Starting Over

How many times does one start over in their lifetime? My guess would be hundreds. I'm starting on one of those do-overs now.

A dozen or so years ago I started a small business offering handspun yarn and hand dyed fiber. Business was good and I made a decent living for several years. When my mother passed away a few years back, it took the wind out of my sails and I sold or gave away nearly all of my equipment, supplies and inventory.

Now I find myself breathing deep and filling my sails with a freshening wind. The numbness is fading and the creativity has returned. It's been a long time since I felt driven to 'make something.'

Tea towels to be woven off.

The idea has been rumbling around in my head for awhile now and has been brought to the surface by a series of posts by @Taskmaster4450. In this series he extols the virtues of Hive, and how if you believe in the future of the platform then you should get up off your ass and
act like it. Paraphrasing of course, but I thank him for the push.
Business should be built on Hive, says he. Now I don't think he meant my kind of business lol, but it is a perfect place to document my progress, even if only to myself.

Another person directly responsible for encouraging me in a roundabout way is @dandays. He said how he is a wreck when he goes to push the button when he is about to publish a post, yet he does it beautifully, over and over again. To me that speaks of courage, and I am drawing on it now as I feel like I am about to lose my breakfast 😂. So a big thanks to him as well.

After exchanging comments with @monica-ene on her post yesterday I felt even more encouragement to post to the #needleworkmonday community, so thank you too, Monica!

There is a studio on the back of the property, built by my son, his father and my brother. It was built to be a music studio and has served that purpose since early 2018. Now it is to be my own place to restart my fiber arts business. I retained two floor looms and two spinning wheels so I am set in that respect. The first lot of bare yarn has arrived and I am dyeing (pun intended) to get back to work.

The incoming weaving studio
The outgoing music studio

This is a single room 20'x20'. A solid half is still filled with music equipment. Until that is clear I will satisfy myself with the corner you see above. Not promising that the creep of yarn will be contained to just that corner 😂

Bare yarn, looking for love

A few skeins that have had a dunk in the dyepots

Once I choose a name for my baby business I will be off to the races. I wish there was a Hive button to place right next to the paypal button on the checkout page, it would be a great ice breaker to get Hive into the conversation, even if it were not yet functional.

All photos are my own using a camera I have no idea how to operate. I miss my polaroid 😂 Thanks for reading!


Very nice! You’re weaving colorful work once more! I had a friend who used to weave too. She was very creative but didn’t make a career out of weaving. She did interior design instead to make money!

Hope you’ll have a wonderful time creating lovely cloth, tea towels, scarves and so on.

Thank you so much! It seems as though I never outgrew the colorbook and crayons. Hope you are doing well!

Hot donk, this is awesome! I love it. I wish you the very best in getting it going.

It is great when a fog that has been hanging around clears and you can get on and do stuff. Get that music equipment kicked out tootsweet! :OD

I find it way too easy to hide behind the fog lol. Thank you so much for the good wishes!

Oh, and I love the word tootsweet 😆

I find it easy to hide behind the fog too! Bastard things that it is.

Hehe, tootsweet is great 😀😀

"Guilty." Sweaty palms even. Not.Once has the post button been easy.

You, however, are not just wingin it, Ms Lovelace. You're obviously in your element. I don't think you have anything to fear, I mean, right out the gate you called it a towel instead of a bag. = }

Congratulations. Gas pedal.

lol well it is geared for tea towels but if it weren't so damned gaudy I might make a blouse out of it lmao.

Thanks so much for your visit and your encouragement too. I find that pushing that button is panic inducing even in responding to comments on my own post, which doesn't evoke the same feeling when commenting on someone elses's post. Weird!

Vroom vroom

You're not alone.

It is my pleasure. Now how do I get one of those if I don't do PayPal?

That's what we need a hive button for!

I have one. It's the little arrow thing, way less intimidating than the post button. Say when and I'll tell you where to send it. <3

LOL Do I feel like a dufus? yes, yes I do! lol I was originally thinking of a button for an online store and my mind didn't make the switch to our very own platform. I will show you some pics when I get them off the loom and hemmed.

Wow so nice, your weaving is so colorful nice to see this from you

Thank you for your kind words!

Sounds great - look forward to hearing all about it 😍

Thank you for visiting!

I look forward to following your journey. !BBH

Thank you so much! I am not familiar with the BBH but I will check it out...and I thank you for it!!

@tamaralovelace! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @fiberfrau. (1/5)

Yes, fully take over that space, I’m sure you deserve it!

Oh oh I want to see those tea towels, the colours look beautiful together! Are you using pure cotton or mix with linen? I only have a little table loom which I haven’t really used yet but I do need to make tea towels with it because I really can’t find good ones from the store. In my opinion the basic cotton ones from every store are rubbish because they don’t absorb water like a linen mix one.

Thank you! These particular towels are 100% unmercerized cotton and I find them wonderfully absorbent. The towels below are 50/50 cotton and linen which are a dream to weave and are equally thirsty.


Best of luck! I think it's great you found the courage to pick up the threads of your former life.. business... I don't know if it's the colors, but the whole setting looks very inviting. I wish I were any good with hands-on crafts...
I am in a re-branding phase myself, but I'll leave it till next year to decide what I'll do. Not many options since writing is about the only thing I can do...

Oh I will be looking forward to learning about your re-branding, though I do hope you continue writing too, as you are so good at it. Most likely you are good at hands-on crafts but perhaps haven't found the one that trips your trigger yet.

Thank you so much for your visit, it's always good talking with you. Something I am not very good at is interior decorating, so I will depend on lots of color to make the space even more inviting lol.

Good luck, I'm sure you will be a success ☺️

Thanks so much Karen! Hope you are doing well!!

You are welcome. Not to bad thank you ☺️

Congratulations on getting back to your business and thank you for sharing your journey with us. It’s always exciting when inspiration and motivation get us moving again. I am mesmerized by those beautiful colors on your machine. 😍

Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words! I am excited to join this community of talented people!

I wish you the best in this new stage, always encourage yourself to do more and doing so is difficult, but what else can we do? There are passions that we will never be able to escape, and if that makes you happy you have to keep going, I am sorry for your loss, it is difficult to find yourself after losing someone, but step by step you have to continue, much encouragement and success in this new reopening of your business :3.

Thank you so very much! We will go on!

wow!! the colors of the yarn and the loom are just amazing! I hope to one day give weaving a try.

Hey thanks so much for your visit! It is so much fun, you should give it a try!

The story of starting up over and over again just leave that to me it's the story of my life .
I'm so happy to have you back here again and truly your friend dandays has actually inspired me with those line too.

It truly is a small world isn't it? At least here on Hive it is.The more we can lean on each other, the more we enrich each other and ourselves in the process. Thank you for your kindness and inspiration!

Thanks back dear.
There is a whole lot we can accomplish together. 😍😘🥰
I hope to see more of you around.