Delicious Ukrainian borsch 🍲😋

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Delicious Ukrainian borsch 🍲😋

Every family cooks borscht differently.

I like rich borscht, thick 😋

Ingredients: meat 🥩, potatoes 🥔, cabbage 🥬, onions 🧅, carrots 🥕, beets, pepper 🫑, salt, garlic 🧄, tomato 🍅 🥫, egg 🥚.

Preparation: we cook meat, I like pork in borscht. I like finely chopped meat. Do not forget to remove the foam, everything that is bad in meat and vegetables comes out with foam. While the meat is cooking, you can peel and chop the potatoes. When the meat is ready, add the potatoes. Cabbage mode. As the potatoes boil, remove the foam and add the cabbage.

Cooking the gravy: peel the beets, onions, carrots, peppers. Cut into small pieces. Pour sunflower oil into the pan, pour finely chopped onion, fry, you can add a little sugar on top of the onion, grate the beets, add the beets to the pan, grate the carrots, add to the pan to the ingredients, grate the garlic, finely chop the pepper, add to the rest of the ingredients. Stew the gravy. When the meat, potatoes and cabbage are boiled, add the gravy. Add a boiled grated egg, salt and pepper. We are waiting for it to boil. Turn off the fire. To cover with a lid. We are waiting for the borscht to infuse. Bon appetit 😋🍲

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I was hungry from this fine and beautiful kitchen of that good dish mmmm ;))

Hmmmm that looks so yummy I would love to try it one day

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Uff se ve súper rico

It looks so beautiful I think it will be so delicious to eat