It's NOT about the Gear...

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Welcome! @steevc is podcasting right now on #Hive!

It's Not About The Gear is now podcasting on CastGarden!

If you are interested in making music, learning music, or just listening, then check out his new CastGarden channel.. It's Not About The Gear.

His CastGarden stream is absolutely amazing. Informative and entertaining lessons using only the best Podcasting 2.0 and P2P fediverse syndication technology. He streams P2P 320K audio, 4K video (his livestreams too) and sends out Podpings to all of the top podcasting apps and his subscribers with every post.

Please drop in and give him a HELLO 🎵❤️🎵


I promise I'll do a new episode soon.

😉👍🌈 nice! its NOT about the gear.. like that!