among is so interesting

Ya nos queda muy poco tiempo de este 2023, así que no quería perderme de participar en este emotivo desafío, por acá les dejo mi participación y deseo para todos un feliz y próspero Año Nuevo 2024

Here's my entry for the challenge. I'm off to read some others now!

It's been an amazing year, though loads of ups and down, but I'm excited to be alife and here.

Here is my entry for the year end reflection prompt challenge.

Hi, here I share some of what is coming next year.
Hola, aquí comparto parte de lo que se viene el próximo año.

This is a beautiful one from the community and I am happy to participate

Yey! So glad to have got an entry in too! It is a blessing to have you all here, and I cannot wait to read what everyone has shared about the year and the future!


LOVE to all for this best of New Years! May all things be mended and made new!

Happy new year needlework Monday , this is my entry:

Phew! I just made it on time. I thought I couldn't participate the last challenge of Needleworkmonday of the year 2023. I hope everyone submit their entries.

Anyway, here's my entry.

2023 flower bouquet goals.png

Saludos, aquí les dejo mi entrada:

Encantada de haber participado un año más en ésta hermosa comunidad 🫶🏻❤️

Greetings dear community, I wish you a happy and prosperous year full of blessings. Here is my entry for the challenge.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all, I wish you all a lot of success for this new year. Here is my entry for the contest. ✨🥳💕