The NeedleWorkMonday RUN - Vol. 3, Issue 1

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Authored by @crosheille


It’s been awhile since we’ve published an issue of ’The NeedleWorkMonday RUN’ (reports, updates, news).

This is the NeedleWorkMonday Community’s inside look. Here you will be informed of the latest happenings involving our needlework community.

There will be no set schedule for these articles as they will be published on an as needed basis.


New Discord Server

We are excited to announce we now have our own Discord server! 🤩🥳

We are very grateful for the help we had with hosting our community. It will now be an easier process for you to join and connect with us.

We hope that every needleworker who is active in the community and present on discord will join us over at our new place. We’re looking forward to seeing you! 😃

All of our old channels will be removed by the end of this week. Please head on over to the new discord at your earliest convenience.

To join now just simply click the logo below to be connected...



OCD Incubation Program

We are still in the OCD Incubation Program!

We are consistently submitting posts that we deem are of good quality and that follow the guidelines listed in our FAQs to be supported/upvoted by the OCD accounts.

We do want to make a reminder that we are not a drop off and go community.

For example after your post has been generously upvoted we don’t see or here from you again until you drop off your next post.

We expect our members to be supportive of one another, commenting on each other’s work and mingling throughout the community. We understand that everyone has time restraints but if you have time to submit a post surely you could make time to comment on at least one or two other member’s content before leaving.

We will be making note of those who are active here as they will be priority when it comes to submitting posts for the incubation program.

We will also be actively upvoting comments and leaving tips for those members who are consistently involved and engaged within the community.

Let’s continue to make this community great and unique by encouraging and uplifting one another as we share our inspiring creations. Taking a moment out to support a fellow needleworker could make a huge difference in someone’s day or week ~ ♥️

Work in Progress

I also want to remind you that we love seeing projects that are in progress. You don’t have to wait to post finished work. We love coming along the journey with you and seeing your creations come to life as you go.

Thank you for working hard and going the extra mile to share the process of your work. We have come a long way and have greatly improved on this.

I have really been enjoying seeing the photos of your work process and the detailed instructions you give when sharing tutorials.

Keep up the great work! 😉

Chat Feature

You may have noticed the chat tab that was added to our Community page (visible when using the Peakd frontend). This is for the entire community to use to chat amongst one another.

However, this feature does not support Hivesigner and can only be accessed when signed in under PeakLock.

Feel free to mingle, ask questions or just say hi when using this new chat feature. 😃

As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our administrative team for assistance :)

Thank you ~

NeedleWorkMonday Founder:


This issue of ’The NeedleWorkMonday RUN’ is brought to you by @crosheille. 😊


Community is what sets Hive apart from so many other media and crypto options. Thanks for your work maintaining the framework for our community. !BBH

I couldn't agree more @fiberfrau! Which is why putting in the extra hours to make sure we run smoothly here has always been a priority. This community and it's members mean a great deal to me. You all will always have a special place in my heart. This was my first community to ever be apart of and the first project on this blockchain that I poured my heart into ~ ☺️😉❤️

Thanks for the BBH!

My mama @buckaroo loves sewing. She used to make cloth diapers with matching clothing and blogged about it. She also enjoyed chatting to @crosheille but that was before my baby sister was born. Now I'm going to help her write because Daddy wrote over her key

I really miss seeing your mama's sewing. She's such a talented woman. 😉

I enjoyed chatting with her as well. Thank you for writing here on her behalf ~ ☺️

You are such a sweetie! Thank you for your compliment @crosheille. Welllllllllllllllllllllll the proverbial cat is out the bag. I did my first (not really post) today. Mama is writing on her own behalf ;) Can't wait to get back to posting and catching up. Thank you for your comments. My laptop and cell crashed and I'm only now back online

Excellent, am happy to be here.
Are we permitted to join the discord, If yes, how do I get the link.
Thank you.

We are glad to have you @monica-ene ;)

Yes! We gladly welcome you to join. Just click on the NeedleWorkMonday logo that's in this post and it will take you directly there to join :D

Thank you

For sure ;)

Congrats ladies you done it again, and i am happy to be with you again, 3,5 years and counting

Thank you @brittandjosie! It's really exciting to see the community continue to grow and expand. We are very excited!!

We are even more excited that members like you are still hanging strong with us! 💯♥️

You are amazing. I'm so glad to be part of you.


I am so glad you are apart of this community ~ ❤️

Thank you for this summary, it is my favorite community, and I am glad to belong to it. I stay tuned to this community, Thanks for the support, can you share me the link to join the discord?

You are very welcome. 😊

I am so grateful to hear this from you. I am truly glad you are here as well. 🤗❤️

Thank you for always being here and active and taking the time to comment and support other members. That hasn’t gone unnoticed. ✔️

Here is the link to join our new discord home...

See ya there ~

Thank you for your words and support, you make me happy😊.

Thanks for the link. I will proceed to join.


Always ~ 😊

Good news!!!!! I love it, I'm already in Discord <3 Im happy for this. Hugs!

Awesome!! Hugs back at ya!!

You are an inspiration to all @crosheille for your commitment and dedication for this community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
NWM, to the moon and beyond!

Awww thanks so much @marblely!! You have been a tremendous help and are a big part of our growth ~ ♥️

NWM, to the moon and beyond!

Oh yea!! 😆😎


Excellent, I hope to continue showing quality work made with love. I want to tell you that I have seen many beautiful works from which I have learned. Thank you for the support you give us. @crosheille ❤️

We are happy you are here sharing your quality work!

For sure ;) I enjoy it all ~ ❤️

Thank you so much @crosheille ❤️ I appreciate the motivation you give us.


What is done in this community is one of the things that I like: sewing, that's why I registered here and even though I haven't published in it yet (I'm practically new in everything that is Hive) you can be sure that you will see me often here, and even more now that I just realized that one of the most motivating posts I've read was created by the founder of this community. I'm sure I'll do well and I'll count on the support and guidance of her and all of you who, from what I've seen, do wonders with your hands and creativity.

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Hi again @sindetalles! I'm so happy to see you have subscribed to NeedleWorkMonday. Welcome!!! 😃

I look forward to seeing what sewing work you share.

I am a beginner sewer but have been crocheting for quite some time now. I have learned many new things from the members here. I hope you too can learn and grow and at the same time we can learn from you as well. 😊

I just realized that one of the most motivating posts I've read was created by the founder of this community.

Wow that’s huge! Thank you again so so much ~ 💛

Thank you for having me. I don't know much about sewing either, but we'll see what comes out...😉😀


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Thank you!!!

Wow!! Am just super excited being here, and i consider everyone of us here as family, being family doesn't necessarily mean everybody should be related by blood, yes its a known fact but to me i mostly see family as two or more people who share ideas to help others grow and who support each other to the top and here in @needleworkmonday have found a family who supports and encourage me to do better and be a better person in future, and not only the supports people sharing there ideas and there creativity is also helpful, me I do get some inspiration from other peoples creativities too and add to mine and its becomes a success, and also a big thank you to miss @crosheille for her advises that helped me, i know she'll be like 🤷 what's he talking about? When? Which advise, ma'am you won't understand but am grateful and with a grateful heart i say thank you!!. And everything about you inspires me so much be it kiting, your wise words, everything. I love and admire you so much ma'am God bless you!!
And am anticipating your next creativity 😁