HiveBeeCon - Save the Date - 7 October 2023

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HiveBeeCon, 7 October 2023, Kraków, Poland

What? Who? When? Where? Why?


HiveBeeCon, possibly the most cliché name for a Hive convention you could imagine.
This first edition is merely an attempt at a tiny, random, DIY, semi-spontaneous, p2p meetup for those who wish to spend time chatting, wandering aimlessly, and indulging in pierogi or pizza.


Well… me, and hopefully, you!
And anyone else who would like to join.
Whether you are a Hive user or just curious about it.


7 October 2023.
If you're considering arriving a day or a few days earlier, you might find some good company for sightseeing.


Kraków, Poland

krakow_sunset.jpegSunset during HiveFest3, Kraków, Poland


This initial event is simply an experiment and an opportunity to meet.
The idea sprang from FOMO, given that it will be the first time I won't attend HiveFest.
So, instead of lamenting it all alone, I found a companion.

I should make an alternative cry-party in Krakow instead ;-)
I would seriously consider it if you are going to join :-D

Naturally, our compact, ad-hoc meetup can't compare with HiveFest, and it's by no means a replacement.
If you get a chance to attend HiveFest, don't hesitate!
You won't regret it, and you'll quickly grasp why our FOMO is so strong.
Can't make it to HiveFest?
Perhaps our whimsical HiveBeeCon is your third-best option.
Absolutely, because the optimal scenario would be attending both events :-)

Whether you plan on joining the upcoming event or not, ensure you follow @hivebeecon for updates about future activities.
More info coming there soon.

Beneficiaries set to 100% for @hivebeecon to support related events.


Possibility i might come as may be travelling by car from UK to Bulgaria then, and it's not far off route. Let's see.

i don't use Discord either btw. Won't say i hate it, but i don't want to support the violence they perpetrate through censorship, and it's pretty horrible to use too!

„DIY meetup” 😃

a ja mam takie:

A ja mam zas takie ładne...




Awesome shot!

thanks 😊

Ja takie :)


That sounds like an amazing idea, especially if you guys join forces with @krolestwo :) Greetings from Prague to my beloved Krakow!

@tipu curate 2

Thank you, but you know that you should consider a train from Prague, not of just greetings? ;-)

I know and I definitely would if our baby girl wasn´t due shortly after your meet up guys. I still owe @krolestwo a visit anyway, such a shame that I lived in Krakow for 2 years and somehow never made it there to meet Dawid and his friends :/ But I will come back to Krakow and pay this debt for sure :)

Hey, what's your current status if I may ask? I didn't get confirmation from you so I don't know if you would like to join the group for Wieliczka Excursion etc. Please let me know :-)
(For details of course see at @hivebeecon's posts)

I will get back to you tomorrow but I can already confirm that I will not make it to the Wieliczka Excursion. I will probably come to Krakow but my train will arrive at around 2 PM (on Saturday). Will tell you more tomorrow ;)

Thank you for the info, hopefully see you soon :-)

My wstępnie zainteresowani, czekamy na plan wydarzeń i prelekcji

Prelekcji? Do zdecentralizowana platforma, jak będziesz chciał być prelegentem to w dowolnej chwili wydajesz z siebie "ekhm, ekhm" i zaczynasz prelekcję ;-)

Yeeeey I'm in 🤘

Awesome :-)

I would join if I only had time :/

Unfortunately, I am already planning to go to my very first class reunion after 20 years and I am the one who organizing it ^^ But I am sure you will gather a bunch of awesome people and have a good collective cry!

@alucian @growandbow @stortebeker maybe this is something for you?

Thanks for mentioning me. It's definitely an event I'm planning to make it happen.

Hope you are doing well ❣️❣️

Yes of course I am doing good :) I went on the road trip through Italy I told you about and our car was not broken into fortunately :P hope you are doing good too my man!

Well, you could bring your class... on-boarding is optional ;-)

Naaah I don't know these people anymore after 20 years - I don't want to blindly take them to a bunch of cool people and destroy the happy party you will have in Krakow ^^

Fair enough :-)

@tibfox bro I am coming, you have to come :D

Tooo baaaaad :/ sorry but it wouldn't happen. These are people I did not have seen since 20 years :D but you will definitely have a lot of fun! ^^ and if you make a stop in Dresden on your trip to Krakow then hit me up! We can have a coffee at the main station :D

I will let you know if I come to Dresden :D It's sad that you are not coming but on the other hand, I know you will have a unique time with old friends...


Good choice! :-D

This sounds so so so attractive as I gave up to attend Hive Fest this year as it is too far for me to travel from Germany to Mexico. But I serve food at an event on 6th Oct ... aaaaaa what shall I do 🤯

I wonder someone plans Berlin version ... 😉

Well, 7th Oct is a bit later than 6th, so you still have a chance :-)
That's not that far from Berlin, I've checked that myself (while attending BerlinWeb3)
Now your turn! :-)

I talked with my partner quickly and we decided to spend autumn holidays in Polish mountain area (in 10 sec 😁). So I'm 80% in!

Oh, great, Kraków isn't exactly a mountain area, but a perfect starting point :-)

Yes, we move to mountain area afterwards 😊 I look forward to visiting Krakow after the fest in 2018! Thank you for organizing HiveBeeCon, @gtg!

Wow Poland.... ! seems something very interesting coming out, i wish I can b part of this meet-up but unfortunately I can't afford a trip to Poland. I follow @HiveBeeCon to get all the updates regarding meeting and new project and initiatives... Thanks for the information....

#meetup #poland #hive

Just booked our flight tickets 🙂 can't make it to Mexico this year and I'm so happy that there is this alternative.

Ok ok I just saw it! Thanks for the info! 🤗 hope I can go, it would be great. Maybe on Saturday 7 when my husband is free from work.

Noted! Thanks for that, @gtg.
I'm planning my schedule and will get back to you in some time, hopefully soon, with a check in in HiveBeeCon 🖖🏽

This image... is this a statue?

Come to Kraków and see for yourself ;-)

... yes it is :-)

We call it the “Jópofa-híd“... Not sure if one could find a suitable translation, but... I'll try to give one in person!! Real FOMO danger for me is this one in Krakkow, but I have to talk with family first, superb initiative neverthless, in a city I'm in love with! 🐉💣👯‍♂️

So.. buckle up, talk to your family while you are all on your way to Kraków :-)

That would be funny and not funny at the same time. I`m not sure we can make it... 😭


Na ne már 😁 De amúgy tényleg jópofa! Igazán ötletes.

I was In Kraków 10 years ago and didn't see this statue. It looks really amazing :O

I'd love to come back to Kraków, but maybe some other time. Have fun.

🛫 - 🎹 -🎤 {😂} - 🛬

Sounds like a plan!

Mmm mmm mmm. This sounds a little too good to miss.

I know, right? :-)

I will try to come to Poland if I find someone who can take care of Gigi :D. I have been thinking of travelling to Poland, so this is probably the opportunity :D

Yes definitely you have to come! 🤩

I really hope I can manage :D

Hopefully enough time to find someone to accompany Gigi :-)

I started looking, so hopefully I find someone in time...

Alright! Saved and confirmed! LLuna and I are going to join.
What can we do or bring? Instruments? Hangab set? Tattoo equipment? Tree climbing equipment? Food & snacks?
Do you have a place to stay overnight, from Saturday to Sunday, for us? We come by van and can sleep in it.

Alright! Saved and confirmed! LLuna and I are going to join.


What can we do or bring? Instruments? Hangab set? Tattoo equipment? Tree climbing equipment? Food & snacks?

Yes. ;-) Hive is decentralized so is our agenda at @hivebeecon ;-) See the latest post about HiveBeeCon and come to the chat so we could talk about the details.

Thank you ^_^

I missed the Berlin meetup as I was waiting for the HiveFest announcement... HiveFest came out and with flight expenses, it went out of the roof of my finances... This one, I shouldn't miss... No excuses...

The decision will be made in the next few days... 😃

Thanks for organizing the HiveBeeCon!!! (Hive bacon? 🤤)

@mynewlife is going to #Hivefest but maybe he could also attend HiveBeeCon?

I really hope so :-)

let me know if you need any help

We need your presence, obviously :-)

Please contact me if you can via chat or so :-)

every time I see this comment I read " mywife if going to hivefest" 😂

Oh please no 😂

I don't have wife. Then who is going ?

time to get one 😂

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Nice image
P2P,a benefit for meeting and mingling with one another

Did you know that on @buzzparty Discord channel you have a tool that finds all Hive users living in Poland?

I hate discord, and I avoid it, but I've heard about @buzzparty and actually I was going to post it in their community, after realizing that HiveUp Europe is now obsolete and transitioning to a new one... I even subscribed there but somehow messed up with posting it where it should be ;-)

There's pretty cool community in Poland and they are mostly using #polish channel on OpenHive.Chat, but we will be focusing on that in a few days, now I wanted to announce the date ASAP so people who have a longer way to travel could start planning.

Yeah the transition to buzzparty has been a little mess... and you are not the only one who posted in the abandoned community ;) But with time it will become well known that buzzparty is the new cool shit!

We have cross-posted your event to our community. Also we are going to add your event to the map posts in a few minutes. But as soon as more detailed information is available please write another post (inside the buzzparty community ;) ) with the following data: start date and time, end date and time, exact location. That will help people to plan.


Woul you like us to give you a full list of #polish Hivians? You could tag them inviting to HiveBeeCon or we can do it for you if you don't like doing that. I think Hive Polish community is HUGE :)

I am sure @tibfox will also post it on @buzzparty :)

Wow, @gtg this is amazing positive news! I hope all of you have a wonderful time. Barb 😊👍🌟🌟🌟

I wish I could come and see you again! I think this is unfortunately out of my reach :(