My recent embroidery quilt: simply done

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Hello needle-artists!

I am happy to see all of again at another week. Last time, I made a embroidered Quilt and shared with you at the last week #needleworkmday post: My Amateur Embroidered Quilt During Corona Time..


This is my second post on your community. I am an amateur needletworker.

I can only do Embroidered Quilt, and I am still now learning. I got this community as a learning media of different types of fantastic needletworks.

Today I will share my recent work. Now I have been working with a self-initiated design to put it on my quilt.

I used cotton clothes and different colour threads as shown on the below photo.


I chose a simple design that I can easily draw and embroider on the quilt.

At first I have drawn the design on the cloth with a pen. You should use removable colornto draw as they can be erased easily after completing the Needlework.


Then I started my job. It is important to start from the suitable point. It helps to go forward. I started with the middle lines by chain stitch.


After that, I joined the stitches from both sides to create the flower shape with another colour thread. So same thing on opposite side having red colour of the quilt.



And finally I crossed the inline around the quilt. It devided the quilt with some segments where the flowers blooming.



Since I am staying at home, my college is closed and I have not any pressure about study as this time the way that I usually do, I am trying to learn needle works by doing with staying at home.

I am really enjoying such type of traditional creative job and hope I will be able to get expertise on quilt embroidery soon.

Enjoy your day.

About me

I am from Bangladesh. Still now I am a student. Besides studying, I like to do some creative works like needlework, blogging and as well as writing on blockchain Hive.

I like to do embroidery on Nakshi kantha at my leisure period.


Thanks a lot for your curation

It reminded me old days. I still remember my mom used to do this kind of work in our katha's. She used to spread them on the floor and design those.

I had never do needlework before quarentine time. Now I am loving and enjoying this artwork.

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