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I loved today's note. Just at this moment I was reflecting on how to write more casually, because many times I want to share things that are not "perfect", sometimes I get tired of posts that need a lot of editing.... But I come from a somewhat strict upbringing where "if you're not going to be the best, then don't do it."

But I don't want that pressure (I'm exhausted), I just want to be happy and enjoy little things, even if they are not the brightest thing in the world.

All the questions you propose practically form a really nice template to guide you in writing, it's beautiful. Thank you very much! πŸ₯Ί πŸ’›

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Hey dear... thank you for your kind comment. Yes, it is tiring... it is fun to change the way we write sometimes, change what we write about, change how we write. I understand what you mean, I have a similar upbringing and at the end of it, it is something I impose on myself. I got tired and nowadays, I try to be chill, maybe a little too chill :D

Don't pressure yourself. Writing should be fun, what more when it comes to something we like writing about! Have fun @tesmoforia!